Sunday 31 January 2021

Plague 98

 Well lets all celebrate 100,000 deaths with Boris doing the best he can , we seem to be going for around the 1000 deaths a day normality here in plague island . Im no bloody Boris fan , but come on folks this is the result of him doing his best , imagine if he was doing his worst .  The papers are just Wonder Boris im finding it stranger and stranger that hes so wonderful . Theres the EU supposedly imploding over vaccines , but if you read between the lines of that one , it would seem Boris & Co have bought millions of  covid vaccines from anybody flogging them,  far more than we could ever use , just to profit from selling them back to the EU , wtf  this is a global pandemic !! and the Tories are trying to turn a shekel ? 

Meanwhile good old Priti Patel is busy ,  lets just lock up all the refugees in a 20 years disused army base , condemned  and awaiting demolition for being uninhabitable due to asbestos , then they start to come down with Covid and they wont separate the well from the infected , you couldnt make this up , has this come from the Winston Churchill book of concentration camps ?  So the refugees decided to stage a riot and Priti is all over the news saying they should be grateful for the quality accommodation she supplied .

Meanwhile we sit here just hoping the vaccines work , because if they dont we are screwed . The Tories are probably quietly buying shares in crematoriums as we speak 

Thursday 28 January 2021

Plague 97

 Well this looks like a lovely day , the rain is gushing over the gutters already and the moat is rising , i have to pop to the doctors today and the post office to deposit a cheque ive had for months , ive been awaiting paying in slips for 3 months they turned up the other day . Our post has been hit and miss for a while but they are very short staffed due to Covid , the next council to us has had to cease bin collections due to all the binmen either having Covid  or being told to isolate . Theres been a whole local thread moaning that the dog poo bins are overflowing , dont think thats a hard work round is it ?  Take your turds home with you folks .  Due to the bad weather our little lane is currently dog walking central its the only lane in the village that actually has a proper path away from the road so your not drenched by passing vehicles , theres gangs of folks out there from dawn till dusk all having a social event and a chat , not a single bit of social distancing going on they travel in packs 

On a good news front Mr BH does not have cancer this year , in fact he has suggested they fit a webcam up his orifices to save them wandering round inside him every year . They have however found something else but they have taken him off the cancer pathway and he goes back onto the normal consultant visits that have months of waiting time at the moment , hes got a whole sheet of glossy colour snaps of his insides that hes very impressed with . I have visions of him having them mounted as key fobs and fridge magnets for the kids and me .  Personally i think a tshirt with his entrails on for his birthday sounds good 

Sunday 24 January 2021

Plague 96

 Morning lovely people what a beautiful frosty morning this is . Later today we will venture out for Covid test no 3 as another week of fun packed tests begin , everything so far has been negative , though his actual life threatening problem seems to have been kicked to the back burner in the hope that they can find another good reason to put him on the palliative care list first .  Think we have upset Mr BH , he caught us planning his funeral the other day and deciding what we could actually sell to pay for it . Im a ghastly practical kind of person , we are not married so everything goes to his children even his insurance , he has always flatly refused to write a will . But the simple fact is that theres one in particular of his kids who would turn up with a list of demands in the event of him passing shortly followed by Young Baldrick looking for stuff to sell for drugs.  Mr Bah Humbug also thinks its creepy to wake up with me listening to see if hes still

Mr BH was having a good old moan about being stuck in lockdown the other day and i pointed out to him that this is just the same as last winter , we have been nowhere and seen no one . Hes not good on his feet so ice and mud mean we just dont go out , he cant shop at all so its online with its hit and miss deliveries . Topped up with a fortnightly pop to a shop for the stuff that hasnt turned up on the delivery. Nobody visits because we really are out in the sticks .  

Next question , reading up on all the vaccination stuff i noticed one odd anomaly. Some of the blurb states that you may be able to catch the virus from someone who has had the first vaccine shot ?  Any thoughts on that one kids?

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Plague 95

 Woken up by the storm at 4am , its blowing stuff all over and rattling all the windows and doors , old cat thinks its her lucky day an early breakfast , though shes not doing her usual morning howling to go out just sat at the window watching stuff blow about . The rivers and land drains are full and the environment agency are belting about all over , we are waterlogged and the water is lapping the doorstep yet again , usually it just comes under the front door and into the hall a pain in the arse but not a lot we can do about it , sandbags make it worse and they stink, better to let it run in and run out .

Nothing interesting at all happening here , i managed to get a trip to the eye test van in among all MR BHs hospital business , we are back there for more Covid tests Sunday then he has to isolate till his next batch of tests , doubtless our neighbours head will explode by that stage shes still stood at her window with her notepad every time we go out . Daft nuisance of the week , we cant renew his disabled parking permit , its computer says no, because they have extended his disability award due to Covid he doesnt have a new award notice, need to chase it up somehow as hes unable to walk from the normal car park to the buildings at the moment and im struggling to push him, being his secretary can take as much time as looking after him sometimes.

Monday 18 January 2021

Plague 94

 Well here we are Monday morning in splendid isolation , not an awful lot happening in the world today cant go out till Friday and honestly dont think i will need to go out then . Mr BH is driving me mad hes on active toddler mode , the house is packed with food but he only wants what we dont have . The Morrisons order was its usual strange delivery , this week they had substituted everything that was missing with packs of own brand biscuits , i now have a wash basket  they will last us for months at least the snow had cleared so we got a delivery. Its cheese with everything fortnight as well id not noticed that id pressed a multibuy for large blocks of cheese .

Hospital stuff went well , but we were at Grantham and its always well organised there , its very spooky wandering round a huge deserted hospital it has the lighting that is motion detected.all very Doctor Who . Just wish the wheelchairs wernt like Asda trolleys . I only ran him into one door post but im never going to hear the last of it .

They are finally looking at organising vaccine clinics within 15 20 miles of us , so not to bad but with a lack of rural transport i can see this being a problem for many, mainly the elderly without family or support .

So thats it another Groundhog week staring out the window , though ive finally got enough feeling in my hands to be able to read a book , so im plowing through my to be read pile at a rate of knots , just need to be able to get on with my crafty stuff and im pretty much cured . Bloody shingles it drags on for ages , should be used to it after all these years  

Thursday 14 January 2021

Plague 93

 Now looking at the current plague situation its so blindingly obvious what the main factor causing the huge rise in people ignoring its existence is and carrying on as near normal as possible . The money has run out for most people , millions have been rejected for any government support and the government support that has been provided isnt enough to pay your rent and eat , many have come to realise that a cushy life on benefits hasnt existed for years except when Rupert Murdoch and friends decide its a money maker for them on the front pages of the press . Then theres the folks working 3 jobs and grafting, festering with resentment because they are getting nowhere . Undervalued nursing and care staff , the poor bloody cleaners at the hospitals who if they work more hours receive just 63p of it after the government takes it off their Universal Credit . Folks doing a shift driving an Asda truck after a day at work because after the mortgage holiday is up they know they have to pay double to catch up what they have been allowed to miss . Once your plastic is maxed out and you still have rent to pay and kids to feed your not going to be going for a Covid test for the benefit of the world at large . In Lincoln they have set up two of the rapid test centers in the terraced areas where most of the cases have been , this is packed with multiple occupancy houses and theyre moaning that nobody is going for tests , they want everyone to go even those without symptoms . It just wont happen if you get a positive test thats your job and livelihood gone , most people are on agency contracts and with the level of unemployment they just get rid of you straight away . It doesnt matter what the government says , that is what happens . Shitty Tory Britain at its best !!! 

Then theres the kids meals scandal , what can anyone say ? I did read the list that the government sent to the suppliers and it doesnt sound unreasonable for a small child lunch 5 days a week but then you see what was actually supplied and its horrific , fruit that is one step from the recycling bin , cheap cheese slices , frubes an abomination of a food product, what the suppliers have done is supplied the cheapest lowest grade and most profitable for them food parcel . Because poor kids are worth it ? . Why are we even surprised? 

d ?

Sunday 10 January 2021

Plague 92

 Why is life so trivially annoying ?  So we were back at the local hospital this time . Do i just attract these people?  Local hospital is currently infested with building work so there is only 2 entrances , i went to the entrance guarded by a not very bright female . She was busy getting stroppy with a couple over there disabled child in a wheelchair wearing the wrong sort of mask , let them get on with it . then its my turn !! I to had the wrong mask fine i changed it did the sanitizer and went to go to the reception desk just behind her at which point shes leaping in front of me telling me i cant go there?  Asks me where i want to be , which is xray , i cant go there i must go to the other entrance and ask at that reception desk . Please bear with me , i am a frequent flyer at the hospital thanks to Mr BH and im well aware that if i go through the doors at the side of reception and down one floor it brings me to exactly where i need to be in the xray department . Im still biting my tongue so i really baffled her and asked her where the covid testing was been done . Not there i must go to the Covid site at the Showground , but i have a letter saying come to the hospital , rather thought her head was going to explode . The two lonely little ladies on the reception desk are by now waving about from behind their perspex so i am finally allowed to speak to them . They were as baffled as i was by the go to the other reception malarky , they were wondering why nobody was using that entrance or their desk but as they said who knows the instructions vary every day . But anyway they said that xray hadnt moved to another dimension and was still through the doors behind them . On the Covid  test front they had been told that the Covid test site for incoming patients is round near the morgue in some little blue pods and it was a drivethrough . I did eventually get what i needed from xray then we had to go look for the blue pods drove up and down the back road past the morgue no blue pods . I did eventually spot a bit of laminated paper stuck on a lamppost saying Covid parking , turns out the Covid drive through is in a grey portakabin with no signage finally got that done ... so a tedious fun morning 

Then as i get home im accosted by a neighbour informing me she has reported us to the police for taking no notice of lockdown and going out everyday ...fine whatever... couldnt even be bothered to tell her why we are out everyday at the moment and guess what we will be out most days next week as well but i didnt tell her that either . Cant wait for the police , ive a feeling it may be a very long wait . Im amazing myself at my total indifference to everything around me at the moment 

Thursday 7 January 2021

Plague 91

 Still struggling with positivity , so i have to drag himself off for his Covid test today and thereafter he must isolate totally for 18 days so essentially i have to isolate as well this is just the first battery of stuff they are going to try on him . So i had to go into Lincoln yesterday to get all the stuff he needs at least theres not a Bovril shortage at the moment . Tesco was fairly busy it seemed to be mainly blokes buying pot noodles and slabs of beer . Everything seemed fairly well stocked , theres no shortages of bog roll anywhere though i had to go to 3 supermarkets to get his Lucrozade and of all things Jelly with sugar in it . he has to be on no solids but high sugar for a week . None of this is stuff we would normally have in hence the shopping expedition .

On the real world front . America what the hell? baffled just baffled . i cant even begin to understand . Meanwhile here we have the government trying to bring in legislation so they can section you for not having a vaccine WTF . The glorious idiocy of not actually having a fully functioning antibody test to see who doesnt need the bleedin vaccine baffles me as well , loads of people have nothing more than a sniffle with this virus . Wouldnt you think that testing people for antibodies would be a better way out of lockdown ? If you look at the figures for cases you realise that millions have already had it and have some immunity , i know there are multiple strains , but the science is just baffling and we have a government who totally disregard their own advice and are incapable of telling the truth .

We do however seem to have got rid of most of the tourists locally , though a friend did point out that those who summer here in their chalets then pop off to the sun for the winter are having problems , for many these are not just second homes they retire here and they have to be out of the property for a certain number of weeks as part of their tenancy agreements . I think it just depends on how the local council decides to handle this , local councils can make some odd decisions at times  

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Plague 90

 So lets be positive......bleedin hard isnt it , in 9 months we have achieved absolutely nothing on the Covid front . Billions of pounds of cash for various grifters and mates from school their next door neighbour etc etc While i admit throwing a pandemic at the new boys from Eton was a tad extreme . after all im sure they may have learned greek poetry but  they have had classes in disaster capitalism not in disaster management . So where do we go from here ?  The vaccine programme is already showing signs of problems , not with the vaccine itself but on the shocking govern by iphone ideas of delivery , yesterday our GPs not so wonderful Ask GP service collapsed and died yet again , due to over use says the notice online , please dont ring them . But the problem is that most people are aged and not online so whos going to see this notice?  Other half  had a telephone consultation with a nice lady , they are apparently going to do some invasive test that he was told 18 months ago was far to dangerous for them to attempt but its all they can offer at the moment ..oh joy . I must drop him off at the door then collect him later in the day if they dont keep him , this isnt at the local hospital . Plan B has just been rung through to other half  , different hospital for test , must go to different hospital for covid swab ,must go to yet another hospital to collect perscription , they will send out a letter . As we have just received mail dated the 9th dec , i can see this going well 

Meanwhile Mummy Dearest is currently trapped in her house due to ice and snow , which is one less worry off my mind , shes up in arms because she cant find out anything about her vaccine shes 85 and thinks its some magic bullet . Havent the heart to tell her theyre not even sure how long it lasts and just how effective it is . Her doctors have pulled down the shutters and unplugged the phones , what i can find out is for her it will be delivered in the local town hall , you will be sent an email when its your turn and its the over 90s first . Mother did point out that theyre all dead so that shouldnt take long . Plus how many over 90s have an email address ?  Isnt it strange that china has managed their pandemic using notebooks and pencils and come out the other side along with a great many other  "backward countries" with so many fewer deaths . Guess what technology isnt the answer to our problems 

Saturday 2 January 2021

Plague 89 2021

 So here we are 2021 and whats new?  Theyve got Brexit Done?  Everybody should be dying in the streets cos they shared a turkey ? The vaccine turns you into a Tory voter?  So i was reduced to reading the Daily Mail to keep up with Mummy Dearests opinion on life . So its there daily story on the Horrors of Megan and Harry ,  the gripe with the press seems to be that they are trying to pay there way and make a living , in a very modern way , the world has changed and income earned by celebrity has passed the Royals by after all why earn a living when you can sponge off your old granny . Im not saying we should shove a couple of the younger royals on to Love Island though it might up the viewing figures but maybe they could try a little harder than half an hour opening a hospital now and then . I know Covid is hampering them , but its not stopping old Charlie jetting round the worlds is it . 

Covid is blighting the UK badly again , we are now tier 4 doesnt make a lot of difference to us we still go out to the doctors and shopping once a fortnight , just shant see daughter and grandson yet again . Looking on the bright side im thinking of getting rid of most of what i cherish and own , health wise Mr BH is getting more and more bad news and in the event that he pops off im left homeless within weeks , this is a disabled adapted property and the council is in no way obliged to rehouse me , so eviction would be 6 weeks away. Plus my eligibility for any state help financially would take its time but what i get now would cease after 6 weeks , you dont get far on £67 a week . But i do still own the van so at least i wouldnt end on the streets. By the other side of things if i pop off first Mr BH would likely end up in care so its time to do a little Swedish Death cleaning , not a clue how to tackle this but it should be a giggle for the New Year