Saturday 30 November 2019

Hello and Welcome

Sadly no election Special this week due to lack of interest , nothing happening other than them all pointing fingers to one another etc etc , not a leaflet or a candidate have we seen .  I did get my hopes up the other day when two nice well dressed ladies came to the door , but it was only the Jehovah's Witnesses.
Ive had some kind well meaning troll add me to a porn webcam site in the USA , does show how a lot of folks in the USA spent Thanksgiving , so to all those baffled Americans now visiting, guess what the only look at my pussy you will get here is the cat . Thankyou for upping my viewing figures into their ...if you too have had a big jump in viewers just check the referring websites in overview.
Then theres the small flooding problem we have a mile up the road . By Thursday afternoon we realised there was going to be a breach somewhere , there were Environment agency  helicopters hovering over the main river all afternoon and the water had risen several feet to the very tops of the banks , depending on the tides the big sluices drain into the sea . It was a game of wait and see , fortunately they managed to do this just fine , but this meant they had to hold the water in the land drains and overnight the nearest one to us breached , nothing anyone can do about this , its just the nature of living in a swamp , its flooded the farm and one other house , it wont harm the farmland its covered in manure crops waiting to be ploughed in during the spring , sometimes we are very glad we are 12 feet above sea level and live on the clay riverbank above the drained land . The huge flocks of swans and geese are loving it

Sunday 24 November 2019

Sunday Service

A day when i feel half way human , so the troops are playing fix the vehicles and im cooking endless sausage sandwiches plus a big batch of jacket potatoes to use them up , i will stuff them and plop them in the freezer and we can have a couple for tea .  These are the boring days when im on call all day so cant get on with much , but its nice to see a bit of company , now that daughter and grandson are gone i rarely talk to anyone from one day to the next , son tends to grunt in passing and MR Bah Humbug is just endlessly jabbering on about his radios he does not require any imput at all from me  he is a world 
Theres few Jumble Sales its now gone over to Xmas Fayres and Gift Fayres  not of any interest im afraid , we are down to just buying daft bits for one another . The family members who could afford Xmas cast us off many years ago.
 Its funny how the social side of things die a death if you become disabled or poor . So please bear this in mind when people turn down Xmas invitations , its not that people dont want to join in, its often silly physical problems that mean an invitation gets turned down , not having a downstairs toilet with decent access means we dont go to a lot of places . Or no suitable seating . Silly one is not having non alcoholic drinks at parties , its not that people are being killjoys in refusing alcohol , medication or illness or even the fact that drunk them is a really bad idea.
I know that the days of meeting friends for a cake and a cuppa have pretty much gone , i just cant afford it and its horrible if your friend has to buy all the time even if they realise your situation .
We dont go out at all through the winter , its much more expensive to run the house in winter so spare cash is pretty much non existent. shopping once a fortnight nd the doctors are our only trips out  .  But this year we have heating just an hour a day but its heating and at least if you keep everywhere shut this house holds heat fairly well , with the addition of a hot water bottle we manage pretty well .
We have been in a far worse place in previous winters , so lifes not bad just

Friday 22 November 2019

Election Special 4

La La La , well weve now reached the promise them the earth stage of the campaign , all parties are throwing the sweeties to the crowds in the hope of buying voters .  Got to laugh at the amount of money being spent by the Tories 5m donated by someone , that someone must have that money spare , ideas on a postcard anyone?
Meanwhile the Labour party are making do with thousands of tiny donations and people power to get their campaigning across . 
However theirs no evidence of anyone doing any campaigning in the blue realms of  rural Lincolnshire , its such a safe seat that nobody is wasting their resources here .
 On a slightly fun note , does anyone have Twitter ?  if so do look up this hashtag  #CurseDominicRaab some of the best one liners ive read in a while  , really the man does invite it by declaring that Twitter and social media are irrelevant.
The Tory Broadcasting Corporation is laughable at the moment, then someone helpfully pointed out that most of the top dogs are Cameron appointees  , theres not an impartial voice on any forum and im not one of them , but im enjoying the dark world of  memes ...enjoy

Tuesday 19 November 2019


Some things get my goat up , stereotyping is one of them . Calling blokes Gammons for their bigoted narrow minded views is one of them , tarring  all blokes of a certain age with a skinhead and a copy of the Sun with the same label etc etc etc
BUT  yesterday Mr Bah Humbug was doing his usual earwig other people on the radio , not paying a lot of attention as he snoozes on and off .  I was engaged in a crochet project sat in the sunshine and got listening to a pair of muppets on his radio it was enlightening to say the least . They were discussing recent events in Boston

Theres been another stabbing in Boston .

Yes i heard it on the news , bet theyre foreigners once they give out the names , it always is . Funny isnt it , they only kill each other .

Nobody ever mentions the death rate in Boston on the news , bets its cos theyre glad to be rid of a few more of the buggers .

That new asian girl will soon have them all on a plane back to where they came from , the asians dont like sharing the country with other foreigners .

Then they can get all the idlers out of the council houses and make them work on the land

 Now this whole rant went on for another 45 minutes till they went for a cuppa ,these are the nicer highlights , i know both of these pillocks, both are severely disabled , one is ex RAF the other a teacher .
 The only element of truth in the whole rant is the fact that the vast majority of serious violent crime in Lincolnshire is mainly Eastern European based , usually when drinking  or  involving domestic violence.
So it would appear you dont have to be a semi literate Sun reader to be a Gammon....who knew 

Friday 15 November 2019

Election Special 3

So are we all having a giggle watching the great and the good try to buy our votes ?  Latest jolly weeze free broadband for everyone . This reminds me of the early days of cable broadband in the town where i lived , the local council decided to trial a scheme on a very deprived local estate where the residents got free computer access so many hours a week , this was back in the days of Windows 98 , nobody much had home computers back then . So it was a flagship project . Predictably it didnt go very well , you could get online to look at the jobcenter. and do any council business and that was about it .  They also provided public benefit learning programmes.
Somehow you realise that these days it would be much the same . Or your local council would be spying on you, a sort of nanny cam in the corner . They look a bit chubby lets stop them ordering anything but health food online , oh and we will hook them up for NHS forced ramblers. Reducation on recycling , you know you put the wrong bit of cardboard in the purple bin and are sentenced to 30 days sorting the recycling at the local dump . NHS webcam would do away with the need for GP surgeries altogether
Meanwhile Boris is quietly buying the big boys with that favourite giveaway peerages , you know that freebie that guarantees a warm seat with a good wage for the rest of your days , that giant care home called The House of Lords.
I have to say that in this herd of nobodies wanting our votes theres not many stand outs , though the Asian girl standing against IDS is playing a blinder , i wish her luck , purely out of personal malice.   

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Oh The Excitement

So yesterday several days post flood we thought lets go to Lidl , he does the usual sit in the car and supervise and i hobble round , strangely the place was heaving , we'd just  timed it wrong and it was 11.10 so after the silence everyone had gone in . plus there were hoards of pensioners trying to spend £40 to use there £5 off a £40 pound spend .  I would struggle to spend £40 unless i bought loads of booze  needs not wants shopping .
 The worrying one is i buy the same stuff every month it usually costs £29 and it came to £31.60  so thats another little price rise this month , the food budget doesnt go up if your on a state income so all these little rises matter , your usually buying the cheapest own brands anyway so you cant just drop a brand in quality.
Theres an awful lot of flooding around here all the ground is waterlogged and we are due yet more rain , theres lots of breeches in the small rivers and land drains . the water was under the front door at the weekend but its a concrete floor and we just take up the carpet tiles  till it goes back down . The passage at the side of the house was like a river . The roads are interesting in places and there are a lot of people cant read road closed flood signs to the locals endless amusement .

Thursday 7 November 2019

Election Special 2

Well isnt this fun , never has a party tried so hard to lose an election.  All that remains of the Tory Reich seems to be a bunch of clueless gobshites .
  Rees Mogg came up with a blinder over Grenfell , though saying that the Minister for Victorian England just dug a hole and kept on digging totally oblivious to what he was doing .  He is scarily intelligent but his social skills would get him statemented as having Aspergers in a State School . Rather reminds me of Gordon Browns infamous election losing incident , with that bloody racist woman or Ed Miliband with his tombstone of Labour promises.
So we now have 6 weeks of these comedy acts trying to win our votes , this isnt going to be an easy election .  Like it or not this country has dug itself into one hell of a hole with Brexit .
 The Conservatives have used this single issue to justify not taking any responsibility for the fact that there policies have killed people and continue to do so. There one concern is which supporter or donor can profit from their policies   . 
The Lib Dems have turned into a hiding place for those Conservatives who want to convince us that they give a stuff about the public along with Blairite Labour members , their leader is another delusional crazy person . Who come a hung parliament yet again, will suck up to Boris to give us yet more years of robber baron politics .
Labour , yes i will vote for them . not because i think theyre wonderful or because i think they have all the answers . They have some bloody good ideas that might work , some bat shit crazy policies that anyone can see wont work . Good old Jezza will probably die the day after the election worn out by all his campaigning but at least his legacy will be lots of statues of him looking frail and a bit bewildered which is a fitting Marxist legacy . Its Jezzas children the youngsters in the party who have realised that socialism isnt a swear word . That you can have a country that invests in itself  and cares for its citizens .
Sadly I have the feeling we will wake up December 13th to yet more Conservative bullshit as we look at each other and wonder who the hell voted for this

Saturday 2 November 2019

More Snot

Im beginning to wonder how much snot one human being can produce , still wheezing like an old horse , finally got to see a doctor after 5 weeks . Who also said what i could have said five weeks ago , sciatic shingles which may be affecting my kidneys . So now im on the antivirals i needed 5 weeks ago . All im doing is sleep and feel sorry for myself , the house has degenerated into a shitpit , cant concentrate to do much of anything for long either . Hence not much of anything happening .
At least ive not missed any jumble sales theres a few towards the end of the month so im aiming to be mobile by then . Meanwhile i will watch lots of bad TV , wonder where the Tory Party have vanished to ? etc etc