Friday 15 November 2019

Election Special 3

So are we all having a giggle watching the great and the good try to buy our votes ?  Latest jolly weeze free broadband for everyone . This reminds me of the early days of cable broadband in the town where i lived , the local council decided to trial a scheme on a very deprived local estate where the residents got free computer access so many hours a week , this was back in the days of Windows 98 , nobody much had home computers back then . So it was a flagship project . Predictably it didnt go very well , you could get online to look at the jobcenter. and do any council business and that was about it .  They also provided public benefit learning programmes.
Somehow you realise that these days it would be much the same . Or your local council would be spying on you, a sort of nanny cam in the corner . They look a bit chubby lets stop them ordering anything but health food online , oh and we will hook them up for NHS forced ramblers. Reducation on recycling , you know you put the wrong bit of cardboard in the purple bin and are sentenced to 30 days sorting the recycling at the local dump . NHS webcam would do away with the need for GP surgeries altogether
Meanwhile Boris is quietly buying the big boys with that favourite giveaway peerages , you know that freebie that guarantees a warm seat with a good wage for the rest of your days , that giant care home called The House of Lords.
I have to say that in this herd of nobodies wanting our votes theres not many stand outs , though the Asian girl standing against IDS is playing a blinder , i wish her luck , purely out of personal malice.   


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