Sunday 27 September 2020

Plague 70

Brought to you by grumpy old bird , as many will know winter is coming is not my favourite time of year . So i just get grumpier and grumpier .  GPs my pet peeve at the moment , last week i went to pick up the monthly prescriptions only to be told i hadnt ordered mine which i had , it involved a 30 mile round trip due to road closures , the witch in the window then informed me they would order some for next week , but the doctor wished to speak to me because i was blatantly not taking my tablets having not ordered any since July , err yes i have 2 lots.  Thats fine can i speak to the doctor , no the doctor isnt here he will ring you . So hes not here? I just watched him pull up outside not 5 minutes ago . He will ring you . Shake head and walk away .....Go back this week , the witch at the window is demolishing an elderly lady . the elderly lady visably swaying on her feet is having the stuff theyve given her isnt what shes ordered conversation , she then says shes not feeling well , best go home and use The Ask GP website then , she says she cant . well your carer or a family member will have to do it for you .  My husband was my carer he died last month can i write  the doctor a letter ?  No they wont read it you must ring Ask GP , shakes head and walks away . When i finally get to the window i did point out that if they could provide a plastic garden chair and some sanitiser wipes it might be a big help for those who struggle standing outside as they throw stuff out of the window to you . At this point i get the death stare . I then asked why the GP hadnt rung about me taking my tablets the scowl just deepened , eventually she threw my prescription at me 2 big bags , so i opened them in front of her and pointed out they wernt mine despite having my name on the bags at which point if looks could kill i would have died , by then id been stood a good 30 minutes and the queue was down the road . Now the weird part is that all the other  local surgeries are functioning fairly normally now with extra precautions like you sit in your car till they call you in . Ours however are doing nothing, its like a fortress with only the witch in the window having any patient contact  , no blood tests no checkups no nothing . In fact they had a long line of pensioners down the road Saturday morning having a flu jab in a gazebo in the car park by a Haz Mat suited nurse , strange .....But i did notice the line of brand new Teslas in the Doctors parking spaces 

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Plague 69

So im not around much on the grounds that im struggling to type , shoulder thingy having diffused to my hand and fingers now, usually this is a sign its getting better , i can hope , ive still a lot to do outside including the mother of all bonfires , at least its raining for the next couple of days so i should manage a big blaze once the ground is soaked . At the weekend i had a tribal visit 3 kids grandson and BIL to tackle the last of the conifers they thought they should get the backend jobs done before we are all locked down again , it was nice to have the kids here and also find out they squabble just as bad as they did when they were teenagers ,lol

Daughter finally got round to taking down the munchkins high sleeper , its been a total nuisance since they left nobody but grandson could get up there and of course the cat  . i managed to find a divan base free on facebook this week so nagged for the wretched high sleeper to go , at least the mattress fitted the base.  So it being very large even when dismantled we decided to give it away free on the local facebook selling page , why just why did i think it was a good idea?  370 viewers and endless messages , so far 3 didnt turn up who wanted it , then i got sick of the endless dumbass questions , so i turned my facebook over to my daughter and said you sort it !!  I'm informed theres another person picking it up today , we shall see . Its several hundred pounds worth of bed not a cheap nasty one , beggers belief that its so hard to give away  

Friday 18 September 2020

Plague 68

 Why is it that winter is coming makes everything 10 times worse ,  xmas on the horizon doesnt matter a jot to me its just the thought of being locked up here with sarcastic son and Mr BH is enough to drive me mad in normal years, this year is a corker. 

Young Baldrick is doing drugs again another relative has informed us , endless phonecalls from the police who are looking for him . Part of his bail conditions is to inform them where he is living and he hasnt , so we gather an arrest warrant has been issued for him . His ex partner is being moved out of the area and he wanted us to collect his belongings , neither of us can lift anything and hes not allowed near the property plus we arnt storing stuff for him here . So its therefore our fault that hes lost everything and hes cut us off ...Hoorah  I do get the idea that hes going to be a neverending nightmare for the foreseeable future and hes far more bothered about his electric guitar than he is never seeing his child again .All i worry about is that he hurts someone , every time its in the paper that someone with serious mental illness has hurt or killed someone it grates , the families have all asked for help endless times and nothing is there .

Emergency xmas is in the freezer , 2 Bernard Matthew turkey  i will finish prepping the veg this week , the freezer is full so space is at a premium , nearer the day the turkey situation will be improved if possible, if not i can make . Lidl was once again very short on tinned anything this week and there were a few gaps here and there , onward shopping add six tins of what we use to the fortnightly order up to the maximum order limit on the delivered shop from Morrisons , still getting daft gaps in the order and weird substitutions but hey ho , how the hell do they have no eggs? 

Monday 14 September 2020

Plague 67

 Im just wandering off to play in the garden , i was up very late today having had a bad night with this wretched shoulder arm thing, got up made a cuppa watched a movie then finally went to bed at 5am  other half tried to sort himself out this morning , ive noticed hes got his shirt off already and the kitchen looks like a bombs hit it . In other words he had at least tried to sort himself out , he struggles to dress himself and anything kitchen related goes badly , it sounds so daft that he can put toast in the toaster but cant spread anything on his toast , but his life is one of endless frustration .  In a bid to help himself hes been  taking  CBD oil , its not cheap but anything that helps is a bonus , hes at the limits of normal pain medication when hes bad . hes been taking it for a couple of months and he says he hasnt noticed any difference only the fact hes not getting as many headaches . The point is that ive noticed a big difference , hes less nasty and mean , quite relaxed and chirpy and he just seems way more comfortable in his skin . Is it the CBD ? who knows .

Good old car boot yesterday , managed a bag of books . A rosemary plant mine having curled up its clogs and weird one of the day , a brand new in box pair of shoes for a pound . Decent make, the lady said she ordered them in lockdown couldnt send them back but they were miles bigger on one foot ...scored ....the reason im shoe hunting is i have one swollen foot !!! the large shoe foot 

Friday 11 September 2020


 Maybe i should have called it plague 666 after all the nations total indifference towards our latest government wheeze . Between that and the Covid Marshals the comedians of facebook are having a field day . Bet that was a giggle around the cabinet meeting table . Hancock getting almost animated at the thought of Doncaster Races having to be cancelled , not that his racing industry sponsors would want any of their donations back , so a compromise was reached and the new restrictions come in next week after the race meeting .  Boris doesnt give a fig it just means he doesnt have to see his kids at xmas and he doesnt need a bigger table to sit them round . Meanwhile Rees Mogg has a coughing child so nanny will have all 8 of the buggers stuck at home till the guilty party gets their quick private medicine testing done . Meanwhile everybody else with a coughing child will be driving to Barnard Castle for the only available testing slot in the country.                                                                                                                      Extinction Rebellion are rubbing their hands together in glee as it means they can only protest in groups of 6 , so they will have to come up with something even more news worthy , cant wait theyre nothing if not inventive . Priti Patels head will probably explode at that point , her plan to declare them a criminal organisation isnt going to well as most of the country find them more entertaining than Britains Got Talent , im not sure if this is there intention ? every day they pop up on my facebook with there latest wheeze its as if London has been invaded by redundant street performers crossed with Greta Thunderbird .                   Then theres the supermarkets latest wheeze to sell 16kg sacks of flour very cheaply are they trying to tell us something or is it just me , not tempted even with my prepper like mentality a couple of extra packs of normal sized is all i need as stock these days , ive tortillas and oatcakes in the freezer a couple of packs of part baked rolls and a few weird and wonderful bread mixes . However if you have a family it may be a good sensible purchase , but do remember that you need to dry store it properly its advisable to split it into smaller bags and freeze them to kill any weevil larva .                                                                                    I did venture to our local tin factory the other day and came home with lots of dried peas , stuffing mix and suet all normal stock cupboard items for the winter , they also had army ration pack chicken in brine , practically immortal and a real find, makes awesome chicken pies and great with any packet sauce known to mankind We also have a small countries consumption of pot noodles , son eats little else and MR BH likes them for fishing , struggled to find anywhere to store them , other half has just informed me hes ordered a galvanized dustbin  for his , should make a nice feature item for the kitchen !! 

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Plague 65

 Ho hum , theres nothing interesting in the news , Boris pretending the EU is picking on us and Extinction Rebellion providing more entertainment than Britain's Got Talent , you do get the feeling that theres an awful lot of the bored to tears middle class out there using their  rail season tickets to go annoy the government.  when you look at the comparisons between America and the UK on the protest front i do think we win for the organised disco dancing protest outside Buckingham Palace .                                        One thing i have missed during lockdown was my monthly discussion with my elderly Jehovah's Witnesses   theyve been visiting for over 15 years and just before lockdown they said they were being replaced with an online service which i told them seemed very sad as Keith was now in his 90s and had been witnessing most of his life, his partner knew i would always give him a chair and listen to him , lovely bloke with some great tales to tell , i do think witnessing was very much a social event for him , i do hope hes ok.  Mr BH does say that i collect cats and Christians wherever i go                                            I ventured into a charity shop this week to top up my winter reading pile in their 10p sale  , suddenly realised im down to one drawer of to be read in the filling cabinet , these days half of what i get to read i start and realise ive already read they have just reissued stuff in a new cover  or its just boring formula twaddle . I was also looking for a few extra mugs , Mr BH has been smashing them a lot lately his grip is crap at the best of times but he wont admit defeat and get a cripple mug as he so charmingly calls them , plus they have to be just right for him , no china because he scalds himself without realising , handle big enough for his big fingers , right size must be able to dunk in properly , so finding the correct 20p mug isnt all that easy  

Friday 4 September 2020

Plague 64

 Apparently im just being stubborn and need to get a smart phone straight away as its impossible to live life without one , kids you have to love them , there insistence that technology is the answer to everything may one day be proved wrong to them and im afraid i wont be drawn into the argument .  Meanwhile good old mumsie is having her own problems with technology . The last bank branch in her small town is shutting , she banks there and is none to happy , she raised hell and they informed her that they will make her an appointment with the digital training officer for her to go in and learn how to use internet banking . I wish them luck at 85 stubborn as a bloody mule and liable to ram their tablet up his backside this could get interesting . 
Officer Dibble may be ringing me again to enquire if she has Alzheimers , it seems they use that as an excuse for not prosecuting the very elderly who are a nuisance to mankind . In fact my dad once used it as an excuse when he got took to court for running his household electricity on a street light on the front wall of his house , the fact that he told me hed been doing it for over 10 years before they caught him didnt surprise me . He got the GP who owed him money for some building work to write him a letter saying he wasnt responsible for his actions , walked away with a fine .                                                                           Munchkin is loving high school already, his main comment ...this is soddin boring , I got the obligatory first day photo and he looked like a clown his uniform is so big . But hes grown so much it will fit him in a matter of months . Meanwhile im a happy Granny having gained five pairs of trainers and shoes in me size that hes never worn because he jumped 3 sizes in the space of a month , im not a trainer wearer but hey ho free shoes even cheap ones are something you cant turn down, Grandad did comment hey hes my size next lets hope he grows out of his new trainers super