Friday 18 September 2020

Plague 68

 Why is it that winter is coming makes everything 10 times worse ,  xmas on the horizon doesnt matter a jot to me its just the thought of being locked up here with sarcastic son and Mr BH is enough to drive me mad in normal years, this year is a corker. 

Young Baldrick is doing drugs again another relative has informed us , endless phonecalls from the police who are looking for him . Part of his bail conditions is to inform them where he is living and he hasnt , so we gather an arrest warrant has been issued for him . His ex partner is being moved out of the area and he wanted us to collect his belongings , neither of us can lift anything and hes not allowed near the property plus we arnt storing stuff for him here . So its therefore our fault that hes lost everything and hes cut us off ...Hoorah  I do get the idea that hes going to be a neverending nightmare for the foreseeable future and hes far more bothered about his electric guitar than he is never seeing his child again .All i worry about is that he hurts someone , every time its in the paper that someone with serious mental illness has hurt or killed someone it grates , the families have all asked for help endless times and nothing is there .

Emergency xmas is in the freezer , 2 Bernard Matthew turkey  i will finish prepping the veg this week , the freezer is full so space is at a premium , nearer the day the turkey situation will be improved if possible, if not i can make . Lidl was once again very short on tinned anything this week and there were a few gaps here and there , onward shopping add six tins of what we use to the fortnightly order up to the maximum order limit on the delivered shop from Morrisons , still getting daft gaps in the order and weird substitutions but hey ho , how the hell do they have no eggs? 


  1. hope yb doesn't give you any grief, I know what it's like to have a druggie in the den, and there is nothing you can do to help them if they are a self destruct mission, keeping them at arms length is good, the less you are involved the more the authorities and powers that be will step in. I hope you can worry less and enjoy life more. We get the same odd shortages of things from our weekly delivery too - frequently it's donuts - can't imagine why.

    1. i think the Morrisons doughnut is an endangered species