Friday 11 September 2020


 Maybe i should have called it plague 666 after all the nations total indifference towards our latest government wheeze . Between that and the Covid Marshals the comedians of facebook are having a field day . Bet that was a giggle around the cabinet meeting table . Hancock getting almost animated at the thought of Doncaster Races having to be cancelled , not that his racing industry sponsors would want any of their donations back , so a compromise was reached and the new restrictions come in next week after the race meeting .  Boris doesnt give a fig it just means he doesnt have to see his kids at xmas and he doesnt need a bigger table to sit them round . Meanwhile Rees Mogg has a coughing child so nanny will have all 8 of the buggers stuck at home till the guilty party gets their quick private medicine testing done . Meanwhile everybody else with a coughing child will be driving to Barnard Castle for the only available testing slot in the country.                                                                                                                      Extinction Rebellion are rubbing their hands together in glee as it means they can only protest in groups of 6 , so they will have to come up with something even more news worthy , cant wait theyre nothing if not inventive . Priti Patels head will probably explode at that point , her plan to declare them a criminal organisation isnt going to well as most of the country find them more entertaining than Britains Got Talent , im not sure if this is there intention ? every day they pop up on my facebook with there latest wheeze its as if London has been invaded by redundant street performers crossed with Greta Thunderbird .                   Then theres the supermarkets latest wheeze to sell 16kg sacks of flour very cheaply are they trying to tell us something or is it just me , not tempted even with my prepper like mentality a couple of extra packs of normal sized is all i need as stock these days , ive tortillas and oatcakes in the freezer a couple of packs of part baked rolls and a few weird and wonderful bread mixes . However if you have a family it may be a good sensible purchase , but do remember that you need to dry store it properly its advisable to split it into smaller bags and freeze them to kill any weevil larva .                                                                                    I did venture to our local tin factory the other day and came home with lots of dried peas , stuffing mix and suet all normal stock cupboard items for the winter , they also had army ration pack chicken in brine , practically immortal and a real find, makes awesome chicken pies and great with any packet sauce known to mankind We also have a small countries consumption of pot noodles , son eats little else and MR BH likes them for fishing , struggled to find anywhere to store them , other half has just informed me hes ordered a galvanized dustbin  for his , should make a nice feature item for the kitchen !! 


  1. Not having the grandchildren to stay as often as they usually would has meant I'm having to use up things I wouldn't normally eat myself. I do love the sound of the tin factory we used to have a market stall that sold similar things including the army ration packs that my hubby also loves.

    1. the gourmet delight that is ration pack bacon and

  2. i think its a result of the flour shortages during lockdown , we didnt run out off flour but there were no bags in the UK to pack the flour into