Friday, 4 September 2020

Plague 64

 Apparently im just being stubborn and need to get a smart phone straight away as its impossible to live life without one , kids you have to love them , there insistence that technology is the answer to everything may one day be proved wrong to them and im afraid i wont be drawn into the argument .  Meanwhile good old mumsie is having her own problems with technology . The last bank branch in her small town is shutting , she banks there and is none to happy , she raised hell and they informed her that they will make her an appointment with the digital training officer for her to go in and learn how to use internet banking . I wish them luck at 85 stubborn as a bloody mule and liable to ram their tablet up his backside this could get interesting . 
Officer Dibble may be ringing me again to enquire if she has Alzheimers , it seems they use that as an excuse for not prosecuting the very elderly who are a nuisance to mankind . In fact my dad once used it as an excuse when he got took to court for running his household electricity on a street light on the front wall of his house , the fact that he told me hed been doing it for over 10 years before they caught him didnt surprise me . He got the GP who owed him money for some building work to write him a letter saying he wasnt responsible for his actions , walked away with a fine .                                                                           Munchkin is loving high school already, his main comment ...this is soddin boring , I got the obligatory first day photo and he looked like a clown his uniform is so big . But hes grown so much it will fit him in a matter of months . Meanwhile im a happy Granny having gained five pairs of trainers and shoes in me size that hes never worn because he jumped 3 sizes in the space of a month , im not a trainer wearer but hey ho free shoes even cheap ones are something you cant turn down, Grandad did comment hey hes my size next lets hope he grows out of his new trainers super  


  1. Technology certainly isn't the answer to everything. How many times in the last year has Nat West and Royal Bank of Scotland gone down leaving people without their wages etc. Plus all the banks are still harping on about a reduced staffing level due to covid so you find yourself hanging on forever to sort problems out. Internet banking suits me but I do understand it doesn't suit everybody.

  2. Free trainers sounds great.I've worn shoes and boots found by a bin after disinfecting them.I remember wearing a loose uniform because my mum said it was so expensive and was often bored at school too x