Monday 31 August 2020

Plague 63

 Well this is exciting , Bank Holiday Weekend usually the last holiday before Xmas in the UK and im going nowhere and really doing not much of anything . Son took Mr BH out yesterday to a Truck event they were amazed to find was still happening they had bought tickets at xmas last year , then today hes off for an interesting day fishing while under the influence of drugs with BIL . So ive been up since my usual 5am to get him ready and packed up for the day . Read a lot of blogs , flicked through facebook , sorted all the washing now tapping my foot waiting to go out and play in the garden .                                                   On a world at large front have you noticed the current pasta mountain that the supermarkets are trying to shift at bargain prices , we arent huge pasta eaters since its just us 3 left here so apart from extra lasagne sheets its not really needed and im not buying it just because its cheap . I do wonder if this is the supermarkets trying to push us to stockpile a little in the event of Brexit , at bargain prices 10 bags of pasta might be a good idea if you have a family to feed , its good long past its sell by date and your future proofing your purse as we are well aware that prices are leaping . Have you noticed that Brexit pies have gone up to £2.00 a shot in the big supermarkets , good old Frey Bentos currently still cheap at £1.29 in Heron , grandson loves them . Im trying to stock up on stuff that sarcastic son can just throw in the microwave for Mr BH in the event im not well . Ready meals are damned expensive , so ive got a good supply of tinned curries and other crap food , plus an awful lot of noodles and precooked rice . Sarcastic son isnt a bad cook but Mr BH is as picky as hell and his daft eating habits mean that son will refuse to cook anything for him if he starts moaning.  Bargain of the week has been Big tubs of Flora at £1.50 for 4 and stork baking marg at 4 for a pound into the freezer it has gone , bargain shops may be mainly cakes and crisps but sometimes you strike lucky for stuff you need .  At least the cabbage and sprout patch look pretty healthy ive at least 5 different varieties to overwinter , squash are just coming ready for harvest and they can sit in the shed for months ..still waiting for the grass to dry a little so i can go out and potter ...ho hum  


  1. So glad to hear that you are getting a couple of days to yourself. Enjoy the garden!

  2. I'd better go and see what B&M have got when I go shopping this week.
    I have the grand total of 1 butternut squash from 5 plants!

    1. i never grow butternuts i like the small short season japanese varieties at least you get some sort of crop even if the weathers crap