Friday 28 August 2020

Plague ????

 Autumn is here i gather , the rain is much welcome finally my tiny apples are swelling , the squash are loving it and the rhubarb looks to be resurrecting. So long as the frosts stay away everything should crop just fine . Though the temperature changes confuse nature a lot , in fact ive noticed ive daffodils up already , havent had to cut the front privet at all this year it will just need a quick whip along the top before it gets cold .   The munchkin has returned home now , school starts in another week and just to be on the safe side till we see what pans out on the Covid front , we shant see him except from a distance .He is now very impressed with the sex life of hedgehogs , our resident front garden dwellers have been attempting very noisy sex under the front window , porno hedgehogs to put it mildly . Our little this year female isnt having it , she wedges herself between two large garden planters and the much bigger male cant get to her no matter how he tries, but hes grunting and groaning like a seventies porn movie and its hilarious.  I did point out to the munchkin that all he needs to know in life is that hedgehogs are far better at sex than he will ever be , because after an hour big male just shrugs his shoulders and gives up and trots off for his tea . We seem to have four hedgehog regulars this year  , the absence of slugs and snails is amazing , between that and popping a brick or large stone anywear you spot slug and snail damage for the thrush to crack shells i havent had to do any animal friendly slug pellets anywear 


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