Wednesday 19 August 2020

Plague 60

 The Young Baldrick saga goes on and on . Mr BH had endless phone calls while fishing from The Council explaining that they will no longer provide any housing for Young Baldrick and he needed to come back here as we have an unused bedroom . Im proud of him standing his ground and telling them bollocks , grandson is leaving next weekend and i think that was their idea to keep putting pressure on us so they are rid of the problem , they even offered us money to take him .   Nice son has agreed to take him in  from today in an act of insanity ,  probably a very bad idea as he has little patience with Young Baldrick and they have had little contact the last few years the last time they were here together they had to be physically separated. I do think this is cunning plan to keep his rent payed , hes got a new contract working away starts the first of September but has to work a month in hand the council have doubtless offered him the same deal they offered us money wise .  We have now found out that Young Baldrick could be on bail conditions for up to two years without charge due to the quietly bought in changes to the law for Covid changes . The big problem is that the small town Baldrick will be going to is where he got in all the trouble with drugs and i dont doubt that all the scum he was involved with are still there . Leaving him alone in the flat could be a very bad idea . I really hope he breaches his bail conditions without someone getting hurt  


  1. Oh, Jesus! What a mess

  2. Don't open the door to him if he arrives at your home will you.I actually felt panic just reading about it.At least Mr BH didn't agree-it seems you have to stand your ground with the council-they cannot expect you to live in fear in your home and you have health conditions they must be aware of x

  3. Isn't life a nightmare Kate. It never ends does it? I agree with Flis, don't open the door , what can they do about it then.
    You really deserve a break from all this and I really hope its around the corner for you.
    How is it that some people just seem to have everything go right and others have shit lives?

  4. Your family are allowing this to happen enabeling him. You all choose to let an agressive drug user out on bail not allowed near children in your home's. He is an adult you are not responsible for him. Why has this man got a hold over your family? Past?. You are all moths to a flame.

  5. I think the council have behaved appallingly they have given no thought to your safety , just because you have a spare room which should you take someone to your home that is obviously dangerous . Have you considered writing to your local councillor and your mp , in my experiences the one who makes the most noise is the winner .