Friday 31 July 2020

Plague 55

We are free.................It took arguing with the powers that be till 5pm yesterday for him to be offered a place in the homeless hostel in Lincoln , we had 5 agencies and the police involved in the conversation . The local council were insistent that he be bailed to this address because we have an empty bedroom , I already knew that would be the argument , but i pointed out we wernt prepared to not see my grandson , my partner is disabled and that Young Baldrick isnt able to follow distancing protocols because he doesnt give a stuff about anyone else . Plus theres no phone signal here so they cant get in touch with him . The police agreed with us that it isnt fair to expect us to provide 24 hour monitoring of his behavior  , because we are very rural they couldnt get to us in the event of their being major problems . I just started sobbing at the point the woman from the council stated that they would help me to claim carers allowance for him and sort out rent problems etc .  FFS i would be caring 24 hours a day and caring for someone who i believe is dangerous , she got a monk on and suggested that i was the one that needed to see a doctor!! 
They finally agreed that he couldnt stay here , then there they were all arguing among themselves about what to do with him . The police wanted him moving out of he area altogether , other agencies say that is a good idea . The council say that he must be in Lincoln because hes only on bail and he hasnt been charged with anything .  The council were just saying that they didnt feel that they could risk their staff  and suggested that he be rehoused in the Premier Inn , in Lincoln the local council rents the whole of a local Premier Inn for emergency housing , but the police pointed out that he cant be near children as a bail condition , the council were none to happy when the police suggested the new build hostel that is basically an open prison with 24 hour monitoring and the staff are in a module , a lot of the residents have just left prison and are being assessed so this sounds ideal . So at 5pm he was delivered there , the silence is deafening and wonderful . we sat outside last night watching the lightening show and Mr BH said  you know we havent heard the last of him dont you .........

Thursday 30 July 2020

Plague 54

Yesterday was going pretty well till Young Baldrick decided to take apart his xbox for some imaginary reason , he tends to take apart everything electronic he comes in touch with , ive had to stop him touching everything of ours that he can make work better or faster or update . Anyway he fixed its imaginary faults , turned it on and it had died . The rage was astonishing it seemed that the munchkin had damaged it deliberately , trouble is grandson hasnt been in the house since he left the building before Baldrick arrived . Ranting , talking to himself this went on all yesterday evening , we went to bed at 9pm and left him to it . We had already had fun just getting his prescription filled at the doctor , hed been back to the car three times ranting and Mr BH had pointed out that if the police turned up we were just driving away.  All the way home we had ranting about his partner not sorting out his medication , how she wouldnt fetch it for him, on and on . Please bear in mind she is severely physically handicapped which may have a lot to do with this. His level of paranoia and poor me is ever increasing .  His dad has taken him fishing out of the way today , so im toddling off on mission see the kids at lunch . 10am tomorrow we are rid of him , they have rung to say that an advocate from some agency will be meeting him there . we are dropping him off and turning off our phones , we know that we havent seen the back of him . but the door will be remaining locked for the foreseeable future 

Monday 27 July 2020

Plague 53

The whole contact his GP farce has left me worn to the bone , his GP is another one of those on Ask GP  the computer system that is never working . So i spent most of yesterday trying to explain that he has autism and isnt able to deal with this , till i got one useful receptionist who said i will just get a GP to ring you back . GP rings back and says theres nothing they can offer him but antidepressants and Step Change self referral , something hes really going to take up !! He needs far more than a 3 minute phone call and a soddin phone number .
Yesterday was dreadful from start to finish he smelled so bad he was making my eyes water , he was quite chirpy and on overshare mode . He managed to corner me so he could tell me in full gory detail  about his sex life with his partner !!! I was finally rescued by Mr BH going off his head at him but at least he managed to convince him to shower .  We have noticed that we have to be very careful about what we watch on the TV anything about the police or violence even the news can set him off on a paranoid rant , we have to keep the TV on so that he doesnt get on his violent xbox games . Saying no has no effect .  We had DR Who on all day yesterday as we figured aliens was a good thing for him to be paranoid about . Im so glad we dont have access to guns in this country he is obsessed with them .
I really thought he had quietened down again but no, something while he was flicking channels set him off . This was an epic racist rant , so  bad we just sat in silence and looked at each other , how hes lived this long baffles me . In fact he is just terrorizing us we spend a lot of time staring at each other in disbelief , i just stay in the bedroom his dad cant run away and is stuck in a room with him .
Friday he is gone , but i dont think we have heard the last of it .

Sunday 26 July 2020

Plague 52

Where to begin ....this half arsed version of lockdown is making it impossible to resolve anything on the Young Baldrick front , im still sticking to the we leave him at the police station plan . We had actually contact from someone at social services a wee bit further up the food chain , to be informed that there had been a case conference which he had neither been invited to or informed of . the excuse being because he is still on bail he cant be in contact with his child or partner .  So he asked me to speak to them because he didnt understand . At which point they gathered that im not afraid of them , i dont give a toss if they put our grandson in care , my only concern is them avoiding there duty of care towards Young Baldrick , no im not going to take oh  but its because of Covid as an excuse . Strap your mask on like everybody else has had to and get on with it . I have explained that he will be homeless on the 31st  and no its not down to me to sort this whole shitty mess out , im not well his dad is in bits its effecting  him both physically and mentally . Young Baldrick is seriously mentally ill , hes suicidal , having paranoid delusions and should be in secure psychiatric care at the moment , not here terrorising us . In fact i dont know how much more clear i could have made things . At which point she turns round and says . Well after today im on holiday for a fortnight theres an emergency number to ring .  She didnt like it when i said im well aware of that number already , its leave a message and hope nobody has been killed when they ring you hours later !!!!

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Plague 51

Another happy day on the fens , himself and the cuckoo have taken themselves fishing so im doing not a lot today just a potter around sort of day , im so tired i may be feet up and fall asleep with some inane rubbish on the TV day . Yesterday turned out a much better day , the third son biked 30 miles to see us for the first time in months , more to ask me if i could get the mould out of his very expensive motorbike jacket , hed left it in his boot and the boot had leaked , nothing what half a gallon of  white vinegar couldnt tackle in the washer , i struggled to get it in the washer hes such a big lad , he will pop back sometime next week for it, i cant figure out how to get all the armour and liners into it . He was made redundant back in March and his landlord has dropped his rent down to Housing Benefit level till hes working again because hes a good reliable tenant , plus hes doing a bit of work for the landlord here and there .  Hes been very quiet of late so i had already gathered hed found a girlfriend but was keeping it quiet . Watching young Baldrick prancing around he did comment that he was glad his girlfriend had a couple of small kids as he wouldnt dare have any of his own .  Hes fortunate that hes the least affected of the males in his mothers family apart from having cataracts he just has a few very minor joint problems . Its a syndrome that comes as a lot of letters and numbers , females are carriers and have Ehlers Danlos and early onset dementia to look forward to , males can have anything from cataracts to severe autisms ,EDS and loads more goodies but have a much lower rate of passing it on.  In this day and age why would anyone plan to have children without genetic screening at least .knowing this is in the family .
So the sofa and the TV remote are calling , day of sloth and working out a very cheap online shopping list . Tesco gripe , they sent me some £8 off a £40 spend vouchers which is a very useful amount , sadly they are only to be used instore , i havent ventured into Tesco since March , mainly because by the time ive queued for ages i need the loo. They abandoned the village back in March for online shopping and have only just appeared  again . Morrisons continue to be dire online, this week we got no milk , no eggs no meat its like a lottery.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Plague 50

Well yesterday was my birthday not my facebook birthday or my google one , like the queen i have more than one mainly for online security issues .
It was the sort of day that convinces you that life can only go upwards from here , not a single thing went right . From getting up to find that yesterday was one of Mr BHs  spectacular physical problems days which requires endless washing  of the wet room , hosing of the toilets , washing soaking ,washing, washing more washing , putting washing out  fetching washing in  ...oh joy ...not helped by the whining cuckoo in the nest following me round asking what was going on . So contrary to some peoples thoughts , im not a carer just to make a cup of tea now and then , theres days when its just endless grotty chores . Nobody can visit due to our Cuckoos bail conditions and we cant go out unless hes with us and is constantly supervised . So hes still having a paddy this morning because theres no shops within 3 villages hes got no bacca  and i dont feel like going out im knackered .  My daughter rang and my son in law texted that was my birthday , grandson rang up crying because he wants to come back to grannies just to make me feel better
im counting the days till we can get rid of him , we have already had the discussion about if hes charged hes not being bailed back to here under any circumstances , its been made pretty obvious that we have been taken for a mug by the whole family , nobody wants to step up and take any responsibility , theyre all think that throwing a bit of cash at the problem absolves them of doing more , they all have spare bedrooms its way past time they did their share

Friday 17 July 2020

Plague 49

So another glorious morning at the little prison camp on the fen , im up and have been for the morning cat stroll only 3 today so im low on cats this week though im turning into the hedgehog whisperer as well as young Frank or Franketter came for the evening stroll last night , hes reached the realms of sitting up and begging for cat kibble , he chases the cats round the garden and hes not averse to a Lidl cat stick treat , cant get any good pics of him as he turns up at dusk and stays for around an hour .
On the Young Baldrick front we are stuck with him for the whole 28 days and its proving hard work , though hes improving with some sort of sleep regime imposed , midnight curfew for all electronics or his dad will stamp on his phone seems to have sunk in . Between that and the sunburn from not listening when told you need sunscreen in daylight hes a bit crispy at the moment , being so white from never going outside isnt helping him , they have a huge garden thats like an overgrown wasteland .  ffs go out and cut the bloody grass when you get home . Losing himself for hours and days in violent games isnt doing him any good . The arguments weve had over that , im sure his xbox means more to him than his kid . Im coming to the conclusion that he and his partner are a car crash waiting to happen , shes hooked on heavy duty pain medication due to her disability and spends a lot of time asleep , hes constantly on his xbox her teenage kids seem to be looking after the baby most of the time .
I really dont see how this can be made to work , resources are scarce , lockdown has made their problems 10 times worse because they have had minimal monitoring , he doesnt answer the door hes cut all the family off . I can see this turning to headlines in the Sun with a lessons learned speech from Social Services and the other agencies involved .  He just needs inpatient psychiatric care and assessment , hes needed it for how many years now and hes got nothing ,hes just a bomb waiting to go off .

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Plague 48

Well this is fun another happy day with the smelly cuckoo in the nest . Thanks for all the helpful comments , some are a little naive perhaps not intentionally just ignorance of the UK systems in place . Young Baldrick is high function autistic he has Aspergers Syndrome and other numerous isms that are an endless list , this doesnt mean hes good at one particular thing , it means he absorbs endless information but cant put it into order to actually use what he learns . This leads to frustration which can lead to aggression.  His people skills are dreadful every other word is fuck , there is never any improvement in this . He is currently so paranoid that nobody can help him , not that theres any help for him available in Lincolnshire at the best of times .  It is best that he is allowed no contact with his partner and their child at the present time and the police have stated this . Social Services are involved , they have a caseworker but lockdown has meant that he is cycling, hes either so depressed hes not getting out of bed for days or so wound up hes dangerous, hes refusing all medication and so paranoid he cant see that hes the problem not the rest of the world .
So the problem is once again dumped on us , he needs inpatient psychiatric treatment but theres none available anywhere unless he injures someone at which point he can be sectioned against his will . It does always calm him being here , but its proving hard work enforcing a regular regime on him this time . Last night there was another session with Mr BH having to stand up to him , YB wanted a bottle of Jack Daniels NOW , we are miles from the shops and all the drink was locked up before he arrived so it wasnt happening . Hed also had a bit of a do with BIL while fishing , never one to mince his words hed told young Baldrick that his kid would be better off in care than putting up with his bullshit excuses .
It feels like every sentence ends with an argument .
But heres some more anti Tory propaganda , the wonderful well thought out Universal Credit system , means that as the head of the household all the universal credit is paid direct to his bank account , leaving his partner who isnt allowed any contact with him without a penny at the moment . She faces another 5 week wait till she can get a penny in her own name , while he sits here whining for a bottle of Jack Daniels . If one turns up from Amazon today i will be the one locked up for smashing it over his head !!!

Saturday 11 July 2020

Plague 47

Where to begin , our cuckoo in the nest is driving me steadily mad , so if i vanish for a while dont worry , there is a possibility i may have murdered him but its more likely i will be having a bit of an episode and just want nothing to do with the world at all . Im not getting much sleep with him here as hes up wandering about half the bloody night . When i do get nodding off hes shouting and swearing at his Xbox till the early hours . I actually spent several hours sat in the fishing shelter drying in the garden just to get away from him . He smells like a ferret , doesnt wash just glares at me if i say anything, i even begrudge cleaning the endless skid marks from the loo after him he just treats me like a member of the staff , its got to be bad if even his dad has had enough him .  He has grown in to a truly horrible vile adult .  Aspergers can be the weirder offshoot of the autism spectrum and quite often it leads to paranoid schizophrenia as an adult and i do think there are real signs of this . Nothing  is his fault about the horrible mess he has got himself into or so he thinks and believe me its his attitude to authority that has ended up with him stuck here yet again . People have been trying to help him but he doesnt see it that way , now there is an 18 month old child in the mix he is finding he cant just do what he wants and cut off all the help that is offered . Ive always liked his partner shes rather like me in the keep plodding on whatever is slung her way mentality but this is going to boil down to whether social services decide hes a danger to the kids in which case we may be stuck with him for good . The fact he may well be a danger to us counts for nothing it seems . He is an adult and we cant force him to accept the help or medication he is offered , plus it will be expected that he lives here full time because the munchkins bedroom is empty regardless of what we say, thats the sad fact of state housing these days and the bedroom tax.  So wish me look life once again has entered the realms of you couldnt make it up 

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Plague 46

On a lighter note today , did the bread run yesterday because Mr BH decided that today would be family fishing trip day . so it was up early to do the lunch , ive supplied them with lots of stuff out of the bottom of the freezer that was for the xmas buffet that didnt happen due to everyone being ill . Not helped by the fact that some bright spark at the Jobcentre has sent Young Baldrick on a food hygiene course and he is now a world expert . Caught him going through the cupboards looking for anything out of date because his dad is vulnerable and im old , not so old that i cant ram a tin of beans straight up your arse if you dont get out of my kitchen AAArrrgggh .  He has no concept of personnel space and boundaries and hes never going to grow any . Oh and i need to date everything i put in the freezer or it needs to be thrown away, so in protest i found a pack of raspberries three years out of date and made hin crumble for tea ....small victories
Anyway while on the bread run , the lovely elderly lady who works on the tills has returned to Sainsburys , they arent furloughing any staff now , i asked her if she was happy about it ? Yes and No she was bored to death at home and missed the company but is it worth risking your life for a natter?
I think the main thing made noticeable by all the freedom is theres an ever developing gap between the old and the young . The media have made it clear that Covid doesnt apply to the young so theyre all off partying , sadly its noticeable in the press that the stabbings in London are starting again . The middle age seem to be taking a more practical approach wear a mask , wash your hands and get on with life . But the Elderly remain terrified and arent going out masked or not . Covid is far from over , it looks like being a long term feature of life , its also being made clear that Covid is a disease for the poor , if your wealthy you just jet around the world as normal, totally ignoring all scientific evidence because in your fragrant world it doesnt exist its an illness for plebs and your granny.

Monday 6 July 2020

Plague 45

Just as life settles into yet more plague tedium , you get a phone call that pops your little bubble. Its the police.
Young Baldrick has got himself in a spot of bother and spent a night in the cells he can be released but he needs to be at an address away from his partner and the kids , i hasten to add that he has hurt no one , though lets be honest i wouldnt be surprised if he had . So after cutting us off completely Young Baldrick has entered the building yet again . The munchkin has had to be sent home to his mother so im minus my gardner because Baldricks not allowed near children at the moment , now dont jump to conclusions I must admit i did, its a weird tale thats not for me to tell.
But i think that i rattled a few cages with the police when i pointed out that he shouldnt be interviewed alone as a registered vulnerable adult  and that any so called evidence obtained during questioning would be null and void .  He apparently refused a solicitor as well .
Baldricks mum is away looking after a sick friend or he could have gone to hers , shes trying to sort something out to come back , but were hoping this can all be sorted out come Monday once his social worker appears .
As usual hes filthy , stinks of weed and is a skanky mess , so thats this mornings battle , that and stretching the food budget yet again .  Stew anyone
We went to bed last night and Mr BH said .
What the hell will happen to him once were not here to sort his messes out?
My reply of he will end up doing hard time or in Broadmoor eventually didnt go down well , one day he will get himself in serious trouble that i cant resolve its inevitable , his dad cant see we are being played yet again and its tragic .

Thursday 2 July 2020

Plague 44

Cloudy and cold this morning so Mr has staggered off fishing with brother in law , they have the wee tents to sit in so should be fine , did a heavy gardening day yesterday so ive decidedly crippled myself today .
 Had one of those strange chats with a mate of many years standing online yesterday.
Do you still need leeks ive a pot full left , can we meet in Lincoln for a cuppa somewhere?
Errrm....well theres no toilets open so it might be at short notice , i have to pick my times to go out , at least with son stuck in since March ive got a sitter . 
We decided to try posting the   I must admit ive reached the age where i dont go anywhere i cant be sure to find the toilets open , so no im not going to be rushing to the pub this weekend .
 Im quite enjoying a gardening summer  with my sidekick , he was hauling away the big lumps of bushes quite happily yesterday then manually chopping it up into little pieces , pissed off that i had to sell the shredder when i was hard up , though evil rumour has it theres one somewhere in the tardis sheds at his father in laws , i live in hope .
Watched Prime Ministers Question Time for some unknown reason yesterday and just sat there with my jaw dropped as the chief baboon stated that the reason that Leicester is being quarantined is that the residents couldnt understand  the governments instructions on Covid  Condescending racist pig pretty much sums him up .  Most of the residents of Leicester may have different skin tones but they are for the most part second and third generation English . What next Tory public health statements in pidgin English ?