Saturday 27 August 2016

Thrifting , The Great escape

Ive been good on the thrifting front for ages due to lack of funds , time , not knowing where we will be living etc etc .
Then I ..ive spent a whole £2.50 on things that make me happy for a change , after all once i go to prison for benefit fraud  , im sure Mr Bah Humbug will find they jump through hoops to help him , as a poor disabled bloke all alone and helpless , without his under valued carer .
So last week I crept out for an hour to Metheringham car boot and spent a whole £1 on things I dont need .
You may know that I have a vintage jigsaw problem and this is one i havent had before , waddingtons circular a whole 50p for circus loveliness .

Then I bought some vintage Disney flexi discs , quite why I have no idea , I think theyre from the 60s or 70s and when they spin the little pictures on the edges move , plus theyre labelled in Italian  I think? but once again 50p for the three . I thought maybe clocks?

Just to make matters worse I popped in for a Christian cuppa at the bridge and couldnt really leave these behind could I?  My weekend reading, a glossy new £30 book on the Scottish Highlands 50p

Then I found a rescue volume with Zepplins and Bi planes and how good for you radiation is!! 50p

Now this all adds up to £2 wasted  Im just such a rebel!! , the other 50p I will reveal once I can get someone to photograph it for me , i have asked, but its the usual high level response . Meanwhile im indulging in a weekend of domestic servitude , because theres not a stroke of it happening from anyone else and I cant stand it anymore .
Dumb ass question of the day ?
Why are you shaking the toaster outside ?
Because it caught fire, because nobody ever emptied the tray !!!

Sunday 21 August 2016

Missing in Action

Well i'm sorry folks ive just vanished into the world of work , doing cover for a full time colleague whos had a bypass , evil rumour would have it they had to struggle to find the organ to work on it . Love him really, hes sort of an ageing Gene Hunt, ex Flying Squad, crazy person . This will make up for the 2 week holiday period , with my job if you book a day off they stop your work for two weeks .
Just one more week and in theory i can wind back a bit and try sleep for a change, or more like clean this hell hole up , which nobody else seems to even think about

I also have yet more benefit wars starting, once again i have major problems on the Housing Benefit front , they have stopped our claim due to the cock up with JSA . That is resolved and reinstated , they still just pay his stamp . So they requested that I resubmit the application which took some sorting then i took it into the local link office to be checked , only to meet the vilest member of staff yet .
He was extremely rude , told me to shut up on numerous occasions when i tried to explain. because he couldnt concentrate and make a " judgement "with me talking .
Then told me that if it was up to him we wouldnt be receiving a penny  .
There were errors in last years calculations that they had made , but it was my fault !!
In fact he accused me of Benefit Fraud
and the cause of this ? They had included Child Benefit for my grandson in my earnings not my daughters . This shouldnt make a pennies difference to the actual end figures its just in the wrong box on their system despite us telling them the correct information on the application .
This whole you are guilty lecture continued on , then he informed me we would be investigated for fraud . Then went on to a whole rant about there being Paypal payments going into my partners bank account ..Doh because we needed to pay for the holiday . My partner could sell thousands of pounds of vehicle parts, his playground is full of half finished projects that need to go now he cant do much , so I had to sign another form explaining this.
I came out and sat in my car and cried , I felt like a criminal still do . We have to provide loads of extra income evidence etc etc ...really need this like a hole in the head

Tuesday 9 August 2016


Story of my life at the moment , totally exhausted not sleeping well, hence lacklustre .
Managed a jumble sale at the scout hut on the Birchwood this week , spent a whole £3 filled a huge bag by buying everything in my size whether I liked it or not , went home tried it all on and got a couple of bits that fit and i would maybe be seen dead in . Also another gorgeous rose covered king size bed set , have roses gone out of fashion ? As if fashion has ever mattered to
Sarcastic Son and I did a car boot sale Sunday , didnt make much but once again we didnt have anything very interesting to sell mainly jumble sale stuff and it will keep me in bread and milk for the week .
Work ..ho hum just gets worse week by week they just keep paying us less and less and wanting more and more , I cant afford the fuel to travel round the county doing the odd job here and there , that they grudgingly want to pay a whole £2 for each , we do not receive any expenses so we are stuffed , this week, they sent me 100 jobs to turn round in 7 days , they do not grasp that Lincolnshire is a very big place and the fact they may pay me in the next 6 months doesnt really help . Started booking work from another company and after booking time into my diary they are now cancelling all the time slots down so theres big unpaid holes in the next few weeks .
Mr Bah Humbug is having a really bad phase with his walking , not quite sure where we go from here , he was told crutches wernt an option due to the pins and plates in his neck . the lady from occupational health suggested a wheelie walker , but he found he couldnt use it due to the lack of feeling in his feet , it made him trip constantly , so shes looking at other options .
Occupational health have said , he needs a property with a shower because our bathrooms to small for  any of the bath lifts available and have blasted a letter off to the Housing department about the lack of any banisters or handrails on our stairs being a major health and safety issue for everyone in the household not just him . Funnily enough it was well over a year ago we asked about handrails and were told tough by the council.
So if im not around much a the moment its just because life is really busy and I need sleep not because i dont enjoy your company . byyeeee

Thursday 4 August 2016

My Favourite Spot On The Wall

So its been a fun packed return to Lincolnshire , when we got back there was a letter from the Job centre telling Mr Bah humbug that they had ceased his Jobseekers Allowance for not attending an appointment on the 2nd of June , which was really weird as he hasnt heard a thing from them in months because hes on a training scheme . Rang them up and they said that it was right so I ended up talking to them as he was starting to shout . 
So why has it taken you till the 25th of July to send a letter out informing us of this ?

Ive no idea, but you did miss the appointment .

He hasnt had anything to tell him he had an appointment!

Your right we never sent him anything , he will have to do a rapid reclaim online .

Ok we can do that , but its your error and it says we should ask for mandatory reconsideration 

Yes but its quicker to just reclaim online

So Mr Bah Humbug settled down to do the online rapid reclaim online , only to find it wouldnt work unless you lied on that one certain question that it always glitches on , it had also gained another 20 pages  of intrusive questions about other family members , my daughter said they can stuff off , its not as if they actually give you anything . so bless him he just put any old thing , then they sent him a text saying he had an appointment for 10 past 10 today . 

So off we toddled to the realms of Mordor , aka job center . The sun was shining the birds were singing and for the first time ever we managed to get a cripple parking space !!
Managed to get access to the lift , eventually and went to the shiny new jobcenter . 
The lovely lady on reception said your a bit early take a seat and there we sat and sat and sat . Turns out the appointment wasnt till 11.30 . 
Nothing new it was their error yet again , is it bad that they all know him there and kept saying hello .
Anyway it took all of 5 minutes to sort it they just copied and pasted his details back in and backdated it till the second of June . It just pays his National Insurance but that means we get housing benefit .
So thats why im banging my head on the wall , we have to reclaim housing benefit from scratch , it took nearly 6 months and an eviction notice to sort this out last time , so all this stress is caused by a simple data entry error at the Job Center .

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Hello Russia

A couple of other bloggers have also noticed a huge influx of Russian designated viewers on their google sats , so welcome. im not sure what google classes as Russia , its such a vast area and they keep annexing bits here and there , it may just be a google glitch, not unknown . Plus we have most of Lithuania living just down the road in Boston so we may have been annexed and Lincolnshire could well be a secret Russian State ?

totally irrelevant shot from Lincoln castle walls  

Well onwards with this weeks trials , a weekend in a field in Leicestershire  Mr Bah Humbug decided we should put the tent next to the toilets for his convenience , but then found out there isnt anyway to get two people into a blue portaloo in the case of emergency !! The music was so loud that it felt like the Americans were invading every time a Clash track came on , with me being tone deaf ,music that loud means i cant follow any conversation and they played it from 8am till 2am both day and night  AARRGGH it was like a form of torture , im shattered and also ended up with a stomach bug due to either the truly disgusting toilets or the number of insect bites im covered in . Mr Bah Humbug had a great time with his mate and i just sat and read , i realise that people think im snobby and not a mixer at these events , but its just that I dont drink a great deal and I cant follow what they are saying if the music is loud . The things you do to make your partner happy
So heres a tale from long ago , we were once invited on holiday with some friends who we had barely seen for a few years , we were sharing a flat at the seaside and it seemed like a good time to get reaquainted , kid free etc . Now me being naive and a bit thick didnt realise that said friends were now into recreational drugs on a grand scale . They had constant spliffs on day and night , they were doing lines of coke all the time , popping pills constantly and im sat there in amazed horror . Once again i was deemed no fun because i didnt want to join in . Mr Bah Humbug just hugged his bottle of JD and said no thanks .

So im afraid thats me im an official  joy sapper in the eyes of many , maybe thats why im never invited anywhere ? lol..or could it just be that im quiet and self contained and live in my own little bubble ? in fact maybe im on the Autistic Spectrum like so many other family members , I will go and consult doctor google !!