Tuesday 2 August 2016

Hello Russia

A couple of other bloggers have also noticed a huge influx of Russian designated viewers on their google sats , so welcome. im not sure what google classes as Russia , its such a vast area and they keep annexing bits here and there , it may just be a google glitch, not unknown . Plus we have most of Lithuania living just down the road in Boston so we may have been annexed and Lincolnshire could well be a secret Russian State ?

totally irrelevant shot from Lincoln castle walls  

Well onwards with this weeks trials , a weekend in a field in Leicestershire ..joy.  Mr Bah Humbug decided we should put the tent next to the toilets for his convenience , but then found out there isnt anyway to get two people into a blue portaloo in the case of emergency !! The music was so loud that it felt like the Americans were invading every time a Clash track came on , with me being tone deaf ,music that loud means i cant follow any conversation and they played it from 8am till 2am both day and night  AARRGGH it was like a form of torture , im shattered and also ended up with a stomach bug due to either the truly disgusting toilets or the number of insect bites im covered in . Mr Bah Humbug had a great time with his mate and i just sat and read , i realise that people think im snobby and not a mixer at these events , but its just that I dont drink a great deal and I cant follow what they are saying if the music is loud . The things you do to make your partner happy ..lol
So heres a tale from long ago , we were once invited on holiday with some friends who we had barely seen for a few years , we were sharing a flat at the seaside and it seemed like a good time to get reaquainted , kid free etc . Now me being naive and a bit thick didnt realise that said friends were now into recreational drugs on a grand scale . They had constant spliffs on day and night , they were doing lines of coke all the time , popping pills constantly and im sat there in amazed horror . Once again i was deemed no fun because i didnt want to join in . Mr Bah Humbug just hugged his bottle of JD and said no thanks .

So im afraid thats me im an official  joy sapper in the eyes of many , maybe thats why im never invited anywhere ? lol..or could it just be that im quiet and self contained and live in my own little bubble ? in fact maybe im on the Autistic Spectrum like so many other family members , I will go and consult doctor google !!


  1. Disgusting toilets and bugs....just two of the reasons I don't do camping. I tried it once and it was truly the most awful holiday I have ever had. Two of my sisters had recommended it as a cheap way to holiday with kids so we invested in a new tent and borrowed other equipment, booked two weeks on a campsite in Cornwall where I screamed constantly at the wildlife which kept finding it's way into our tent and the pain of a bad back after sleeping on a blow up bed which had always deflated by morning. We came back after four days-x-

    1. lol..i do like camping , but this was just to much after a week at edinburgh which was lovely , this was the downside of camping

    2. I'm with you Kate. I love camping but don't enjoy very loud music. My hubbys family think I am a killjoy because I hate board games and skiing, their two favourite things, oh and arguing over politics at the dinner table. (they are at your mums end of the political spectrum so I am, by default, wrong at all times). Quiet field, campfire, book, crochet... Heaven! xx

  2. I haven't been camping in years and have to admit I don't have any fond memories, although the girls do.