Sunday 21 August 2016

Missing in Action

Well i'm sorry folks ive just vanished into the world of work , doing cover for a full time colleague whos had a bypass , evil rumour would have it they had to struggle to find the organ to work on it . Love him really, hes sort of an ageing Gene Hunt, ex Flying Squad, crazy person . This will make up for the 2 week holiday period , with my job if you book a day off they stop your work for two weeks .
Just one more week and in theory i can wind back a bit and try sleep for a change, or more like clean this hell hole up , which nobody else seems to even think about

I also have yet more benefit wars starting, once again i have major problems on the Housing Benefit front , they have stopped our claim due to the cock up with JSA . That is resolved and reinstated , they still just pay his stamp . So they requested that I resubmit the application which took some sorting then i took it into the local link office to be checked , only to meet the vilest member of staff yet .
He was extremely rude , told me to shut up on numerous occasions when i tried to explain. because he couldnt concentrate and make a " judgement "with me talking .
Then told me that if it was up to him we wouldnt be receiving a penny  .
There were errors in last years calculations that they had made , but it was my fault !!
In fact he accused me of Benefit Fraud
and the cause of this ? They had included Child Benefit for my grandson in my earnings not my daughters . This shouldnt make a pennies difference to the actual end figures its just in the wrong box on their system despite us telling them the correct information on the application .
This whole you are guilty lecture continued on , then he informed me we would be investigated for fraud . Then went on to a whole rant about there being Paypal payments going into my partners bank account ..Doh because we needed to pay for the holiday . My partner could sell thousands of pounds of vehicle parts, his playground is full of half finished projects that need to go now he cant do much , so I had to sign another form explaining this.
I came out and sat in my car and cried , I felt like a criminal still do . We have to provide loads of extra income evidence etc etc ...really need this like a hole in the head


  1. I know violence doesn't solve anything but I really want to go and thump that jumped up little shit.
    You really shouldn't have to put up with being spoken to like's despicable.
    Huge hugs-x-

  2. What a knobhead he was! People like him shouldn't be allowed to work in a 'service' industry. He should be investigated, can you (or do you feel like) putting in a formal complaint about him? How dare he tell you to shut's a shame you weren't recording him. I do feel for you.

  3. I know they will refuse to listen as I tried once but I do believe you have got to keep on complaining. I would also send a copy to your MP. Lets hope one day that bloke will be on the other side of the desk! My son was accused of housing benefit fraud and fined for some paperwork mistake he could not prove. he was asked to pay back thousands. In the end we paid for them and they have sworn if they are dying on the streets they will never claim benefit ever again no matter what the entitlement. He has lots of medical issues so like you we worry about the stress of it all. Hugs all round.

    1. sadly i know from experiance how these things work a friend was in inpatient mental health care and they decided because she hadnt let them know on the day she was admitted, that she was guilty of fraud , they took her to court , she was ordered to repay thousand and got a suspended jail sentence , she then had a criminal record and couldnt find any work . There are government targets for fraud , at least 3 cases a week must appear in the local press, there is no legal aid available and the judgement has nothing to do with fairness its about the political leanings of the judge

  4. Sending you a hug. If you feel up to it you should put in a formal complaint, nobody deserves to be spoken to like that. Take care of yourself.

  5. Kate
    He had no right to speak to you like that - when you've finished this cover at work - please think about sitting down and writing a letter of complaint into the council - head it up as a 'Stage 1 complaint ' tell them everything that was said to you and importantly how it made you feel - send it to his Manager and also send a copy to your local councillor and MP - Don't let it go - if they try to fob you off with a half hearted apology - don't accept it - escalate it up to a stage 2 complaint - each time a complaint is escalated - it goes up another tier of management for investigation.
    I worked for a council and Housing Trust and no matter how bad a day you're having and whatever your personal opinion is of the person sitting in front of you - you treat that person with respect and professionally - he did not behave professionally at all - he should remember that he is a 'public' servant and as such is there to assist the public - without the public he would be without a job - don't let the buggers grind you down - you manage a number of difficult circumstances brilliantly.....sorry for long comment but just not on that you were treated in that way by someone who is being paid to 'help' the public xxx

  6. We bought a memory stick/usb thingy that secretly records. it wasnt hugely expensive..... might be worth investing in one.. or get in touch with The Sun and see if they would like to investigate the jumped up little sh1t.

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