Friday 28 October 2022


 So heres me veered away from mummy tales , she has informed the rest of the family she no longer has a daughter bless her . She has also offered to give the neighbor who kept her alive during covid her bungalow if she will care for her full time . To the best of my knowledge shes still locked up in the hospital refusing to pay for carers 

Meanwhile lets talk about real world problems , the cost of living etc etc etc . Has anyone else noted the shocking drop in quality of what you normally buy?  the shrinkage , the lack of variety and the half a supermarket full of xmas stock and bugger all else? Grandson is here for the week and even he noted there was not a lot in Tesco unless you were xmas shopping and the prices for toys etc were shocking, bits of plastic for £30 in a pretty box pretty much sums it up . Im fortunate that i dont need to buy for small children , our family is dwindling to a standstill though we expect a new grandchild in the new year , im trying to save up to get a load of supermarket vouchers for that arrival so they can decide what they actually need they have loads of baby stuff and a small mountain of nappies etc . Im very reassured that when you go shopping even the posh folk are exclaiming ..sod that....when they pick stuff up , £3.80 for a small pack of almonds , i think not , Bakewells off the menu now along with a lot of other stuff , himself  never noticed id filled out a huge cake with grated apple and pear the other day not a single complaint thats unlike him , hes a real food whiner most of the time . hes got one on him today because i bought Clover spread because it was a Clubcard offer . Ask me and i will buy some decent stuff he says , just accept that i cant feed us on F++k all these days and stop buying emdless scooter crap of the internet , everyday theres parcels and not cheap parcels at that arriving .

BUUUT on a plus note  we have a full oil tank, they fitted a new one just before covid and we saved to buy 500 litres they came to deliver and managed to get only 300litres in, the sensor is faulty it would seem .  Ive tried to get him to order padlocks for the twin layer lids because oil theft out here is about the only crime we get , ive had to nag and nag and when they turned up they didnt fit AAARRGGGHHHH now all i hear is can we have the heating on im cold  as he sits with no shirt and shorts on . So nothings changed now my mother has orphaned me , himself is still as thoughtless and confused as ever , we bimble along and im sure we shall be fine . Jumble sale tomorrow just to cheer me up , ive got a new search list at the moment , mainly stuff ive broken

Thursday 20 October 2022

Mummy 5

 well where to begin , after all the fuss mummy dearest has been declared fit to come home , the problem is that she is refusing all the carers she has been offered , shes still being rude to all and sundry , sent the social worker home with a flea in his ear and her problem?  She refuses to pay for them despite getting attendance allowance and having more money than a Tory PPI contract holder . Theres nothing i can do she refuses to speak to me at all . The hospital is desperate to get rid of the abusive old biddy and its her stubbornness keeping her there .  Himself has been not to well so im run off my feet , his urgent blood transfusion were cancelled because hes a rare blood group and there is no blood, they then decided to give him some other  infusion  that they normally give to pregnant women and hes reacted badly stumbled yesterday because hes so drowsy and now can barely move or walk . AAARRRGGGHHH  hes got to go for another next week which should be fun getting him there . So lifes fun , all i have is the enjoyment  of being stuck in and watching the Tory Party implode while polishing Barbies for this years xmas donation.

Monday 10 October 2022

mummy 4

 now my mother and i have always had a difficult relationship . At the moment im plagued with bad dreams and flashbacks to the point of struggling to function at all . None of this is helped by the fact that the hospital she is in is virtually impossible to contact , they hardly answer the phone and when they do its just to hang up . weve had one phone call all the time shes been in their , today daughter managed to make contact only to be told that they have had to section her because she assaulted a member of staff last night and had been extremely verbally abuse to them she had had to be restrained and tranquilized . They thought she may have had a small stroke or something else so she earned a CT and an MRI they can find nothing wrong with her so are scheduling her for release . Shes Covid clear now so they want rid of her . Not sure what the hell is going to happen , but i know this i cant care for her in any shape or form .

Friday 7 October 2022

mummy 3

 well finally the hospital has made contact after 6 days . A junior doctor with very poor english rang me last night , sadly things had got somewhat out of hand to the point that my daughter threatened legal action to the patient liason team , suddenly we get a phone call they explained she is now in an isolation room in the Covid ward as she has tested positive , shes not ill just a little vocal i gather . They claim they rang and gave us an update , not sure who they think they rang but it was none of the family. They now admit that she has an infection as well as Covid so they are filling her with antibiotics all discharge plans have been put on hold . The doctor said she could ring us if she chooses too but being blind i can see a problem with that theory , plus the doctor said it says nothing about her being blind in her notes ...aaarrggghhhh so thats todays update of you couldnt make it up . Life other than this saga continues as usual boring depressing and poor 

Sunday 2 October 2022

mummy 2

 Well its all proceeding on well, social services have come out of the woodwork and are leaping into action ....desperate to get rid of her i think thats code for.  Shes still refusing to speak to any of us , but we expected this . we seem to have stirred up a whole kettle of worms over the other so called care company . The lady who came and recommended them wasnt a social worker all though she did do assessment visits for them , it seems she has been recommending this mother and daughter pair of carers to lots of people shes seen and they are not contracted to social services ,  the fact that they dont appear to do any daily paperwork to give anyone a clue what they are actually doing is a bit of a giveaway . But the social worker says they have done nothing illegal . This is a private matter because mother pays for her care and not them . AARRRGGGHHH  It was up to my blind mother to check the paperwork to see they had insurance etc . So thats another thing i get the blame for . Daughter had put a rocket up their backside about the suggestion that she move in with me so i can care for her and other half  because we are paying bedroom tax so must have a spare room , i think it was the suggestion that we are to far from an off license and we dont get on at all ended that idea. i do think that if id lived in the same area she would have been dumped on our doorstep !!!  I told the social worker that we would be happy for her to go home if they sorted her cataract out while she was stuck in the hospital so that she would have far more vision and a better quality of life and would need less care . not sure if that sunk in , but we all keep saying this to them . the latest daft problem is they have moved her to another ward that doesnt answer the phone at all they just hang up if you manage to get through so we have heard not a thing for 3 days