Thursday 20 October 2022

Mummy 5

 well where to begin , after all the fuss mummy dearest has been declared fit to come home , the problem is that she is refusing all the carers she has been offered , shes still being rude to all and sundry , sent the social worker home with a flea in his ear and her problem?  She refuses to pay for them despite getting attendance allowance and having more money than a Tory PPI contract holder . Theres nothing i can do she refuses to speak to me at all . The hospital is desperate to get rid of the abusive old biddy and its her stubbornness keeping her there .  Himself has been not to well so im run off my feet , his urgent blood transfusion were cancelled because hes a rare blood group and there is no blood, they then decided to give him some other  infusion  that they normally give to pregnant women and hes reacted badly stumbled yesterday because hes so drowsy and now can barely move or walk . AAARRRGGGHHH  hes got to go for another next week which should be fun getting him there . So lifes fun , all i have is the enjoyment  of being stuck in and watching the Tory Party implode while polishing Barbies for this years xmas donation.


  1. Well…ain’t she sumthin! Can the gov’t take the carer’s pay from mum’s pension check? For most of us, we would rather have a say in who our carer is rather than put in an institution with over-worked attendants and gruel for dinner.

    1. the legalitys of this shitty situation begger belief , theyve tried to use the legal issue to have them granted
      power of attorney over her, shes objected so it would have to be a court hearing which could take years