Sunday 2 October 2022

mummy 2

 Well its all proceeding on well, social services have come out of the woodwork and are leaping into action ....desperate to get rid of her i think thats code for.  Shes still refusing to speak to any of us , but we expected this . we seem to have stirred up a whole kettle of worms over the other so called care company . The lady who came and recommended them wasnt a social worker all though she did do assessment visits for them , it seems she has been recommending this mother and daughter pair of carers to lots of people shes seen and they are not contracted to social services ,  the fact that they dont appear to do any daily paperwork to give anyone a clue what they are actually doing is a bit of a giveaway . But the social worker says they have done nothing illegal . This is a private matter because mother pays for her care and not them . AARRRGGGHHH  It was up to my blind mother to check the paperwork to see they had insurance etc . So thats another thing i get the blame for . Daughter had put a rocket up their backside about the suggestion that she move in with me so i can care for her and other half  because we are paying bedroom tax so must have a spare room , i think it was the suggestion that we are to far from an off license and we dont get on at all ended that idea. i do think that if id lived in the same area she would have been dumped on our doorstep !!!  I told the social worker that we would be happy for her to go home if they sorted her cataract out while she was stuck in the hospital so that she would have far more vision and a better quality of life and would need less care . not sure if that sunk in , but we all keep saying this to them . the latest daft problem is they have moved her to another ward that doesnt answer the phone at all they just hang up if you manage to get through so we have heard not a thing for 3 days 

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  1. I hope things are a bit better for you now and that you are surviving the madness x