Friday 7 October 2022

mummy 3

 well finally the hospital has made contact after 6 days . A junior doctor with very poor english rang me last night , sadly things had got somewhat out of hand to the point that my daughter threatened legal action to the patient liason team , suddenly we get a phone call they explained she is now in an isolation room in the Covid ward as she has tested positive , shes not ill just a little vocal i gather . They claim they rang and gave us an update , not sure who they think they rang but it was none of the family. They now admit that she has an infection as well as Covid so they are filling her with antibiotics all discharge plans have been put on hold . The doctor said she could ring us if she chooses too but being blind i can see a problem with that theory , plus the doctor said it says nothing about her being blind in her notes ...aaarrggghhhh so thats todays update of you couldnt make it up . Life other than this saga continues as usual boring depressing and poor 

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