Friday 28 October 2022


 So heres me veered away from mummy tales , she has informed the rest of the family she no longer has a daughter bless her . She has also offered to give the neighbor who kept her alive during covid her bungalow if she will care for her full time . To the best of my knowledge shes still locked up in the hospital refusing to pay for carers 

Meanwhile lets talk about real world problems , the cost of living etc etc etc . Has anyone else noted the shocking drop in quality of what you normally buy?  the shrinkage , the lack of variety and the half a supermarket full of xmas stock and bugger all else? Grandson is here for the week and even he noted there was not a lot in Tesco unless you were xmas shopping and the prices for toys etc were shocking, bits of plastic for £30 in a pretty box pretty much sums it up . Im fortunate that i dont need to buy for small children , our family is dwindling to a standstill though we expect a new grandchild in the new year , im trying to save up to get a load of supermarket vouchers for that arrival so they can decide what they actually need they have loads of baby stuff and a small mountain of nappies etc . Im very reassured that when you go shopping even the posh folk are exclaiming ..sod that....when they pick stuff up , £3.80 for a small pack of almonds , i think not , Bakewells off the menu now along with a lot of other stuff , himself  never noticed id filled out a huge cake with grated apple and pear the other day not a single complaint thats unlike him , hes a real food whiner most of the time . hes got one on him today because i bought Clover spread because it was a Clubcard offer . Ask me and i will buy some decent stuff he says , just accept that i cant feed us on F++k all these days and stop buying emdless scooter crap of the internet , everyday theres parcels and not cheap parcels at that arriving .

BUUUT on a plus note  we have a full oil tank, they fitted a new one just before covid and we saved to buy 500 litres they came to deliver and managed to get only 300litres in, the sensor is faulty it would seem .  Ive tried to get him to order padlocks for the twin layer lids because oil theft out here is about the only crime we get , ive had to nag and nag and when they turned up they didnt fit AAARRGGGHHHH now all i hear is can we have the heating on im cold  as he sits with no shirt and shorts on . So nothings changed now my mother has orphaned me , himself is still as thoughtless and confused as ever , we bimble along and im sure we shall be fine . Jumble sale tomorrow just to cheer me up , ive got a new search list at the moment , mainly stuff ive broken


  1. I can't remember but himself? Did he have a stroke or other severe medical issues that made him 'confused' (though I suspect he might have always been a thoughtless person)? If that is the case, I could understand the feelings that you don't bail on someone, as the vows are 'for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health'. I allow my ex-husband to be my 'roommate' ; he had a complete nervous breakdown back in 2007 and a second one several years later. He has no family except his adult son, whose girl friend is not a fan of his and he is not a fan of her either. So he would be homeless and I just couldn't do that to him; I had loved him for over 30 years and while we may not be 'a couple' at least he does help around the house, does laundry, cleans house and cooks almost every meal. So I consider him my house-husband, lol. I still work 50+ hours a week full time (I am 65) but can't draw retirement until April 2024 here in the US due to my age requirement. He has his own bedroom, decorated in his taste, and the rest of the house is mine (the leasing in my name, it is all in my name). We get along and when he rubs me the wrong way, he knows that he is just one open door from having to live on the sidewalk because I won't be told what to do in MY own that I allow him to live in FREE, lol. Dawn P. Albany, GA USA

    1. he had seizures a few years ago that left him with slight frontal lobe damage , he was lovely up to that point , not perfect , what man is . he gets very frustrated and angry and confused on a bad day , but you just muddle on

    2. I had a feeling he might have had some medical issues that made him 'different' than he used to be. As did mine, lol. And yes, I know...we just get on and do our best to get thru each week. All the best! Dawn P. Albany, GA USA

  2. I have noticed a strange phenomenon because of mobility problems I no longer go shopping hubby goes instead , he goes armed with a list he buys exactly the same things I would buy but the bill is always cheeper. He does not like going but takes pleasure in the fact he is saving money .

  3. My dearly beloved has R arthritis and I'm certain something more - but refuses to accept the possibilty - Regularly regressing to a small child when not happy -Today I had no energy left after a long dog walk to escape again so had a breather in the small woodshed x