Monday 30 January 2023

A Big Plus

 So for once a little positivity , after 2 years more phone calls than a telephone canvasser , arguments , 600 pages of verification information , hours of my life on hold etc etc , the renewal for his disability benefits has finally come through .  He got the letter on Saturday and he just went white and i said i guess we are going to court yet again , hands me the letter and i find he really is a bit dumb , he has actually got another 5 years till his next review and a small increase in his mobility allowance . I havent told him that  this is backdated for the 2 years its taken to process it . 

This small increase will at least allow us to keep the vehicles on the road , we have been running just the one for the winter and barely running it at that .  Next fun thing will be getting his back payment out of the bank as soon as it lands before he gets to spend everything on rusty crap on the internet . Getting cash these days is hard work , we have no local branches and you can only take 100 pounds a day out at the not so local coop . ive got to take as much off him as i can because we have the change to Universal Credit this year and i dont want to take their loans which sentence you to a lifetime of debt while they take months to process the claim .

Id like to point out that being a benefit scrounger is a major stress , you spend endless hours on the phone you get endless threatening letters, nothing you do is ever right because they constantly move the goalposts , you have to keep up with all their latest tricks to defraud you .  In fact when dealing with them its better to view them as liars and tricksters at every turn , they are not there to help in any way . Consult every online forum you can find before filling in anything , keep copies of everything .  In fact its a shame they dont apply the same scrutiny to those in positions of power that are the true benefits scroungers 

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Fed Up

 Today i made the effort and toddled into Lincoln to do our first proper shop since before xmas , the horrors of tackling Lidl without the munchkin have left me crippled , just for fun i ended up with the worse British cashier in Lidl , she was a pearler , smug sniggering to her mate sat next to her as she expected me to struggle with cases of items that she insisted must go on the belt , normally you just give them one item from each case . As i was walking away she says to her mate , Serves her right for having a cafe and coming in here !! in my defense i did snigger when the very posh eldeley gentleman who was behind me called her a cunt for slinging his box of eggs down the length of the till .  Oh i havent opened a cafe i just live in the bog end of nowhere and shop every 6 to 8 weeks .

 On the mumsie front despite leaving over 12 messages with different people at The hospital and council in a week we havent had a single reply , we have spoken to social services again . Mumsie has now taken to her bed because she says she has pneumonia , the home informs me there is nothing wrong with her .

On a plus side im spending more time crafting , just for the hell of it because its warm in the bedroom and 2 degrees in the kitchen with the heating on .  Himself is horrified because i told him im giving up on computers once my aged one dies , i wont have any income soon and im sure he wont fund anything for me  

Monday 16 January 2023

2023 Mummy Update

 The one permanent fixture at the moment is mothers care situation . having being evicted from her bed blocking job into the poshest dementia care facility in the area , she has been reasonably happy and settled ,one or two interesting episodes i gather . they moved her there christmas Eve and they just left me  a phone message , Being ill and all the other events going on there was little chance to find out what was going on , but others have visited and said how nice it was and she seemed to like it . It was very secure they couldnt leave their rooms alone at night and everything was key carded to stop the residents going anywhere they shouldnt .

However what they didnt tell us is that she was only there for 6 weeks we found this out yesterday when my cousin visited !!! So we have spent all day trying to find out what is going on . It seems that the government threw some money at the hospitals to evict the bed blockers but they only paid for 6 weeks!!! so where do they go after that ? We cant seem to get an answer on that one . It would seem the plan is to send her home yet again with a couple of carer visits because shes physically in really good condition for her age apart from her heart being a tad wobbly . The fact that her brain is like a plate of half scrambled eggs counts for nothing it would seem / Shes so well at the moment because she has spent 3 months in care and her meals and meds are monitored there!!! plus they dont let her at the booze .  This ended up with us contacting social services today because no one would speak to us . They have no record of her anywhere which is pretty weird as i have spoken to them in the past , they think she may have transferred her across to the local council and her files may have gone there  . Anyway the result of all this chaos is that we are waiting for someone to contact us from half a dozen directions ...i await with interest  

Wednesday 4 January 2023


 so its over , the worst year ever , xmas was dreadful , i was ill through the whole of xmas and left to his own devices Mr BH has excelled himself and i think the whole family have realized just what i have to put up with , mother is now in her elder care prison .and raising merry hell . Im still struggling to think and breathe . Our grandson was stillborn on Xmas Eve and ive been no use or help to anyone . So not up to the whole blogging and internet stuff at the moment . I will be back once i feel a little more human