Monday 25 April 2022

Just Why

 im sure there is some weird mental reason that when himself really pigs me off I decide to bid on a load of auctions , this week i left a load of tiny bids on a tender auction , you dont go to them, all you have is a truly awful picture to go by and if your bid placed online is the highest you win . I won just one auction lot and the only reason i bid was the fact i thought i saw wool in a clear plastic bin and it said material as well ,You can never have to much of either in my book , the picture really did look like a pile of boxes . Now i went to pick this up Saturday with much moaning from himself  and there was twice as much as shown . But on getting it all home errr well , theres wool promptly stolen by my daughter .  The material turned out to be a huge box of clothes never opened all in their bags and with an invoice still in , all tiny sizes but again a lot stolen by daughter , a box of various craft tools , a box of unopened hair scrunchies and ornaments , enough garment bags unused to fill a wardrobe, unopened gifts , a huge stack of hats from mother of the bride to cricket umpire , two brand new with invoice craft bags , one stolen by daughter a big vanity case, Belgium lace doileys new in packs, Belgium lace curtains a pair of american  leather boots brand new in box again stolen by daughter the price was over a hundred pounds !!. Brand new shoes in boxes. lots of cross stitch stuff  that will go into the bag of doom we pass round in a winter among us skint crafters , and  theres a box of greetings cards and notelets that i have no use whatsover   Theres was also a little set of wooden drawers still price tagged at 29.99  that were rather nice , they got even better when i found that the reason they felt so heavy was that who ever did the clearance hadnt checked them and the bottom drawer was crammed with jewelry, pretty ghastly home shopping jewelry, but some of it is gold so has scrap value if nothing else . So for a grand total of 8 quid  with commission i will gain a chunk of cash towards the winter oil fund !!  Mr BHs comment... and i cant even have bloody Weetabix . I didnt tell him about the gold    

Thursday 21 April 2022

Spring Sprung

 Busy busy busy , but im having to tackle stuff in short bursts then lay about like a Victorian damsel on a chaise unable to move  not to big a problem so long as a good book is to hand and im able to hold said book and my concentration is something like due to lack of sleep . Mr BH has developed more annoying habits just when im at a bit of a low point AARRRGGGHHH  latest sticking point is he cant grasp that when it comes to groceries prices are rocketing and our budget isnt able to go up . We had a whole argument about Weetabix the other day he only noticed ive been feeding him own brand for months because for some reason they are now a different shape than his usual . trying to explain that his actual Weetabix are 5.65 a box and we just cant afford them has got me nowhere . He hasnt noticed that im feeding him quite a lot of utter crap these days, its strange that we have now started weetabix wars . But im sorry you cant have a steak diet on a workhouse budget . He decided he was going to help me shop better and decided to supervise my online morrisons order . He spotted a pound  offer on Birds Eye stuff so ordered 3 dippers 3 burgers 3 god knows what , i then pointed out that due to shrinkage theyre were only 10 dippers per box which means that he would eat them on one plate , and that we would struggle to find a bun small enough to put the burgers in . Then he got on to fruit and i struggled to get him to understand that paying a couple of pounds for the 3 apples he liked cant happen when for 2.25 you can get a big bag of generic eaters  , same with the fruit pots he loves we cant afford them anymore . Sausages were his next target , he wont eat the cheapest sausage theyre not worth buying , but he decided he wanted the posh ones once again i had to point out that there are only 6 in the pack these days and that as he eats at least 4 to himself what does everybody else do ?  he is hideously greedy at the best of times , which is the main reason hes the size he is . I do try to fill his plate with plenty of veg but this time of year the garden isnt up and producing yet , so pickings are a bit lean . Im trying to cut down on cooking to save electricity so last night id tea and a large quiche in the oven , got up this morning and half tonights tea quiche has gone , hed already been on a moan because it was a meat free quiche due to him snaffling the sausage id saved to make it with , what he didnt know was id made it with half a bag of out of date salad , a dried up half an onion a couple of very sad mushrooms scrapings from his christmas chutney  and mouldy cheese ends hope he enjoyed it!!!

Monday 18 April 2022

Rwanda anyone?

 Latest spiffing idea from the Tories we will ship our asylum seekers and boat people to Rwanda after all the genocide was back in 1994 its an up and coming country and it has nearly as many human rights violations as say China.  So the plan is to build immigration centers there and conveniently forget the poor sods we send there? theres not many lefty lawyers out there and it may be hard to speak to clients on zoom. Legal challenges are already bring fielded but being illegal wont stop our current government . Patel fancied using any off shore island she could get her claws on then found their were an awful lot of millionaires on the Isle of Wight plus it wasnt surrounded by sharks . How long before these evil shits decide to start building care facilities and old folks homes out there? You know its coming . plus the usual suspects will be making a few bob out of the idea . Plus theres the added bonus of killing a bigger proportion of the elderly and disabled , current favorites are any variety of hepatitus tb and malaria  with added yellow fever dengue fever HIV and diarrhea 

Wednesday 13 April 2022

High nd Low

 So I finally got my British Gas voucher on the 7th so that it was worth less than half its cover value , it took a few days to get it onto the meter because the only post office that grasps how to do this is a few miles away . I am touching my forelock with gratefulness and cant grasp how they have gotten away with doing this .  Just to emphasize my role as scrounging benefit claimant , i asked the local council what is the procedure for the 150 pound council tax refund for those of us who receive council tax benefit already , total none response to that question just an apology that their IT system is currently unable to deal with the matter . Being a scrounger is a full time job, that and admin for other half's endless appointments and reschedules , nothing happens easily these days and trying to co ordinate tests to appointments is fun not helped by the fact that if they get himself on the phone he doesnt make an awful lot of sense and will start shouting if he gets confused. 

Heavy gardening season is upon us and im making the most of having the munchkin for as many days as possible but he keeps being stolen by grandad for welding school , grinding school , replace the brakes on the van school hes quite accomplished at 13 in the world of rusty blokes , grandad sits on a plastic garden chair and rains abuse down on all the boys heads but they learn, munchkin was whinging to uncle who informed him be glad he can only shout these days he used to chase us with a yard brush  . His mother has said she hasnt seen him on line hardly , its because we are working him to death , hes sleeping well for a change . Baffles me that people cant see that boys and girls  need to be doing something other than hanging about on street corners or hiding behind a screen . Donate your teenagers to a neighbor who needs a hand with garden chores or any chores . it forces them to socialize. Being able to occupy yourself seems to be a dying trait . Its all exams are your only reason for living these days   Theres that age in all teenagers where they get into mischief out of boredom.  Then i managed to scrounge a couple of divan bases to strip and make garden cages of , ongoing job theyre stripped and awaiting painting with wood treatment i already have the mesh to cover them. Today is going to be huge bonfire shortly . I have a load of next doors rotten garden furniture going on the pyre and then the potatoes will go in the cleared ground s , ive saved some very green baking spuds for one row . something i seem to spend money on . Then this year i will try my favourite failure carrots , im hoping the cages will stop the carrot root fly we get plagued with . Busy times   

Monday 4 April 2022

British Gas A Gripe

 So lets raise this matter . I have never had any problems with British Gas we inherited a prepayment meter when we moved in . They did refuse to remove it because we were a council property , they removed the previous occupiers debts and it was just pay as you go all that was 15 years ago in the days when we had a village post office with staff who had no idea what to do with the magic wand to put credit on it and we were the only poor people in this village . When the village shop closed a couple of years ago we had to accept a smart meter to continue to get pre pay . When MR BH became rather spectacularly disabled in a blink of an eye back in 2017 they were very helpful at getting him on the at risk register . We were advised to apply for the Warm Front grant and it has been fine till this year . We usually receive it in March its 140 quid  , in a bid for the disabled to die overwinter so cutting the numbers . This March nothing , despite applying  back in August 2021 and receiving an email confirming we would get this at the time . in the last couple of weeks ive tried to ring them umpteen times and after a 30 minute wait got through to India to be told i had already received it back in February and they couldnt look into it till after the 1st of April . The other day i noticed bragging adverts all over the media about how theyre giving 2 million to the fund so more people can claim so ive haunted them on facebook and twitter asking them whats going on . Then i realised that those on prepayment meters havent received it hundreds of us and they promptly shut down the comments as fast as they were written . cant get through on the phone at all. but early this morning i tried a new one of their adverts on , this is the reply

British Gas

British Gas
Hi Kay, thanks for sending your details over. I can see the payment was made onto your account in March so the voucher will have been issued in the last sweep last week so you should get it soon. The voucher code hasn't updated on your account yet to confirm but this is due to be done next week if you want to check back after Wednesday. Thanks, Charlotte

You sent

so when i credit it to my meter it will be worth half the value due to the rise in rates?

British Gas

British Gas
I appreciate it may feel that way, but I assure you it is not intentional that the payments have been sent out just before the price rise