Monday, 18 April 2022

Rwanda anyone?

 Latest spiffing idea from the Tories we will ship our asylum seekers and boat people to Rwanda after all the genocide was back in 1994 its an up and coming country and it has nearly as many human rights violations as say China.  So the plan is to build immigration centers there and conveniently forget the poor sods we send there? theres not many lefty lawyers out there and it may be hard to speak to clients on zoom. Legal challenges are already bring fielded but being illegal wont stop our current government . Patel fancied using any off shore island she could get her claws on then found their were an awful lot of millionaires on the Isle of Wight plus it wasnt surrounded by sharks . How long before these evil shits decide to start building care facilities and old folks homes out there? You know its coming . plus the usual suspects will be making a few bob out of the idea . Plus theres the added bonus of killing a bigger proportion of the elderly and disabled , current favorites are any variety of hepatitus tb and malaria  with added yellow fever dengue fever HIV and diarrhea 


  1. When I saw the headline about sending people to Rwanda I really thought it was a late April Fool joke , now today I see that Harry and his wife are to attend the queen's platinum jubilee I think I will just go and sit in a cave for a bit .

  2. Rwanda? Words fail me Kate. God help us all....