Sunday 31 December 2017

Good Riddance 2017

Will i wave goodbye with a tear in my eye?  Hardly what a shitter of a year it has been . 
At least Young Baldrick seems to have settled down, hes now living with a divorced older lady with 3 small children , shes physically disabled and hes her carer . Couldnt make it up but he seems to be settled , off drugs and enjoying being a house elf and child care operative , not a conventional relationship but im past caring .
The DWP reopen properly on Tuesday , so we can once again waste our time applying for their charity . we have the PIP tribunal to look forward to , we have forwarded the whole of Mr BHs GP notes to them , to see if it causes as much humour in their office as it did on the cardio unit . oops just had to remove a whole paragraph on the GPs due to legal reasons !!
The hospital reopens properly on Tuesday as well , so we will know a bit better what the next set of plans for Mr BH are , where hes going etc .  Nottingham has been mentioned , because hes a bit rare and unusual etc etc .  He does seem to be quite popular with the junior minion doctors , he has such a weird collection of problems that  they cluster round him like flies . 

Then to give me the final laugh of the year we get a letter on the mat from Council Tax detailing their calculations for the year dated 25th December , in on Xmas Day ? North Kesteven Council must have some dedicated elves !!
Anyway they have killed Mr Bah Humbug, hes now deceased , my son is now my partner and we have a child together !! I know we live out on the fen but do they find incest normal?  nothing at all is right on this statement , so thats another job for the New Year . Doubtless I will be guilty of benefit Fraud yet again for their mistakes , i'm quite looking forward to this one , I may even see if the caseworker is busy or I could take Mr Bah Humbug and explain hes risen from the dead?

So onwards to 2018 im thinking of changing the blog name to Diary of a Benefit Scrounger , my mothers suggestion , just think all the Daily Mail readers could come and gloat........till it happens to them

Monday 25 December 2017

Over & Done

Thats the Most Boring Day of the Year over and done with.  Really lost the will to live this week im afraid .
Mr Bah Humbug decided to have his heart stop while at the cardio clinic , so it was all panic stations and admit him to hospital . Much drama then much scratching of heads from the medical people , his heart keeps stopping for no apparent reason but its restarting ,so not to worry?  , they thought he had a valve gone due to his traces , they were all geared up took him up to theatre and found nada.  Much to their bafflement his heart is perfectly healthy , he has virtually no furring in fact hes remarkably healthy for a little fat furry bloke.
They kept asking him if he has chest pain , but as he pointed out hes in pain all the time , so they are going for unstable angina , till they can come up with anything else, but they think it could be linked to his neurological problems . His ribs are still broken so he has chest pain with every movement , they kicked him out with all new drugs and a spray and want him back after xmas ...baffled just baffled
DONT WORRY!!!! well he wont his new pills mean hes tripping and giggly , but im going out of my mind , he musnt have any stress , hes just got to sit there till he goes back to hospital .
There are pluses in our world , we came home to a pair of huge boxes on the doorstep , turned out to be from The New Life Church , someone had nominated us for a Xmas Aid parcel , everything we needed for xmas day even a giant chicken .  We hadnt shopped due to still no funds, 9 months processing ESA and theyre still at it , 6 months for PIP appeal , PIP tribunal in January , though he may have to attend with his heart monitor on !! They will send him with paramedics if hes an in patient at the time , happens quite a lot we gather .
So xmas was quiet , everyone went elsewhere except sarcastic son , who wouldnt leave me on my own with Mr Bah Humbug . I did achieve, i managed to blow up the steamer give myself an electric shock  and blistered my thumb . It made my heart pound a wee bit .
So thats me for the foreseeable , tea lady and heart monitor , i keep checking hes still here .........

Tuesday 12 December 2017

This Is The End

Well The End of the posts till after Xmas  Im xmased out im afraid ive no interest at all so im not planing , im ignoring it . Went into Lincoln yesterday , to sort out some of my banking horrors , sorted some things , some i cant sort .
We are now discovering that the problems with the DWP are being made 10 times worse by out GPs sending letters back to them saying that Mr BH has depression and carpel tunnel syndrome all 4 lines they sent back in 2015 , none of his spinal problems or other stuff just that !! They also havent even bothered to reply to the other requests the DWP  have sent to them . Yes we requested his patient files from the practice manager and its opened up a whole kettle of worms that beggers belief , big chunks seem to be missing . So yes it does look as if things will end up going legal . So im informed i cant mention this anymore in public but yes we are still having daily problems with them .
Still taking any food offered we did get a foodbank parcel  delivered by our case worker and yesterday a huge bag of fruit and veg from the church food bank who have hit a big problem due to bad weather , Tesco donates  all their end of day fresh goods to them , but the homeless dont want salad this time of year , i will take it anytime Mr BH being diabetic needs a plant based diet , plus most people dont want baby sweetcorn or avocados, so thats todays job blanching veg for the freezer , loads of apples as well and a carrier bag full of bananas  . Its not people being ungrateful its just a perfect storm at the moment . Snow and ice mean even the foodbank is less busy and those who usually take fresh stuff cant get in . So ive stocked up the freezer and things dont go to waste thats all im bothered about  . Plus it will be bread and butter pudding for xmas, we got a carrier back full of end of day bakery goods, some were reheated for tea last night the rest can go in the freezer . Krispy Creme doughnut bread pudding sounds good to me !!
On a foodbank note i was in their talking to one of the volunteers and she said donations have risen 20 fold in the last week , though if they never see another chocolate orange they wont be heartbroken a company donated a van  What they are desperate for are toilet rolls and tinned fruit and uht milk .
So bye for now folks speak to you  Boxing Day .............

Friday 8 December 2017

Leisure Time

How am i coping being a lady of "leisure " Im now a full time carer as Mr BH cannot be left alone at all . He seems to think this means I should be attached to his ankle at all times . Imagine a giant toddler hanging off your leg all day . My other imagery is Jabba the Hutt with Princess Leah  chained  to him , sadly i dont look good in a bikini  im more burkini material , had to get a Star Wars reference in because its everywhere you look at the moment, anybody would think they had a film to promote .
On the medical front we are now the least popular people at our Doctors practice due to my beloved daughter putting in a complaint , suddenly we can get appointments , in fact they ring and offer us them , everythings through gritted teeth but hey ho its the only doctors there is here so we are struck with each other .
The reason for the complaint ? Well after the other night at casualty , we were told he must see the GP first thing to have another ecg and bloods and we must insist this happened , rang to get an appointment and at 3 minutes past 8 there were none , asked for the triage nurse to ring me back which she did eventually , she stated that unless we had a letter from the hospital there was nothing wrong with Mr BH heart and he wouldnt be seen. Tuesday tried again same response . Tuesday night daughter rang and asked for the practice complaints procedure . Wednesday theyre ringing and throwing us appointments , it seems they found the fax from the hospital finally !!
The gist is he mustnt be alone because they have given him a spray to use but hes confused so i have to be with him 24 7 , hes on blood tests every other day and ecg till he sees the Cardiologist , because his traces are "strange" .
But the big problem is that his pain relief  has to be discontinued because it can affect the heart , one of them is worse to come off than heroin and will take a couple of weeks of gradual lowering of dose , its  2 days and its not going well , hes in agony and he can barely move sleep or much else , we wont go into the gorier details but this is going to be fun , hes also paranoid and agressive . The GP wont perscribe anything else for the pain because he hasnt seen the cardiologist, how long is a piece of string . He also needs to be at Sheffield next week on an all dayer at 2 hospitals and lincoln for different scans , the GPS being useless have screwed up the sedation he needs for me to get him there short of chaining him screaming in the back of the van not sure how this is going to happen because by then he probably wont be able to walk at all .
Then to make matters even more fun it seems we have the council are coming to paint up the house and all the doors and windows must be open for 24 hours a day , mmmm theyre pvc windows , we cant be here because were hospital hopping etc etc and sarcastic son is helping in British heart on the work or be sanctioned scheme ...aaaarrrggghhh
Isnt it Xmas sometime

Saturday 2 December 2017

Attending An Event

Well I did rather think I should be wearing something sparkly with added festive hat and earrings sat at the hospital last night .
We got a phone call from the Neurology Consultant at Sheffield tea time last night , strange we thought theyve only just started his tests , he had blood and ecg Tuesday , hes back for lots more in the run up to xmas . The lovely lady said
Do not panic

He panics of course and throws the phone at me and says his usual deal with this!!

Turns out there was something strange on his ecg and his bloods were rather odd so she didnt think it was serious but was going to ask Cardiology to have a look but mostly she was asking if we had had more problems with the GP because she was going to fax them and if that still got no response, report them.  Result methinks ....
 10 minutes later the phone rings its the Cardiology consultant from Sheffield . Mr Bah Humbug  needs to go straight to A&E, he then dictates me a list of meaningless gibberish to me that we must give to them and says we must insist hes seen immediately and show them the gibberish .
So off we go , to the plague pit of Lincoln , with the warning signs on the doors that its closed to admissions due to flu , no visitors etc .Ambulances parked allover etc .
Well we went to the desk and the rather disinterested receptionist says its at least a 5 hour wait , it was like photographs of war zone hospitals in the waiting area , stank of sick, pools of sick , dozens of small children , all the pensioners who had been waiting to go home all day etc etc . So i handed her the list dictated by the consultant with his name and number on and we got seen pretty quickly
I have to say the staff despite the utter chaos seemed to be plastering a smile on and getting on with it remarkably well , they had run out of bays for the ambulances sat full of patients, couldnt admit anyone so they were all being ferried elsewhere hence the glut of pensioners waiting for transport . Well they did another ECG took yet more blood and stood looking at the results and as the Doctor said ...thats unusual , had any chest pains ?

Ive got broken ribs had them since January , so yes lots

off we go to xray

After 6 hours we get to go home , yes he has had cracked ribs one has gone again but it appears, after lots of people looked at his ECG he also has a rather unusual form of Angina .
They sent us home because they cant admit and the nearest bed was Nottingham , as the Doctor said it hasnt killed you yet and youve had this a long while , come back Monday .
Going home Mr Bah Humbug chimes up with
Thats weird my dad has Angina , hes had it since he was in his 30s , he always has to go to Sheffield about it .
So it would appear he has a hereditary heart condition to add to everything else ...BLEEDIN MEN