Sunday 31 December 2017

Good Riddance 2017

Will i wave goodbye with a tear in my eye?  Hardly what a shitter of a year it has been . 
At least Young Baldrick seems to have settled down, hes now living with a divorced older lady with 3 small children , shes physically disabled and hes her carer . Couldnt make it up but he seems to be settled , off drugs and enjoying being a house elf and child care operative , not a conventional relationship but im past caring .
The DWP reopen properly on Tuesday , so we can once again waste our time applying for their charity . we have the PIP tribunal to look forward to , we have forwarded the whole of Mr BHs GP notes to them , to see if it causes as much humour in their office as it did on the cardio unit . oops just had to remove a whole paragraph on the GPs due to legal reasons !!
The hospital reopens properly on Tuesday as well , so we will know a bit better what the next set of plans for Mr BH are , where hes going etc .  Nottingham has been mentioned , because hes a bit rare and unusual etc etc .  He does seem to be quite popular with the junior minion doctors , he has such a weird collection of problems that  they cluster round him like flies . 

Then to give me the final laugh of the year we get a letter on the mat from Council Tax detailing their calculations for the year dated 25th December , in on Xmas Day ? North Kesteven Council must have some dedicated elves !!
Anyway they have killed Mr Bah Humbug, hes now deceased , my son is now my partner and we have a child together !! I know we live out on the fen but do they find incest normal?  nothing at all is right on this statement , so thats another job for the New Year . Doubtless I will be guilty of benefit Fraud yet again for their mistakes , i'm quite looking forward to this one , I may even see if the caseworker is busy or I could take Mr Bah Humbug and explain hes risen from the dead?

So onwards to 2018 im thinking of changing the blog name to Diary of a Benefit Scrounger , my mothers suggestion , just think all the Daily Mail readers could come and gloat........till it happens to them


  1. Awww Kate. I really am hoping that 2018 gives you some relief from the crap you have to deal with.
    If anybody deserves a happy new year it's you.

  2. Good luck with 2018 Kate. We start the rounds of hospital visits on Tuesday. I think we cause a bit of mirth when we go as they folder for Tom is three times as thick as everyone else's, lol
    Like you we have stumbled through the red tape for most of our married life and we thought we had seen the last of it when he retired but this new illness have seen it all come back. Oh well, onward and upward.

  3. As Sheila says, you of all people deserve a good year to come.

  4. I really hope things go better for you in 2018

  5. Wishing you some happiness and luck in 2018. x

  6. Have you ever considered printing out the relevant blog posts and asking those in charge to read them - just to see their reaction! Or better yet - send a copy to your MP!
    I honestly hope that things improve for you and somehow you manage to stay sane enough to wade through to the end! Good luck and Happy New Year!

    1. I did suggest contacting the local councellor some time ago, did it come to anything ?

    2. sadly no responce another true blue Tory

  7. your last paragraph could spark an idea - ever thought of contacting newspapers or TV news programmes ? your case could make a good 'and finally' item on the local news - it's been done before and brought results.

  8. Good luck for 2018 and you must let us know how your son and your "new baby" is thriving.

  9. You really couldn't make it up. I'd contact a newspaper and let the take the story up. To**ers! I hope 2018 is kinder to you.

  10. Dear Kate,2018 had to be better. I believe that Universe will be kind to you this year and give shortages of money to all those that enjoy to spend little and go on no spending,despite being paid well and not poor.

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