Friday 8 December 2017

Leisure Time

How am i coping being a lady of "leisure " Im now a full time carer as Mr BH cannot be left alone at all . He seems to think this means I should be attached to his ankle at all times . Imagine a giant toddler hanging off your leg all day . My other imagery is Jabba the Hutt with Princess Leah  chained  to him , sadly i dont look good in a bikini  im more burkini material , had to get a Star Wars reference in because its everywhere you look at the moment, anybody would think they had a film to promote .
On the medical front we are now the least popular people at our Doctors practice due to my beloved daughter putting in a complaint , suddenly we can get appointments , in fact they ring and offer us them , everythings through gritted teeth but hey ho its the only doctors there is here so we are struck with each other .
The reason for the complaint ? Well after the other night at casualty , we were told he must see the GP first thing to have another ecg and bloods and we must insist this happened , rang to get an appointment and at 3 minutes past 8 there were none , asked for the triage nurse to ring me back which she did eventually , she stated that unless we had a letter from the hospital there was nothing wrong with Mr BH heart and he wouldnt be seen. Tuesday tried again same response . Tuesday night daughter rang and asked for the practice complaints procedure . Wednesday theyre ringing and throwing us appointments , it seems they found the fax from the hospital finally !!
The gist is he mustnt be alone because they have given him a spray to use but hes confused so i have to be with him 24 7 , hes on blood tests every other day and ecg till he sees the Cardiologist , because his traces are "strange" .
But the big problem is that his pain relief  has to be discontinued because it can affect the heart , one of them is worse to come off than heroin and will take a couple of weeks of gradual lowering of dose , its  2 days and its not going well , hes in agony and he can barely move sleep or much else , we wont go into the gorier details but this is going to be fun , hes also paranoid and agressive . The GP wont perscribe anything else for the pain because he hasnt seen the cardiologist, how long is a piece of string . He also needs to be at Sheffield next week on an all dayer at 2 hospitals and lincoln for different scans , the GPS being useless have screwed up the sedation he needs for me to get him there short of chaining him screaming in the back of the van not sure how this is going to happen because by then he probably wont be able to walk at all .
Then to make matters even more fun it seems we have the council are coming to paint up the house and all the doors and windows must be open for 24 hours a day , mmmm theyre pvc windows , we cant be here because were hospital hopping etc etc and sarcastic son is helping in British heart on the work or be sanctioned scheme ...aaaarrrggghhh
Isnt it Xmas sometime


  1. Blimey, Kate - I don't know what else to say. How you don't go insane I have no idea.

  2. Words fail me , all I can say is try to keep your chin up at some point it must get easier x

  3. Many years ago my mum's state pension was stopped for no apparent reason, she made umpteen phone calls and got nowhere, she was eventually told to stop phoning as she was being a nuisance. She phoned me as she was at her wit's end. I phoned, raised seven sorts of hell with the department head, within 30 minutes her pension check arrived via motorbike courier.
    I hope they get medication sorted for him soon.

  4. My father has complicated heart and lung problems and I used to get the same run around. I have diabetes and can never see the diabetes nurse. One day I snapped and wrote a long email of complaint to the practise manager who is lovely and sorted everything out. Now, whenever there is a problem, I don’t even get upset I just email her and it’s sorted. She’s commented several times that they’ve had staff meetings to discuss things I’ve brought up. Lol. I’m so
    Sorry you are having all this crap thrown at you. Fingers crossed it gets better soon. Debbie xx

  5. I just wonder how much it is going to cost to keep us all in prison when we are had up for murder! Seriously, we have had a tiny (tiny) glimmer of light. DD's partner was told yesterday that she is (finally) to be awarded ESA, and it will be backdated to September 2016. This means they can pay off the rent arrears which led to their eviction, and were caused by not being granted ESA in the first place. However, they can't, of course, be "unevicted", and with their credit history (debts caused by not being granted ESA) are unable to rent privately so will still have to stay with me for the time being. But not receiving the ESA was one of the reasons the council turned them down for help, (as receipt of it was one of the criteria for help) so as soon as the letter arrives they plan to go back to the council to start the process all over again but I'm not holding my breath, even if I am just about holding on to my sanity. The extra fortnightly money will hopefully help them buy some much-needed warmer clothes.
    I have only been dealing with this since earlier this year, and I feel broken at times. I don't know how you (and others) cope with it in the much longer term, but I suppose the answer is that you just have to keep going as there really doesn't seem to be much alternative does there?

  6. After seeing a different locum at my surgery 4 times in 2010 to be told there was nothing wrong with me I took myself to hospital a week later as I felt do I'll. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and plueresy. I was in agony. I made a complaint against the surgery because it should never have happened. They treat me with kid gloves now and the practice manager deals with me personally if I can't be seen!! I don't want that and have never queue jumped. I just wanted then to learn. Hope they get to the bottom of it.

  7. And so it goes on Kate. We are having the same problem here, urgent appointments still haven't arrived and the claim forms want to know the inns and outs of everything.
    Come with me to that cottage in the middle of nowhere, that's where I'd like to be sometimes. lol
    Hope you get things sorted soon. As for christmas, I hate it.....

  8. Hi all the best and I hope it works out. In 1966 I was sixteen it lots of pain nobody would listen to me six weeks later my doctor came back from leave wrote a note and I went to A&E who decided to admit me three months later I was discharged. Things have not changed. I am 68 and my greatest fear is getting I'll. God bless and good luck.

  9. As a comparison I also live in South Africa where I have medical insurance I have gone to my GP and said I am not ill but I am not well. His reply we can't have that after an examination he says you have a minor ear infection. Tablets etc and I am well I had been to my GP in the UK with this problem but was no further forward so left it until I went to SA.

  10. Hi Kate,
    Frances at had to stop her drugs after a “little turn”! She writes about the experience (cold turkey) and I wondered if there might be something there to help or support you?
    Wishing you well.

    1. ive just read the posts , my partner is coming off the same family of drugs and its the main reason im not posting till after xmas hes in a bit of a mess , the sweating confusion and delusions are hard work plus ive got to trail him to various hospitals over the next 2 weeks . Just to make matters more fun his bowel and bladder problems are ten fold . So with our curent GP wars and the DWP we are going into a real fun xmas ...

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