Friday 30 June 2023

Well im having problems with Blogger , all very glitch in the matrix . It wont let me write posts on certain things anyone would think i was being censored by bots ?  Now the best you get from me is poverty vegetables and jumble sales so im not quite shore what is going on, but i start writing a post then it goes all waffy and it wont let me continue. this is as far as ive got in days . Maybe its viral  , but woe betide i try to correct the spelling or punctuation it loses the plot altogether . 
Anyway nothing interesting going on here im building up to a mummy post and youre going to love the latest chapter . Theres a big jumble tomorrow , i need nothing, but i need the stress relief . Weve had more grim family news , so we need to see where thats going ....hey ive got further than its let me go on longer  than ive got all week . So i apologise for the spelling and punctuation , I darent correct it just incase and i will be back ....

Wednesday 21 June 2023

Prep On 2

 So im thinking this may turn into a wee series of daft stuff i think will be useful in the event , not sure what the event may be , it may just be more poverty due to inflation . Ive somehow filled the freezer so im having to look for alternatives for storage of garden produce . I have noticed that the warm weather means that theres a lot of mince out there of every sort on yellow sticker . i always take it out of the packaging and bag it , twice the meat for half the space . so i now have a drawer of lego bricks of mince for the winter . Then yesterday i ventured into Heron and they had mountains of beef meatballs 12 for 85p yellow stickered so i bought quite a few packs , they have been bagged some will become burgers others will be flavoured for various winter meals . On the foraging meat point do visit obscure Tesco Express and mini Morrisons or Sainsburys in the afternoon they often have yellow stickered meat i managed to get a huge pack of boned and skinned chicken thighs that ive chopped and split down into bricks , i had some out of date packet mixes so i coated then with salt and pepper mix and chicken tikka mix once again great for winter stirfries or wraps etc 

Then i had a moment ive been looking for Bombay Potatoes in a tin but like most things i like ive either been priced out or just cant find them , . So i ventured to Amazon and found The Old India Spice Co.  based in Leicester you cant get more Indian than that . They do a whole range of herbs and spices in various sizes and low and behold Bombay Potato mix . We are going to be overun with spuds this year so with the addition of a one or two yogurts and a couple of spoonsful of the spice mix , obviously adjust to taste , bingo bombay potatoes ! Now the area i live in has a large community of Chinese and we have three really good Chinese supermarkets so thats going to be on the list of places to visit before winter . In fact whatever ethnic supermarkets are round you , pay a visit you may be surprised at what they stock and theyre usually English speaking and very helpful

Monday 19 June 2023


 It was day the munchkin and daughter and daughters friend were available , i detest weekend shopping im not into crowds , but they blackmailed me into going with a jumble sale to start with 

The usual cat jumble sale , a winter top, a handful of books, a door curtain and a voile curtain to beef up the fly protection a whole £2. Then onwards to Lidl  not an egg to be seen , nothing much in the freezer stuff , no cooking bacon , but most everything else , they even had bottled water something thats becoming hard to find , im not in the doomsday prepper realm of water storage but i do like to keep 2 or 3 cases, just in case himself needs it in the event.  

Daft stuff ive bought this week , a blue glass optrex eyebath , himself has boxes and boxes of plastic squeezy eyedrops he cant use because the plastic is so hard you cant squeeze the drops out , so to me this seemed the ideal solution. A couple of canning cookbooks the first one wasnt what it said it was , so beware of these large softbacks when it says 1200 days on the cover it may to us appear that means 1200 recipes instead it was about 50 recipes on waterbath canning  and the whole your going to die if you do this wrong , the worst my gran managed was a few memorable explosions , she learned during two wars so i tend to believe her methods . The second book was more useful it had hundreds of seasonal veg pickles and waterbathing . Ho hum not that i didnt need more cookbooks .

So now the gardening becomes urgent we had the first monsoon for 6 weeks last night so i many be able to get some potatoes up today.......onwards 

Thursday 15 June 2023


 So i travelled to the depths of Scunthorpe for a family funeral yesterday , i had to go on my own while brother in law babysat. It seemed to take forever , endless cyclists farm machinery and roads closed . I havent been out this way since before Covid  so theyd chucked lots of roundabouts in as surprises . Anyway i had to screech to a halt at the Crem with just minutes to spare , nothing unusual for me . Then im looking round and realise i know nobody , i was wondering if i had the right funeral . So we waited and waited and waited, the undertakers were on their walkie talkies , all very secret service and 15 minutes later they turn up , my cousins husband would have been impressed he was never on time for anything when he was alive . Genuinely nice bloke , with an evil sense of humour who will be missed . As we troop in i finally spot a couple i know and we sat together in the back pew the wonderful Ellen commented we had the naughty seat for whores , lesbians and ner do wells .  There was a real hell and damnation preacher he even looked like the wrath of god , he was reading the eulogy of the sainted coffin wearer and Ellen and I are looking at each other , it bore no resemblance to the poor bloke , in fact we were trying not to laugh at one point where they said he spent many happy hours in his father in laws garage . His father in Law my uncle hated the human race and if you went in his garage it was for one thing . A damned good bollocking . So it gets to the end and the curtains are closing and my cousin decides to hurl herself on the coffin best drama performance in years . They had been married 54 years so why the hell not . Talking outside after she was telling me that none of the family attended because they two had been shunned for years , partly for sticking up for me . My cousin is profoundly deaf and has been since i gave her measles as a kid so she tends to shout . But what they dont realise is shes the best lip reader ever and we communicate with her whispering in my ear and then reading my reply weve done this since i was a kid . She says ....did you like the jumping on the coffin bit?

i asked why there were no hymms and she says.. im not paying £120 quid for something i cant even hear 

I wondered about the eulogy, she said she could hardly tell the truth the vicar wouldnt have read it .

You see they were ardent naturists and well known local swingers thats why i didnt know anyone the guests were mostly from that side of their life , so all those respectable grey haired old folks all had a past 

Monday 12 June 2023


 So its gardening season and whilst in Boston we toddled into Wilko and i mooched round while daughter did her annual top up on gallons of shower gel i wandered down to the depths of the shop hoping to find anything garden on sale . Ermmm well the seeds wasnt on sale yet , do tell if anyone sees this on their travels . But what they did have was all the bulbs that are a bit shrivelled but just require a day in a bucket of water , so long as they are nice and solid theyre fine just sad looking . but what they did have were potato sets and they had dozens of bags in a big hopper 5p a bag most had the scraggly long sprouts but underneath were dozens of bags of maincrop that were just nicely sprouting so i made daughter buy some i havent room and her other half is a beginner gardener . There was a mountain of onion sets as well once again they just need a soak overnight and away they go and they thrive on neglect and scorchio weather . So for a grand total of £1.15  i got a garden load for them . and a sprouting ginger root and yet another pack of broad beans because me and the mice love them , gladioli are already poking through . So yes never listen to the instructions on seed packs , if theyre cheap enough just chuck them in , your losing pennies and they just want to grow .

OK so the other day i was sat on my stool rooting around for new potatoes  and in slow motion  i tumbled backwards but there was a problem i was beached flat on my back like a beetle in the potato row it took me half an hour to scabble on my back up the row till i could reach the bench to pull myself up , theres no dignity in getting didnt hurt myself just wandered into the house covered in weeds and all himself said was,   Its 10 past 3 wheres my cuppa !!

Friday 9 June 2023

Not Funny

 I had a stunning day out with daughter mooching round Boston , its started to pick up a bit and there seems to be much less empty property which is unusual with the current economy but then i noticed they are moving lots of stuff into the main square and precinct from the outer nooks and crannies so maybe they are gaining nothing who knows . We did the charity shops and bought nothing but a book in fact there doesnt seem to be anything very interesting in even the better charity shops and im not about to buy a £7 charity shop teashirt . I have noticed as ive started dragging all the stuff out to wear bought from the jumbles over winter that Lagenlook isnt for me i look like ive been draped in dust sheets im just weeble shaped round and short and it just doesnt work for me im proportionally wrong, so ho hum thats another bag filled to go to the charity shop . Couldnt resist a trip to the Polish bakery and supermarket it smelled so good and i came out with two huge pastries they do cheese and apple my grannies favourite and something you dont see here anymore , daughter was moaning at how expensive everything was but they have to van it here from Poland what can you expect plus these days i dont think its much dearer than Lidl .

Now for the funny not funny part of the day i had to go for my diabetic eye check , the girl doing it was very large and very beautiful , she seemed baffled that i can read the bottom of the eye chart and my vision is much better these days but as she sat down her gas powered chair deflated slowly and she vanished behind the desk this happened not once but three times and i was in stitches by that stage i felt awful for her . 

Monday 5 June 2023


 Its been nearly a week since Mr Bah Humbug had his wee nip and tuck and i got my first proper sleep last night . He has been a nightmare , I know hes been in even more pain than usual but refusing to take more painkillers has been interesting to say the least . I expected that we would be living with a grouch but he has managed to offend everybody even the munchkin , who said please come and live in our spare room    Anyway hes on the mend now its just an arm he cant use , but its his one good limb and i dont think it crossed his mind that he would be unable to use his crutches, or his walker, due to his crappy walking ability , or that if he tumbled he would just face plant . He couldnt even use his computer till the grandson got him a special disabled mouse from somewhere on the internet . So hes just sat festered and expected me to be two feet away and on his beck and call day and night, Getting him up onto his feet and turning him in bed has nearly killed me. So the munchkin and the sons have really helped  this weekend , they decided we should go to the immense windy hellhole that is Stickney carboot Saturday  they are now on about fitting his wheels with a remote control  so they can send him round like an RC car im not sure they were joking , he was trying to use his crap arm and kept running over people .  His constant criticism of my driving and him grabbing at the wheel ended when we had a screaming match in a layby and i threatened to just leave him there.  All i achieved for the four hour marathon round the dusty field  was a ginger mint plant ,a couple of 50p ornaments that made me smile and a huge quantity of veg . Thats todays chore process veg , im trying to think of an economical way of canning i have the jars i just need a new pack of seal tops but sticking stuff on for hours isnt an option i just cant afford the electricity . I will experiment once the garden veg starts to come in , im thinking of doing it over wood in the  Right im off to watch canning videos on You Tube wish me luck