Monday 19 June 2023


 It was day the munchkin and daughter and daughters friend were available , i detest weekend shopping im not into crowds , but they blackmailed me into going with a jumble sale to start with 

The usual cat jumble sale , a winter top, a handful of books, a door curtain and a voile curtain to beef up the fly protection a whole £2. Then onwards to Lidl  not an egg to be seen , nothing much in the freezer stuff , no cooking bacon , but most everything else , they even had bottled water something thats becoming hard to find , im not in the doomsday prepper realm of water storage but i do like to keep 2 or 3 cases, just in case himself needs it in the event.  

Daft stuff ive bought this week , a blue glass optrex eyebath , himself has boxes and boxes of plastic squeezy eyedrops he cant use because the plastic is so hard you cant squeeze the drops out , so to me this seemed the ideal solution. A couple of canning cookbooks the first one wasnt what it said it was , so beware of these large softbacks when it says 1200 days on the cover it may to us appear that means 1200 recipes instead it was about 50 recipes on waterbath canning  and the whole your going to die if you do this wrong , the worst my gran managed was a few memorable explosions , she learned during two wars so i tend to believe her methods . The second book was more useful it had hundreds of seasonal veg pickles and waterbathing . Ho hum not that i didnt need more cookbooks .

So now the gardening becomes urgent we had the first monsoon for 6 weeks last night so i many be able to get some potatoes up today.......onwards 

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  1. You have bought back memories with that eye bath. We had a white china one when I was at home, it had an eye shaped opening and was used quite often. I wonder if you can still buy them?