Friday 9 June 2023

Not Funny

 I had a stunning day out with daughter mooching round Boston , its started to pick up a bit and there seems to be much less empty property which is unusual with the current economy but then i noticed they are moving lots of stuff into the main square and precinct from the outer nooks and crannies so maybe they are gaining nothing who knows . We did the charity shops and bought nothing but a book in fact there doesnt seem to be anything very interesting in even the better charity shops and im not about to buy a £7 charity shop teashirt . I have noticed as ive started dragging all the stuff out to wear bought from the jumbles over winter that Lagenlook isnt for me i look like ive been draped in dust sheets im just weeble shaped round and short and it just doesnt work for me im proportionally wrong, so ho hum thats another bag filled to go to the charity shop . Couldnt resist a trip to the Polish bakery and supermarket it smelled so good and i came out with two huge pastries they do cheese and apple my grannies favourite and something you dont see here anymore , daughter was moaning at how expensive everything was but they have to van it here from Poland what can you expect plus these days i dont think its much dearer than Lidl .

Now for the funny not funny part of the day i had to go for my diabetic eye check , the girl doing it was very large and very beautiful , she seemed baffled that i can read the bottom of the eye chart and my vision is much better these days but as she sat down her gas powered chair deflated slowly and she vanished behind the desk this happened not once but three times and i was in stitches by that stage i felt awful for her . 

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  1. Had to smile at your Lagenlook comment. It's not a good look on anyone... mine's all gone to the charity shop. I thought I'd look elegant when I bought it. Your description is perfect.