Sunday 30 June 2019


Hardly been online this week i seem to be very busy doing not a lot at the moment , endless garden chores each day its starting to look a bit more respectable , its just a case of taming the stuff that has gone mental with all the rain and pruning stuff back that has finished flowering , big surprise that after 10 years my Orange Blossom has finally gone quite mental , it has never had any scent before but it is flowering its heart out and the scent in an evening is gorgeous . The big climbing roses have also flowered themselves to death one has finished so thats the next really big pruning chore ...arrrgggghhhh.
We have had useful son here for the weekend , so Mr BH has had someone to talk endless rusty crap to , as they make plans for the classic Volvo stuck on our drive for the last 9 months , surprisingly it always starts first time and he even moved it for me to cut the grass . Though worryingly he did say some old bloke in the village is on about giving him his 70s Volvo estate when he gives up driving , one car on the drive only sunshine , that was the rule for your dad and his projects .
Plus point of son being here,someone to get  the bigger heavier chariot in and out of the boot ,we went to Stickney on Saturday we were there for 6.30 and home by 10 , apart from vast quantities of veg , i spent a whole £2 on a tube of bath sealer and a little cross stitch it was a marathon walk round and im still a tad gimpy .
 Didnt stop me getting up early to wander round the far more interesting Metheringham car boot , I seem to find far more useful stuff there,  the lady with the knitting patterns was waiting for me so ive another huge box of patterns these are much more recent and its mainly booklets and magazines .
 Sine there are a few Aran from the 60s 70s but not the one you are after , ive looked through the files of doom and although i know the one you mean i dont have it , the childrens one isnt one ive seen anywhere .
On the ebay question, sadly one of the conditions of my Housing Benefit is that im not allowed to sell on ebay or anywhere else , its one of the conditions i had to sign for . helping oneself is much frowned upon these days ...there are ways however .
So its school run then in the garden  with the machete ...i may be back

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Knitting By the Guillotine

If I hear "Audio Audio , one two three " much more i will kill him , Mr BH has a new toy to play with and hes driving me steadily mad either that or the current monsoon has me housebound
So what have i been up to ? endless pacing myself  gardening , i think if i could wield a machete the progress would be quicker , lush greeness can get a tad too lush . Their may be the remains of a delivery bloke in their somewhere nearer to the gate, but im getting there .
Once the leg of doom gives out for the day, I can still walk miles it just suddenly decides its had enough, Mr BH has helpfully suggested I may have Fibro , hes an expert on Dr Google , so I sent him to look up PHN this seems to have shut him up somewhat as its just one of those things, its just a no treatment annoyance you have to wait to pass , Shingles the gift that keeps on giving !! Still getting odd patches of blisters 6 months on .
  Im progressing on with a few craft jobs and reading lots of bad murders , I think ive read most of the good authors even the vintage ones , so now im trialing new authors, I had a pile of proof copies and Kindle freebies from Twitter competitions ,  theres a big bag waiting to go on Tescos charity book shelf that have been abandoned half read . I always wait for the 10p sales for book buying and of course the Jumble sales , theyve just about finished its all Summer Fairs now .
I actually managed to sneak out to the little car boot sale on Sunday , Mr had gone fishing with his brother , Munchkin wouldnt get out of his pjs . Did i buy a lot ?  Two Tupperware cereal boxes,  the only truly mouse proof storage for fishing bait and a couple of Nutella glasses being as the munchkin has broken all but one.
But then i lapsed in my promise to stop buying stuff i dont need ....big time
started flicking through a few knitting patterns then realised it was 90% toys , had a handful and the lady said 20p , my leg was fast giving out having to get down to look through them so i offered her £5 for them all and she snapped my hand off , she was telling me her sister died suddenly and this was just the first car boot load , i have purchased a full recycling box of knitting patterns dating from the War to  the present day  , there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them , that im sat sorting through , mostly from magazines , but also lots of the ones i collect . So if theres a particular pattern anyones after just ask ...But it does make you think...if you snuffed it what would they do with your craft stuff ....scary

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Blow Job

Well that should up the visitor figures shouldnt
Though it seemed appropriate talking about Boris doesnt it ? In the bizarre political theater served up for our amusement of late , Boris is the lead horror character in the Conservative Party leadership battle , dear Christ , what have we become . Another polished turd from that academy of dreams Eton . Scarily uncouth and craftily intelligent hes rubbing his hands together in glee at the thought of a country at his mercy till the next General Election , just think of the money he and his mates will rob in that time period , it will be like the vikings on a pillage.  If Blair could sail away loaded and without ending his days in a cell just think of what damage this creature can do .
But is it all a front? is he just the wingman for the real horror candidate Rory the ex MI6 , honestly i wasnt a spook candidate , if he worked for that lot theres a fair bet hes got something on all of them and may well be playing the long game . Is this scary weasel the actual puppet master?
Meanwhile theres Saint Teresa lurking in the wings with her axe , not sure shes going to go quietly at all, you get the feeling theres one last blast left in the old lass .
We live in interesting times , its enough to give you galloping paranoia

Wednesday 12 June 2019


Ive not had my weird dreams for a while i am  kind of missing them , they were the psychedelic bonus of the menopause , best ive managed was Kate Bush in a mates tent at a scooter rally of late . Does this mean im officially an old hag , apart from the odd night flush it seems to have come and gone rather uneventfully more like endless petty annoyances than a major event .
So its now officially monsoon season , the strawberries are huge and tasteless this year , my beans are looking lush and green and ive given up on the weed situation , sod it the greenery can fight it out among themselves , cant even get to the bottom of the garden because a bush has taken over the path
 raspberries ,well the birds are enjoying them im sure i will get a load off the autumn ones for the freezer, so i dont mind sharing these ones . I dont need to save as much this year if its just us . Not many plums or apples on the trees but the pear is its usual mental self , in fact the little triple apple tree doesnt have an apple in sight , wont do it any harm to take the year off  and i can manage with just eaters this year .
Ive been looking into voluntary work of some type but there doesnt seem to be anything locally all would involve traveling, which i cant afford , plus i need a babysitter for Mr Bah Humbug . decisions decisions. 
If nothing else i may start to make a mountain of useful stuff for the charity shop , ive so much fabric and thread kicking about , seeking inspiration, anything but bags , i do think that bags have been done to death of late in environmental zeal . Though ive some ghastly 80s curtains that could go into foodbank shopping bags i suppose .
So lets face it im plodding through life at the moment , more like hobbling through life as my already motorbike damaged leg appears to have suffered permanent damage from the 3 months of shingles , the joys of aging you fall apart bit by bit

Sunday 9 June 2019


So yesterday in his sudden urge to go out loads i was dragged to Newark Showground yet again, this time for Retro Fest  , a tired naughty munchkin in tow and Useful son . Im so glad when he comes anywhere with us as the new buggy is far heavier than the old one and it will be the death of me , still no nearer to his lordship getting the lift fitted that has sat at home for over a year .ho hum
After the monsoon on Saturday the weather was glorious , tons of stalls for me and the munchkin to potter round and we did manage to lose the others for a while as MrBH was on his Grumpy in pain mode . Munchkin was amazed that the stalls were selling the tat ive collected for pennies down the years. It seems i am accidently trendy these days in the world of homewares . There were tons of clothing stalls and lots of folks in as the munchkin calls it, Fancy Dress. Mainly on an americana theme but also lots of Wartime people . I did quite like this one its more varied than other events , tons of vehicles for Mr and Son to drool and lust over , lots of bad live music .
They all looked rather worried when i decided to roam round the vintage caravan encampments , they are growing on me, Mr BH says theyre no use to him with his level of disability .
Thats right, but we have a towbar and i could have a little one just for me , so now hes got that horrified look on his face yet

Friday 7 June 2019


Oh to have the time for blogging , i think ive slept more this week than i have in months every time ive sat down ive been snoring ,  in bed for 10 every night but up at silly oclock when the birds start singing, not so much singing its a pair of Magpies having a rave outside the bedroom window . The joys of the countryside im afraid , i can even hear them with my earplugs in
Thought id bring you up to date on the latest Young Baldrick fiasco , hes cut us off altogether im afraid , we havent seen the baby or them since March , now im not sure who is the guilty party in this latest spat between MR Bah Humbug and him over something or nothing . Im not getting involved , im not interested.  I have my suspicions what is going on as Mr BHs ex wife is back in town having split from her partner and she moved in with them for a while. But I thought we had got past all this years ago . . But i like Young Baldricks partner , her kids were even as odd as mine were growing up, plus Little Charlie is gorgeous.  Families who'd have them , stubborn males at their best .
Its fish spawning season so at least were getting a break from the fishing for a couple of weeks , but now Mr BH has a new chariot hes trying to get out more , we went to Newark Auto Jumble last weekend , memo to oneself do not walk on crappy lumpy limestone tracks for miles , your ankles will throb for days , didnt buy a think apart from a rubber doormat . Somehow i found a gorgeous Singer sewing machine from the 1870s but i needed to buy bulk cat food the next day , so i left it for somebody else . Mr Bah Humbug even took me for Sunday dinner out , a major miracle , it was pretty crap to be truthful , the meat was lovely the veg was soggy and the roast potatoes were a deep fried abomination , but he paid for a meal out ,a minor miracle,  usually its a whole rant about wasting money. Hes been very gratingly pleasant to me at the moment , im sure i will figure it