Wednesday 30 October 2019

Election Special 2019 1

So as the number one political biased blogger on the Old Biddy Network , let the show begin , I hope your aware i will be viewing The Daily Wail Online every day on your behalf  , just to see what the enemy have cooked up . Im good this way , or that way .
So what do we have to look forward to , 6 weeks of lies ,scandal ,muck raking , TV schedules disrupted by truly dreadful party political broadcasts .
 The only fun part of politics the last few weeks has been watching Michael Gove disintegrate , his missus being a journalist youd have thought  shed have booked him into the Priory by now. Not sure if its the reality of Brexit striking him or the hours spent with Boris and his team of misfits pushing him over the edge
As a full time carer for someone who is disabled , the only issue at this election that concerns me is the NHS . That and the fact we dont want to be the 53rd state of the US.  Weve had our Braveheart moment with the Brexit vote , didnt get us anywhere did it ? we dont now want to be Trumps business opportunity just because weve got in one hell of a spat with the EU  , we may be a tiny country but were nationally a bit stubborn and we really will cut off our noses to spite our faces, which i think is what Boris is hoping .
They say this election will rest on Middlesbrough Man , which i thought is a pretty bleedin sexist statement , the problem we have is that the political parties really think this bloke exists, you know the fry up eating , greggs supporter with a white van and a heart of gold ...oops that actually describes my other half in most ways , though to be fair its only a small white van .
So lets sit back and enjoy , Saint Jeremy killing himself knocking on doors,  Boris spaffing it up walls or anyware else he can get , Farage getting his serfs to dust off his camel coat so my mother can get all moist , Jo Swinson oh dear.....and the rest its going to be a giggle if nothing else

Sunday 27 October 2019

Snotty Gripe

So absence due to house of plague, the munchkin has gone home but left a virus behind that has nailed the whole household , we are the house of snot , which is why im up at 4am having sneezed and turned into Quasimodo , in less than a week weve gone through the whole cold and flu mountain id built up for Brexit and once again ive got a rough batch of Shingles so i can barely move , cant book an appointment at the doctors because i have a 5 minute appointment for a medication review next month , you can only have one appointment on the books at a time . aaarrggghhh.   oh that appointment was booked back in September.

Best conversation heard in the Doctors when picking up pills recently , gentleman of a certain age at the counter  .

We can give you an appointment in five weeks what is the problem

I have a breast lump,  a swollen testicle , changes in my bowel habits and ive had a cough for over a month or some such
You will need more than one appointment , you can only discuss one matter per appointment . Oh and your under 65 so must book appointments online .

That is why im here , there are no appointments online .

Oh we put some on every day , but they do go quickly .

The one that gets my goat is for once we have the full complement of doctors something unheard of  for at least the last 3 years , but nobody can get to see them .  im beginning to think they are imaginary . Then if you do get to see them its why have you left it so long.....aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh 

The best one is if i go online Mr BH can always book an appointment , probably due to them nearly killing him and it all going legal on them  , it might be in 5 weeks but it always shows as their being appointments . Look on mine online no appointments . I just needed some antivirals but its to late now .
So thats my online gripe for the week , snot doesnt bring out the best in me , im just a whiney snotty mess

Sunday 20 October 2019

Political Old Biddy

Well this is a pretty kettle of fish , The House of Fools have got themselves in a right mess havent they . Total impasse anything put before them will be voted against it seems , but then whats put before them is crap whichever the voice . Not a single member wants Brexit regardless of party , it doesnt matter that their constituants voted for it in many cases . But their  reasoning wears thin  , there may be a few who want Brexit forgotton about on quite reasonable arguments , but i think it has more to do with the long term greedy aspirations of the many after all an EU job was a nice little earner once you lost your seat in the UK in the event of actual Brexit taking place a lot of them are looking at viewing the tumbleweeds blowing across there gardens of their constituency homes as they have to sign on for Universal Credit after the next General Election .

Lets take a look at the media , yesterday it was all over the news , a million attended the Peoples March , err ive attended a lot of huge concerts million my arse,  20000 plus would be my guess the rest made up by police and news crews from around the world . Most were there because lets be honest they didnt vote at all on the day because it never crossed there minds it might turn out to be leave , i sometimes think the most vocal remainers are the ones who were sat at home with a bottle of wine on the day , maybe a Jeremy Kyle style lie detector should be given to every protester  entering Parliament Square ?  not just for Brexit but for Extinction Rebellion .

Best media moment of the week ...Mr Broccoli being arrested by the Metropolitan Police this was pure comedy , a bloke handing out leaflets dressed as a giant broccoli gets arrested mob handed for being a member of the Extinction Rebellion ,along with umpteen doddering pensioners the disabled and a bunch of strange crustys climbing on the top of tube trains .

But the scary bit is that we are turning into China theyve sneaked in various laws making protest illegal , unless it suits the government for you to be seen like the march against Brexit . Why wernt they shoving all of them in a police van unless it looked good for all those worldwide news crews ? more spin doctoring from Cummings?

If you actually believe in democracy we should have already have left the EU , it doesnt matter what your personal views are , the majority on the day voted leave ......does it ever cross the minds of ones who want a second referendum that they could possibly not get the vote they rather spectacularly expect ?  Theres an awful lot of quiet people in this country believe in democracy

Thursday 17 October 2019

Webbed Feet

I think i will soon be quacking , the monsoon season continues on , the moat has risen so MrBH is moaning he cant leave the house , not that he was going anywhere without transport , in fact its season of struggling to get him to actually move , what makes it worse is he doesnt see any reason for me to go out , even if just for a walk , if i dont walk my back is agony , but now the munchkin isnt here i have no excuse to need to go out ...AAARRGGGHH
We were on the way to Morrisons when the car died , so i decided to do a Morrisons online shop , ive used the other supermarkets during last winter . The order arrived with no substitutions in itself a miracle with online shopping , theyve only just started delivering to our area it doesnt come from the 15 mile away local branch but all the way from Peterborough which seems a tad strange . the other strange thing is that there isnt a lot of choice, online its quite limited , what i could order was more than adequate , but as i use Morrisons as a once a month top up for stuff i cant get elsewhere i will continue to shop instore till the weather cabins us up for the winter this is of course unless were eating our cats due to Brexit .  The other odd thing is that the fresh stuff had very short dates , not that i take any notice of sell by dates . But delivering stuff at 9pm with a 3 hour shelf life is odd.
So stuck at home ive been having fun doing carpet tile jigsaws yet more to do once ive finished painting , the things you do when your bored out of your mind .
 Himself has been informed if he doesnt arrange for him and his minions to move his bleedin prized scooter out of  the dining room and into the now empty brick shed that if a scrapman knocks i will get them to throw it in the back of their pickup !!!  But it will get damp is the cry , so run the dehumidifier in there once a week how hard is it .  The munchkins bedroom isnt used which point i threatened to kill him .

Saturday 12 October 2019

Lessons in Life

Is being poor a lesson learned for life , does it make you a better person? Well long term poverty either breaks you or makes you stronger , i dont think theres any inbetween .
I sometimes think its sad that my minds constantly working usually in the early hours of the morning calculating the cost of the electric for the week . 30p for a shower 50p for a washer load at 40, economy wash takes it down to 30p , hoping himself has a good week and i dont have stuff to boil wash , putting the oven on to be avoided when its 3 days from payday , so glad i managed while out to scrounge up £20 worth of electric and got a case of milk this week You guessed it we let the van MOT run out because it doesnt get much use in the winter and the car decides to die in spectacular fashion , weve since found out this will cost about 2 months income to fix and its not something the troops can fix themselves ..ho hum
So we are totally without transport for about a week hopefully , the troops are all coming tomorrow to try to get the van sorted for a quick MOT . Its a good job i stockpile for just such occasions , so the big slowcooker is out and im making a huge vat of stew to feed the troops , i was planning to freezer cook this weekend but thats gone by the wayside for the time being.
At least im still managing to dry all the washing outside yesterday was lovely and windy so ive got all the towels sorted .
Todays chores , include getting the tomatoes cleared from the porch , tons of green ones to ripen inside , doing something with the kitchen a hand grenade might be the best idea , and continuing on with the endless decorating . Hounding himself about fixing the outside light he can instruct one of the troops how to do it ,  thats the theory for today the practice could be completely different as it often is .

Tuesday 8 October 2019


Its that time of the year , intermittent monsoon season , loads to do outside but all himself wants to do is fish on the dry days , he informs me today is the last day , mainly because the van mot runs out this week and we are to skint to renew it this month  ho hum nothing changes .

Meanwhile im shingle ridden yet again , i havent even wasted my time on the doctors , the heavy dose antivirals have always seemed to make me very poorly so ive given them a miss and tried a remedy recommended by a facebook shingles group as soon as it starts to emerge you rub cold sore cream into the rash, same active ingredient and its actually worked , swollen glands down in two days , rash drying up before it blistered . not something i would do if you had them on your face or your rash has a huge spread  , that really is a doctor job . but for those of us who have recurring shingles on the body  its a good cheap fix .  Also useful if like us its 3 weeks to see the GP . I really need to see the Dermatologist about it , but the GP says no , its just one of those things as you get older .  Shingles used to put my dad  in the hospital every year he had the ocular variant  and sunlight was his trigger so two air ambulances home from Spain before they realised . One of my aunts was the same . I have psoriasis and the peculiar arthritis it brings with it,  my triggers seem to be any extra load on my immune system , stomach bug this time set me off ,  debating on the flu jab this year as that was the trigger for the hideous bout in December January bit  of a Catch 22 on that one , so i may just delay my jab till nearer xmas then it wont matter if im dying in my bed

Political mystery tour continues on all fronts , ive reached the topping up each week stage of food buying with just a few treats on top , which is a good thing with the bedroom tax to pay on top of everything else .

 Ive reached a sort of plan for the tiny bedroom that was the munchkins . I need to replace the abandoned high sleeper with a single bed . and then if i put a decent high seat chair in there and a TV. It can be the sick room for when i cant get himself up and down stairs , plus i can sleep in there if im not well and it gives me somewhere to pop him when i have the big bedroom to clean and sort during his bad periods , plus it takes the hurry out of getting everything dry quickly .

Wednesday 2 October 2019


The main event so far is all the flocks of geese going over , usually a sign that is going to be really cold really soon , we managed a few hours fishing yesterday , it was very quiet and swampy plus the RAF were up to something, so being just up the road from the base we had a great air display to watch , the wildlife is always a pleasure we were Kingfisher watching yesterday and i was mushroom spotting , we have found a patch of puffballs just emerging so if i get the chance i will pop down and get some , theres also tons of field mushrooms as well.

Decorating has nearly finished in daughters old room , we are undecided whether its going to be bathroom or the stairs next , no rush we have all winter . Nice quiet weekend just me and sarcastic son laying carpet tiles , Mr BH is off to some event with useful son , glad im not invited , i did point out that if he took me to the quilt show i would go to Truckfest with him , that knocked that one on the head

The reason im feeling smug is this is the first time we have ever had heating oil before December , not that it will be used  till its much colder , its still at put a jumper on or grab a blanket on the sofa weather , i gather monsoon season is back tonight .

Sarcastic son emerged from the shed with a plastic bin full of his clothes that for the past two years hes been acusing me of losing in the wash !!  to say they stank of mold was an understatement , he was going to bin them but i told him i was willing to try and save them ,  more for the fact that i quite liked some of the fabric . So it was boil wash with extra oxy , the stuff came out of them like tar , cleaned them but they still stank , so then it was half a bottle of sterilising fluid and a load of apple hair conditioner that nobody would use , the chemical reaction triggered a foam party , they still stank but with added apple . So then as a last ditch attempt we tried the great outdoors they have been on the line for a week in the monsoon and yesterday after the sunshine the smell has finally gone and he gave it all to me , including the Japanese Dragon shirts and loads of denim for a project i have in mind , he did take his goth tea shirts and a couple that shrank he asked if i could make cushions out of

Tuesday 1 October 2019

Season of Mists

This year ive had to waste quite a lot of garden produce , its not waste really because anything not used goes into the compost bins . Im just a bit annoyed thats all.  Ive tried to give loads away and not a soul has wanted any , what family we have wouldnt lower themselves to come and dig up produce and actually pick and wash vegetables ,  nobody wants jam or chutneys anymore , i gather its not trendy for the younger generation with their terror of sugar learned at school, though they will munch through numerous posh protien bars  . 
A friend of the munchkin used to come and take the rosehips to make syrup , no takers this year , cobnuts ive more than i could ever use  but they keep well , apples that are not storers have barely been eaten , ive had a bumper hops year , tons of japonica quinces sadly ive lost the email of the posh lady who used to come for them , then sell her jams at the farmers markets .
 i suppose it doesnt give out the wanted image for the village . you know rich , incomers with charitable concerns , but sadly with much bigger incomes than the locals . They do make me laugh they all toddle off to the nearest towns and attend the farmers markets to buy their local expensive organic produce, when the same stuff can be bought for pennies at their neighbours gate stands . But the council is cracking down on gatestands as well , theres not an egg to be had in the village anymore.  Best comment heard .... come Brexit  we have cows , pigs and chickens just up the road  , didnt have the heart to point out that farmers have guns , The cattle are all beef cattle and the chicken are 12 week boilers for the food industry .
I have however found a rather easy plan for using conkers for washing liquid  enjoy