Sunday, 20 October 2019

Political Old Biddy

Well this is a pretty kettle of fish , The House of Fools have got themselves in a right mess havent they . Total impasse anything put before them will be voted against it seems , but then whats put before them is crap whichever the voice . Not a single member wants Brexit regardless of party , it doesnt matter that their constituants voted for it in many cases . But their  reasoning wears thin  , there may be a few who want Brexit forgotton about on quite reasonable arguments , but i think it has more to do with the long term greedy aspirations of the many after all an EU job was a nice little earner once you lost your seat in the UK in the event of actual Brexit taking place a lot of them are looking at viewing the tumbleweeds blowing across there gardens of their constituency homes as they have to sign on for Universal Credit after the next General Election .

Lets take a look at the media , yesterday it was all over the news , a million attended the Peoples March , err ive attended a lot of huge concerts million my arse,  20000 plus would be my guess the rest made up by police and news crews from around the world . Most were there because lets be honest they didnt vote at all on the day because it never crossed there minds it might turn out to be leave , i sometimes think the most vocal remainers are the ones who were sat at home with a bottle of wine on the day , maybe a Jeremy Kyle style lie detector should be given to every protester  entering Parliament Square ?  not just for Brexit but for Extinction Rebellion .

Best media moment of the week ...Mr Broccoli being arrested by the Metropolitan Police this was pure comedy , a bloke handing out leaflets dressed as a giant broccoli gets arrested mob handed for being a member of the Extinction Rebellion ,along with umpteen doddering pensioners the disabled and a bunch of strange crustys climbing on the top of tube trains .

But the scary bit is that we are turning into China theyve sneaked in various laws making protest illegal , unless it suits the government for you to be seen like the march against Brexit . Why wernt they shoving all of them in a police van unless it looked good for all those worldwide news crews ? more spin doctoring from Cummings?

If you actually believe in democracy we should have already have left the EU , it doesnt matter what your personal views are , the majority on the day voted leave ......does it ever cross the minds of ones who want a second referendum that they could possibly not get the vote they rather spectacularly expect ?  Theres an awful lot of quiet people in this country believe in democracy


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