Tuesday 21 August 2018

Its All A Bit

Im needing to take a bit of a break , not content with Grandad popping off another extended family member has gone in dramatic fashion all very tragic and strange , so its take a break for a couple of weeks . Mr Bah humbug is more than rattled by this incident and he needs me around at the moment much more than usual ....September is Jumble Sale season so hopefully matters will be resolved by then ...bye for now

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Bringing Out The Best

Well the boys grandad decided hospital lunch wasnt for him and after breakfast and a natter popped his clogs quite quietly at the weekend . Middle son says its because he didnt want to hang around for the birth of the antichrist!!  Theres never been any love lost between him and Young Baldrick .  Mr Bah Humbug is quite upset, after all his ex father in law had been a mate for 25 years and he still used to go and sit with him up till a couple of weeks ago.  Middle son is quiet but I think he knows that it was for the best , hes still at grandads fending off various family members who could barely wait for the announcement before they were round shouting...MINE
There is a large family who all hate each other and it looks as if its going to be the whole familiar saga of greed and guilt. Grandad was a very Marmite figure , he didnt care for me and i was pretty ambivalent about him . The boys will attend the funeral , we are keeping our distance, the squabbling and fallouts will doubtless continue for weeks and unless it affects the boys we are not getting involved
On a completely different note . Im so glad the weather has cooled , ive cranked up the slow cooker cauldron of doom and im testing winter menu dishes , best discovery ,the cucumber glut that the munchkin grew can be incorporated into curry , sausage casserole and bolognese without anyone noticing . we have a mental amount of plums but they are gorgeous and dont hang around for long . Year of the wasps is upon us so picking fruit can be interesting . I need to pick the tons of windfalls from the apples , im hoping the rain swells them as they are tiny this year . Pears, its an average year small but plenty .
So life is currently remaining quiet and not very exciting , which is a good thing

Sunday 12 August 2018

Well I Never

Im having a bit of a flabbergasted week  trying to get my head around a family event announcement that came out of the blue .  It would seem that Young Baldrick is breeding !!!  No one sounded more shellshocked than his partner as she announced this over the phone , it would seem that she assumed it was the menopause , being somewhat older than him plus already a mother of three that are growing up fast .  So the event is due around Xmas . Her health not being not great and with Young Baldricks genetic problems , they will have to see how it goes im afraid . It stands a much better chance of not having problems if its a girl . It will merely carry the defective gene he has. His partners problems are not genetic merely bad luck in life . So im not starting knitting  just yet , but being a pair of Goths I may get to knit goth baby clothes and embroider bats!!!
Then the boys poorly Grandad ended up in hospital with a chest infection , he is dying as he tells you ,but hes been dying for well over two years now and keeps hanging on to the edge of the hole as the dirt crumbles around him , hes out of intensive care and on to a ward now so once again he may make it home for our middle son to look after , if stubbornness can keep you alive hes got a while yet . As his son commented its not time to ring the Coop yet !!

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Party Political Old Biddy Broadcast

So lets talk politics , now I have to say this in public , im from the north , im a benefit scrouger . see that wasnt hard was it ?
So therefore I feel its my duty to comment on the current state of the Labour Party , WTF!!!  Party ? you useless bunch of tossers are like a gang of kids in the final week of the school holidays , ripping into each other over trivialities , unable to unify.

 Put aside your differences and stand together that is the strong point of the Party , not this endless infighting , the press is mincing you on all sides . Jeremy old love just tell them all to shut up , stop wasting your time and voice on anti semitism . Get on your soapbox and tell the world we are not discussing this matter at the present time we have more pressing problems at home . Most people grasp there is no right or wrong on that argument , The Israeli lobby will stll be going on about the Holocaust for the next millennia as an excuse for any atrocity they care to commit , The Palestinian lobby learn hatred at their mothers teats , they will be butchering each other till the end of time . Sort your own Party out chuck .
You Jeremy are electable in an old fossil kind of way , your Blairite pack of backstabbers however are not, anything tainted by the Blair label needs to go  , preferably before the return of Mrs May from her humiliating jollys round Europe tour .

Brexit..ho hum so Mrs May is grovelling her way around Europe in the guise of being on holiday , we must all tremble at the thought of a no deal Brexit . Horror stories in the press everyday , you do get the feeling that she realises that she has a hopeless bunch of incompetents as ministers and that they will be crying in the closets of their offices come the day , meanwhile there's pensioners building up huge food stocks rather like preparing for the Millenium Bug to strike , or the next Armageddon date .  I would think the most you need is to make sure your up to date with any regular medication , buy a few tins of milk powder and just ignore the panic .

 Unless you live in a city that is , where if they run out of Energy Drinks the riots will begin , theres nothing like looting a TV shop to help with hunger pangs is there ? Didnt Boris buy a few water cannons ?