Wednesday 15 August 2018

Bringing Out The Best

Well the boys grandad decided hospital lunch wasnt for him and after breakfast and a natter popped his clogs quite quietly at the weekend . Middle son says its because he didnt want to hang around for the birth of the antichrist!!  Theres never been any love lost between him and Young Baldrick .  Mr Bah Humbug is quite upset, after all his ex father in law had been a mate for 25 years and he still used to go and sit with him up till a couple of weeks ago.  Middle son is quiet but I think he knows that it was for the best , hes still at grandads fending off various family members who could barely wait for the announcement before they were round shouting...MINE
There is a large family who all hate each other and it looks as if its going to be the whole familiar saga of greed and guilt. Grandad was a very Marmite figure , he didnt care for me and i was pretty ambivalent about him . The boys will attend the funeral , we are keeping our distance, the squabbling and fallouts will doubtless continue for weeks and unless it affects the boys we are not getting involved
On a completely different note . Im so glad the weather has cooled , ive cranked up the slow cooker cauldron of doom and im testing winter menu dishes , best discovery ,the cucumber glut that the munchkin grew can be incorporated into curry , sausage casserole and bolognese without anyone noticing . we have a mental amount of plums but they are gorgeous and dont hang around for long . Year of the wasps is upon us so picking fruit can be interesting . I need to pick the tons of windfalls from the apples , im hoping the rain swells them as they are tiny this year . Pears, its an average year small but plenty .
So life is currently remaining quiet and not very exciting , which is a good thing


  1. We had a similar situation with a family member who past a few years back. It's one of the reasons I bearly talk to my MIL now. I don't envy you and hope the boys get through the process without any trouble x

  2. Families....nothing but problems, you probably guessed, my history button is needed for this amongst other things.
    When my Mother in law passed away I didn't ask for anything and when my Mum died my brother took all he wanted, I can't be bothering with material things.

  3. What a sad situation Kate. I think you do well to keep your distance by the sound of it.
    Condolences to Mr BH on the loss of his mate.

  4. It's amazing how they come out of the woodwork isn't it .

  5. It's crazy how family members come out of the woodwork when someone dies and think they should have a say in what happens! Glad you've got some good harvests.

  6. same here with wasps, plums and windfalls! Worth risking the wasps for the victoria plums tho'

  7. Condolences to Mr Bah Humbug, always sad to lose a mate.