Tuesday 29 November 2022

Mummy Update

 Mummy Update time its sort of eating everyones life at the moment , shes now in a ward she cant escape from . I had a call from a very junior daughter last week who with much errr and ahhing asked if we were ok with my mother going on to DNR which with things as they are and at 88 doesnt seem unreasonable. A consultant had lunch with her and she now has a diagnosis of dementia worsened by asymptomatic Covid , this at least means they run care decisions past us . The endless urine nfections are taking their toll and her heart is failing but shes still running round the ward creating havoc .  So daughter and other half decided to go visit at the weekend and visit the bungalow to clear up some stuff .  Piles of post etc to be processed , fridge to be emptied , set the heating low all the chores for a long term empty property . A couple of neighbours collared them and said theres been a lot of burglaries locally so they have fetched home all her jewellery for safe keeping and all important paperwork etc . At least in a little street of pensioners bungalows they are all keeping an eye on the place .  The huge freezer is packed full so a neighbour is going to ask round and see if a charity will take it . Daughter has suggested Olio. 

 On visiting her they had problems , it seems you must book an appointment to visit the ward she is on now , daughter told them tough shed driven 3 hours she would be seeing her , nobody has mentioned it and it says nothing on the website . Plus nobody ever answers the phone . she said the ward is grim its full of confused elderly bed blockers with just two nurses , it has no windows they can see out of  , which for mother being functionally blind isnt to bad but she says all the lights are on 24/7 , shes her usual vile chirpy self  most of the time , but then she drifts a bit , once again shes taken against another patient so i can see this being fun . They also noticed that the meals are just dumped then collected with the staffing level this isnt surprising, but it does seem cruel if people just need a little help and encouragement . So it seems that they now accept it isnt a good idea to send her home with carers and she will likely be going into residential care subject to the six month minimum waiting list . who knows its all a bit wait and see at the moment , im sure they may ring us eventually 

Monday 21 November 2022

Onwards and Upwards

Well as we head towards xmas tied to vain hope that all will be well , im still here , not here much because im busy with various projects of a crafty nature , plus everything is so depressing online . I missed 3 days to read a good book and somehow accumulated 300 emails all about Black Friday and i cant say i was tempted to open a single one, i get so much email just because i do a lot of competitions , i sit and freeze in here while tea cooks im waiting for my dumplings to swell is the only reason i would be in here its 5 degrees which with a wooly hat and thermals is pretty tolerable . Then its the time of year that mould wars get serious, never ending moping of condensation if we gave up breathing there wouldnt be so much says the surveyor but it forms on every surface you dont wipe down . sons bedroom is the worst he gets a three inch strip along the outside wall his bedroom stinks of bleach and vinegar . All you can do is keep on moping and store everything in airtight tubs and containers i sometimes think it looks a bit like a warehouse with all the plastic crates . 

On the mummy front i have waited a week for them to contact me about this huge meeting over mommy dearest, not a thing have i heard and nobodies answering the phone or messages . My cousin toddled to the hospital , struggled to find her bacause she had moved yet again , which if someone is confused why would you move her to another ward every few days? I gather she had to apologise to the staff on the last ward , not sure how they managed that , ive never had an apology in 50 years . I think they are assuming she has angry dementia not that she is bleedin horrible and talks to everyone like that . Unless your one of her chosen ones

Saturday 12 November 2022

Wibble Wibble

 im really living in the land of the batty at the moment , himself is sat on the sofa talking and snoring  , hes had to heavily medicate having done something interesting while disabled fishing . I would imagine hes fallen as he wouldnt even get in the shower last night or this morning ...ho hum its going to be a long weekend . Planned to go to the jumble today but unless i can get a sitter i would think it will be another whole week staring at the walls .

Got a phonecall from a rehabilitation nurse about Mommy Dearest , and once again had to explain that she cant come home to me as i have other commitments , why can nobody read her bleedin notes ?  She did in fact attack the woman in the next bed and has been moved to another ward . They cant get her to interact she just tells them all to fuck off they have a meeting about her next week to decide whether she needs to be in secure accommodation rather than rehabilitation and they want us to apply for power of attorney so that she cant make her own care decisions again . Ive been trying to look up the cost , her neighbor sent me a picture of the mountains of bills that she has accumulated in 7 weeks , the neighbor is also owed money for her shopping her gardener and window cleaner etc , im just hoping i can get some of the cost of living payment off himself before he goes on another spending spree . i just dont have a penny to my name at the moment £69 doesnt go far ...AAARRRGGGHJHHH

Wednesday 9 November 2022


 It took 5 days to track mother down to the right hospital and ward and the verdict is that shes been sent dolally by a water infection. Cousin managed to break in to the hospital yesterday and see her . He was there with my 90 year old uncle who had fallen out of bed split his head open and sat 3 days with a tea towel on his head and not said a word , his carers hadnt noticed and i presume thought the teatowel was a fashion statement ? Anyway mother is hallucinating but they say its the drugs , she has also taken against one of the women on her ward and told my cousin that she plans to kill her . I did ask my cousin if he had informed the staff but he thought she was joking , im not so sure, But the plan apparently is that shes going to the rehabilitation hospital once theres a place , because theres nothing medically wrong with her . Dear old Uncle Roy chimed in with ...thats where they send you to die if your a nuisance.

 Im sure im living in some weird dystopian nightmare between mommy dearest and other half and his weirdness he generously gave me a $5 note for the groceries and told me to treat myself with the change. Oh and the staff nurse who asked me if i was having psychiatric treatment ..AAARRRGGHH   

Thursday 3 November 2022

Doom nd Gloom

Well thats it mother managed half a day at home then refused to let her carers in and at that point it went nuclear on her, shes in a hospital somewhere , still trying to find out whats going on . Neighbour says shes to confused to deal with anything and she should never have been sent home in that state . 

Meanwhile in the real world what the hell is going on , i managed to get him to let me go into Sleaford  yesterday , to pop into the food pantry because i had the cash to pay my £6 for a bag full , hes currently refusing to pay anything because hes saving up for bits for his latest scooter project and i only got to go in because he was dropping bits off for shot blasting .AARRRGGGHHHH  the food pantry is a bit weird at times you get an odd selection still lots of fruit and veg , theres lots of cereals and pasta but i have a good selection stockpiled so i leave those for who needs them more, then theres mountains of weird stuff yesterday they had a lard mountain , tons of end of day posh bread buns that just screamed pizza bread to me so i got a big bag because everybody was looking at them and putting them back , so sourdough pizza bread is todays project some to eat and a bag to pop in the freezer . there was a girl with a baby looking baffled so i explained that a tube of tomato puree will do dozens and you can use any mangy cheese you have even plastic slices and the kids wont care its just pizza bread to them. I do feel for those who dont know how to get by and who have never had to live poor before . I think i got adopted as i then had to explain that you can run stuff like the little jars of fish paste through pasta and it just tastes of tomato and once again kids love it . 

I ventured into Iceland because theres been some good stuff in the sale freezer lately but they have done away with it for the festive season , but stuff got weird there was a Chinese lady who runs one of the takeways buying 2 trolleys of eggs , all the eggs in the shop in fact , i suppose she plans to freeze them so they dont run out ? who knows but the little lad on the till was struggling with the concept and trying to ask if she really needed so many and she started shouting in Chinese and it turned into a circus , in fact it was my entertainment for the day . She got all her eggs though ...lol