Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Mummy Update

 Mummy Update time its sort of eating everyones life at the moment , shes now in a ward she cant escape from . I had a call from a very junior daughter last week who with much errr and ahhing asked if we were ok with my mother going on to DNR which with things as they are and at 88 doesnt seem unreasonable. A consultant had lunch with her and she now has a diagnosis of dementia worsened by asymptomatic Covid , this at least means they run care decisions past us . The endless urine nfections are taking their toll and her heart is failing but shes still running round the ward creating havoc .  So daughter and other half decided to go visit at the weekend and visit the bungalow to clear up some stuff .  Piles of post etc to be processed , fridge to be emptied , set the heating low all the chores for a long term empty property . A couple of neighbours collared them and said theres been a lot of burglaries locally so they have fetched home all her jewellery for safe keeping and all important paperwork etc . At least in a little street of pensioners bungalows they are all keeping an eye on the place .  The huge freezer is packed full so a neighbour is going to ask round and see if a charity will take it . Daughter has suggested Olio. 

 On visiting her they had problems , it seems you must book an appointment to visit the ward she is on now , daughter told them tough shed driven 3 hours she would be seeing her , nobody has mentioned it and it says nothing on the website . Plus nobody ever answers the phone . she said the ward is grim its full of confused elderly bed blockers with just two nurses , it has no windows they can see out of  , which for mother being functionally blind isnt to bad but she says all the lights are on 24/7 , shes her usual vile chirpy self  most of the time , but then she drifts a bit , once again shes taken against another patient so i can see this being fun . They also noticed that the meals are just dumped then collected with the staffing level this isnt surprising, but it does seem cruel if people just need a little help and encouragement . So it seems that they now accept it isnt a good idea to send her home with carers and she will likely be going into residential care subject to the six month minimum waiting list . who knows its all a bit wait and see at the moment , im sure they may ring us eventually 


  1. Worsened by asymptomatic covid? Really? How can something with no symptoms cause things to get worse. Nonsense. Oh and urine infections can cause people to have memory loss, so I would question the diagnosis of dementia.

  2. Sending all good vibes. Be warned - they moved my late uncle from a ward to a care home in the middle of nowhere without telling the family. We had an awful job tracking him down and when we found him, it really was out in the wilds. I wish I could give you magic words to get things sorted, but strongly suggest that you agree to nothing and get everything in writing. Hugs x