Monday 28 March 2022


 So the car is back on the road after horrific outlay and the van remains propped on its side awaiting more welding school with himself supervising on his garden chair i knew they were trying to get rid of me when i was encouraged to go to 2 jumble sales and the first car boot of the season ..i was even given 10 pounds pocket money by himself . but as i was home by 8.30 they didnt think that through very well . I suppose they thought id be taken out for mothers day .instead it was tea fairy and butty maker for the troops 

Anyway both the jumble sales were good , i spent a grand total of 3.50 got 5 items of clothing that only 2 fitted, a pre first world war do it yourself book which featured home taxidermy and book binding among many other weird and wonderful ideas . the best purchase that caught my eye and i have no real use for was a pair of copper half pint beer mugs , i thought they looked like trench art but they may be victorian who knows but they were shiny and my inner magpie wanted them there was much jostling and barging which i dont take part in, once the scrum had moved on i found a small plastic bag filled with collar studs and odds and ends of cufflinks  i use the bits for craft purposes and a couple appear to be gold so they go in the little box of jewellers scrap i build up for emergencies . I then found a couple of soup mugs and a mug to replace winter breakages , a Wedgewood quiche dish , a pair of brand new shoes for a whole 2 quid and a big pot of snowdrops which i buy every year then never see again,  they are already planted under the trees and i can live in hope till next spring . so thats a big chunk of my wish list filled already , i will just have to sit and stare out the window for the rest of the year...

Saturday 19 March 2022


 How did it happen?  My daughter is 30 today !!!  lol so we trundled off for a days shopping in bonny Boston . Its not what it was but i still like a wander round and daughter had took the day off to go with me , himself tagged along to sit and people watch .  Plus the parking is a cheerful quid an hour unlike Lincoln where the cheapest is 3.40 an hour .  We did the majority of the charity shops , did i buy tons?  a jumper best time to buy them when theyre on the sale rails  and a couple of summery shirts , all my tshirts are dropping to bits so ive made the management decision to use up all my old work shirts for pottering round . so dont need a lot this year maybe some cheapy leggings for the cats to ladder  Daughter was laden up , loads of stuff for yoga and work. The tin factory and a trip to the chicken factory shop just to round up the day . daughter says she likes shopping with me because im a cheap skate and theres no pressure to spend just to show your mates you can afford it . YMCA wins as the cheapest and best value shop, nicest polite staff as well . Boston is still full of field workers , mainly Rumanian this year it would appear , nice enough gangs of lads hanging round in the sunshine watching the girls , reminds me of when we were teenagers and that was what you did on payday.  Just to make the day perfect coming into the village the car jumps into limp mode , made it home and he gets his little gadget plugged in and its something expensive  this time so it will have to wait and we need to get the van back on the road in a hurry so the troops are gathering to try to get it MOTd next week sometime , so im tea lady and sandwich maker for the weekend and im grounded when there was 2 jumble sales and daughters birthday planned ...ho hum lifes always like this 

Wednesday 16 March 2022


 Im on a gripe here ,i settle down at the end of the day with a cuppa and do a few competitions most days usually between the last bout of washing up and washing loads . The world of competitions is an odd one , theres people who actually make a living from entering thousands of competitions , Im not of that variety i still do 5 a day and a lot more if its raining and looking out the window weather , I win nice tidbits now and again but i dont enter those that have no interest for me , but this year ive won a vegan food parcel that was for the most part totally inedible due to the high fat laden with sugar nature of it , that was doled out to various family members scented candles popped into gift sets that just make my eyes stream and have no scent , then the organic shampoo bars that smelled divine but promptly went mouldy and had to be chucked. some of these were really expensive brands . The nicest was a somerset lavender gift set thats been a big hit even with himself hes hooked on the pillow spray not sure if its cos it helps him sleep or because the cat loathes it and doesnt try to sleep on the top of his head if he uses it . So the competitions i do are mainly food , gift sets , garden and crafty  so heres to another few little wins in the scheme of things 

Munchkin and the garden he was a star at the weekend and i have a huge bonfire on the potato patch to get on with , i just want to do a single one this year , due to the moaning nature of a couple of our neighbours , it can be over in an hour or two and the ground dug and the potatoes popped in before they report me . Ive decided to over garden if munchkin will help , god knows which family members will be hungry due to food costs and if it isnt used into the compost bin it goes there is no waste in a garden its just the circle of production , ive even popped a few sprouting sweet potatoes in to the edge of the compost bin instead of potting the slips and getting a few weedy specimins , its worth a try .

Friday 11 March 2022


 i have my garden slave from lunch tomorrow , im hoping the weather holds and the munchkin and me supervising can get loads done , if the weather holds . Ive discovered a great way to keep my seed potatoes happy over winter , i popped them in a cold box in the corner of the kitchen opened it up the other day and they are nicely chitted and sat waiting to go in . pot of leeks hasnt come up yet sat in the garden but they are often slow to germinate . Strawberry bed ready for replanting and a bonfire to build . Should keep him busy . This is also a mental health visit for him as my daughter is worried about him , 13 and worried about the possibility of war , when its on every bit of media he sees . The garden is always a good outlet for a head thats a bit to worried for its size . 

The flood sirens are going off in the distance , are we expecting a Tsunami? we only hear them when the wind is in the right direction here . I would imagine they are testing them . 12ft above sea level is luxury round here, we are on a clay river bank the first bump in the fen , half a mile away its flat as the eye can see all the way to the sea 13 miles away , the only thing on the horizon is Boston Stump . Inhabited land from the dawn of man . Neolithic hut circles in the fields , odd bits of Roman to find in the gardens and an originally Saxon church . Im curious to see what they find in the field opposite when they do the archeological survey before building the mini mansions , wouldnt it be a shame if they found something and the 2 days turn into weeks 

Tuesday 8 March 2022


 Why is there never enough hours in the day? Im spending to much time on hobbies when i should be on my hands and knees scrubbing floors but there is the possibility that i might not get back up once i get down there , i know realise how easy it is for a house to degenerate into an episode of filthy house SOS . Once your taping scouring pads to your feet to scrub the floors you realize you have a problem that i cant see a solution to . Tried the GP but all the blood tests came back surprisingly normal so therefore i cant be in pain , still doesnt help the fact that my mobility is getting oddly impaired , reached the realms of i can do most everything so long as i dont do it for more than half an hour , its my age apparently . To say other half isnt understanding is an understatement . ive got such daft symptoms cant lift one or both of my arms sometimes , the leg dragging is as old as the hills , the odd struggle to swallow every now and again. Its the menopause i must be stupid not to have asked for HRT . Helpful medical professionals who dont read your notes are the bane of my life . We shant even go into the argument about the 32p dearer tablets that im on , i rather wanted to shout at that point .  Anyway im still here still reading your blogs and trying to decide how the hell im going to clean a moldy bathroom ceiling ..ho hum 

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Pointless Worries


My mother is totally convinced that the Russians are coming thanks to the Daily Mail and its pointless trying to change her mind . What a load of media bollocks we are being fed , all those government stooges posted trying to look as if they have a clue what they are doing . 
Sick of hearing it , The Russia report made it clear that all parties have been sucking up Russian money for years . A vast pool of septic roubles free for just nodding your head at the right time .  Maybe executing a few bit players for treason will be required to stop this scandal . bet they didnt sign up for that when they offered to take the fall for a few office parties . 

If they start chucking nukes about their are no winners ever , why we persist in even having them is beyond me, nuclear deterrent my arse , very simplistic i know, they will merely find some other lousy way to kill each other .   Have you noticed that there isnt even support for this latest spat from the Russian people .

For those who are to young to remember the picture at the top is a nuclear shadow from Hiroshima , where people were carbonized by the blast and all that remained was the shadows of their corpses , bear in mind they were the lucky ones .