Friday 11 March 2022


 i have my garden slave from lunch tomorrow , im hoping the weather holds and the munchkin and me supervising can get loads done , if the weather holds . Ive discovered a great way to keep my seed potatoes happy over winter , i popped them in a cold box in the corner of the kitchen opened it up the other day and they are nicely chitted and sat waiting to go in . pot of leeks hasnt come up yet sat in the garden but they are often slow to germinate . Strawberry bed ready for replanting and a bonfire to build . Should keep him busy . This is also a mental health visit for him as my daughter is worried about him , 13 and worried about the possibility of war , when its on every bit of media he sees . The garden is always a good outlet for a head thats a bit to worried for its size . 

The flood sirens are going off in the distance , are we expecting a Tsunami? we only hear them when the wind is in the right direction here . I would imagine they are testing them . 12ft above sea level is luxury round here, we are on a clay river bank the first bump in the fen , half a mile away its flat as the eye can see all the way to the sea 13 miles away , the only thing on the horizon is Boston Stump . Inhabited land from the dawn of man . Neolithic hut circles in the fields , odd bits of Roman to find in the gardens and an originally Saxon church . Im curious to see what they find in the field opposite when they do the archeological survey before building the mini mansions , wouldnt it be a shame if they found something and the 2 days turn into weeks 


  1. My 7 year old grandson is scared too, it's not fair on them is it. I remember being terrified during the Bay of Pigs.

    Keep him busy it will do him the world of good.

  2. I hope your Grandson has enjoyed his time spent with you organising and working hard in your garden x

  3. I would be watching the archaeology with interest. I hope your grandson feels a little more grounded. It's so hard.