Tuesday 1 March 2022

Pointless Worries


My mother is totally convinced that the Russians are coming thanks to the Daily Mail and its pointless trying to change her mind . What a load of media bollocks we are being fed , all those government stooges posted trying to look as if they have a clue what they are doing . 
Sick of hearing it , The Russia report made it clear that all parties have been sucking up Russian money for years . A vast pool of septic roubles free for just nodding your head at the right time .  Maybe executing a few bit players for treason will be required to stop this scandal . bet they didnt sign up for that when they offered to take the fall for a few office parties . 

If they start chucking nukes about their are no winners ever , why we persist in even having them is beyond me, nuclear deterrent my arse , very simplistic i know, they will merely find some other lousy way to kill each other .   Have you noticed that there isnt even support for this latest spat from the Russian people .

For those who are to young to remember the picture at the top is a nuclear shadow from Hiroshima , where people were carbonized by the blast and all that remained was the shadows of their corpses , bear in mind they were the lucky ones .

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  1. It's going to destroy those in the warzone, destroy lives affected by the economic fallout and destroy those whose mental health is devastated by the news - and that's the best outcome we can have now. I hope that your mother feels better soon.