Saturday, 19 March 2022


 How did it happen?  My daughter is 30 today !!!  lol so we trundled off for a days shopping in bonny Boston . Its not what it was but i still like a wander round and daughter had took the day off to go with me , himself tagged along to sit and people watch .  Plus the parking is a cheerful quid an hour unlike Lincoln where the cheapest is 3.40 an hour .  We did the majority of the charity shops , did i buy tons?  a jumper best time to buy them when theyre on the sale rails  and a couple of summery shirts , all my tshirts are dropping to bits so ive made the management decision to use up all my old work shirts for pottering round . so dont need a lot this year maybe some cheapy leggings for the cats to ladder  Daughter was laden up , loads of stuff for yoga and work. The tin factory and a trip to the chicken factory shop just to round up the day . daughter says she likes shopping with me because im a cheap skate and theres no pressure to spend just to show your mates you can afford it . YMCA wins as the cheapest and best value shop, nicest polite staff as well . Boston is still full of field workers , mainly Rumanian this year it would appear , nice enough gangs of lads hanging round in the sunshine watching the girls , reminds me of when we were teenagers and that was what you did on payday.  Just to make the day perfect coming into the village the car jumps into limp mode , made it home and he gets his little gadget plugged in and its something expensive  this time so it will have to wait and we need to get the van back on the road in a hurry so the troops are gathering to try to get it MOTd next week sometime , so im tea lady and sandwich maker for the weekend and im grounded when there was 2 jumble sales and daughters birthday planned ...ho hum lifes always like this 


  1. I must admit I do love a stroll around Boston myself. Mainly Polish last time I was there shopping but that was sometime ago.

  2. That sounds a great day-and the Tin Factory always sounds intriguing-I love a charity shop a bit too much-Just now I've been laying on top of the back bedroom floor which is piled with clothes mainly from charity shops-I managed to drag a nice woolen jumper out that I hadn't seen for many a year x

    1. mystery carrier bags that youve forgot even buying , i do a good line in those

  3. How lovely to shop with your daughter, mine lives too far away. I think you both got some bargains.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. And it's always better to watch the pennies!