Wednesday 16 March 2022


 Im on a gripe here ,i settle down at the end of the day with a cuppa and do a few competitions most days usually between the last bout of washing up and washing loads . The world of competitions is an odd one , theres people who actually make a living from entering thousands of competitions , Im not of that variety i still do 5 a day and a lot more if its raining and looking out the window weather , I win nice tidbits now and again but i dont enter those that have no interest for me , but this year ive won a vegan food parcel that was for the most part totally inedible due to the high fat laden with sugar nature of it , that was doled out to various family members scented candles popped into gift sets that just make my eyes stream and have no scent , then the organic shampoo bars that smelled divine but promptly went mouldy and had to be chucked. some of these were really expensive brands . The nicest was a somerset lavender gift set thats been a big hit even with himself hes hooked on the pillow spray not sure if its cos it helps him sleep or because the cat loathes it and doesnt try to sleep on the top of his head if he uses it . So the competitions i do are mainly food , gift sets , garden and crafty  so heres to another few little wins in the scheme of things 

Munchkin and the garden he was a star at the weekend and i have a huge bonfire on the potato patch to get on with , i just want to do a single one this year , due to the moaning nature of a couple of our neighbours , it can be over in an hour or two and the ground dug and the potatoes popped in before they report me . Ive decided to over garden if munchkin will help , god knows which family members will be hungry due to food costs and if it isnt used into the compost bin it goes there is no waste in a garden its just the circle of production , ive even popped a few sprouting sweet potatoes in to the edge of the compost bin instead of potting the slips and getting a few weedy specimins , its worth a try .


  1. Where do you find your comps Kate. I used to do them years ago and did win a few bits, nothing like a car, lol
    Now it would cost an arm and a leg to post anything so am assuming that you do them online, wouldn't mind having a go.

  2. still the easiest to understand

  3. I had never even heard of doing competitions. It sounds like your garden will be a real help for your family.

  4. I haven't entered any competitions for years, I used to be quite lucky - I've won holidays, festival tickets, albums and beauty stuff in the past. x