Friday 23 February 2024

Prep Weird Stuff

 So here we go , one of my sad blog posts on the subject of prepping just to bore you all to death Now Mr Bah Humbug is all of a panic because theres a shortage of fishing hooks because they are all made in China and fishing bait is also getting very expensive in fact most hobby stuff is getting scarcer , i noticed that glue of various types is getting a bit thin on the ground the other day , but im not to worried i have mountains of craft stuff gleaned from my travels and im good at improvising anyway , do you remember making flour and water glue for scrapbooks many years ago? 

We had plums that ive bottled this week in a huge crumble that lasted for 3 days , asparagus from the freezer and carrot and swede mash as well , this was the time of year i had stored it all for , it just adds to the variety in our diets theres not a lot of fresh fruit and veg in a village with no shop and an overpriced community market for the wealthy . Seed potatoes were bought early and they seem to be vanishing quickly from the garden centers , theres tons of onion sets about so i picked up a mixed bag , the garden is still waterlogged and flooded but the kale is having a bit of a fit so i need to make some green powder in the dehydrator . I need to split loads of plants into pots just because there is talk of condemning the house we are in  , so thats yet another worry , they have a duty to rehouse us but it may well be in a tower block so im hoping to drag it out till harvest , we have to be careful that they dont put you in a B&B because theres no escape from them , thankfully him selves disability doesnt make it easy for them to get us out . Who knows what they will do the builders refusing to work on the house  has caused a big stink  and somebody locally has been on the TV about their ceiling collapsing and hit a family member so they need to do something 

Friday 16 February 2024

Inspiration Failure

 Now i have a problem in life , its an enquiring mind thay doesnt stop . So i called in the butchers for a couple of slices of stuffed chine a well known expensive local delicacy and the young lad doing the slicing says would you like the bone ?  he charged me £3 for the damned thing that was a bag that heavy i could barely lift it . Now the chine is a huge lump of fatty back pork from a pig that has slices cut into it that are stuffed with a parsley mix and roasted , being a posh butchers they only cut the perfect slices off it leaving far more on the bone  than they use. it took ages to strip the meat which is basically ham from the rest of it 6 bags later thst will make amazing pies and sandwiches for the fishing season , but it also left a huge chunk of fat from the underside of the joint that i decided i would render to make flaky pastry . My gran always did this in the wash copper . Somewhere i had seen that it could be done in the slow cooker so i popped it in on the lowest setting and waited patiently it does take its time overnight and all the next day . Then himself said he could smell something burning , you guessed it had finally rendered and scorched a big lump of skin  ..AARRRGGHHHH still trying to decide if i can use it or the birds will benefit ..ho hum you have to try these things and theres still the actual bones to boil up yet . So £3 spent and an interesting experimental kitchen trial .

Monday 12 February 2024


 When will the rain ever stop ? Its been warm enough to get on in the garden but its under water or just sloppy mud , ive potato sets sat tapping there feet, a bag of mixed onion sets, broad beans to set going its all very tedious and tapping my foot . So ive dug out my endless granny square bag and im trying to get going again with my daft hands just for something to do . We have heard no more from the builders and the council about all the urgent work they were going to do ..ho hum 

But in the scheme of things around the world lifes pretty good at the moment , ive been watching lots of weird you tube videos , Azerbaijan Grannies cooking , Polish girls cooking on wood stoves , Scrappers around the world , mental preppers who seem to be getting rather wound up about immigrants , best one this week was the gentleman going on about Chinese bio labs making viruses that kill none Orientals, all i could think about was how the UK would be endless Chinese takeways with no customers ? Im finding it hard to take life seriously . the news and press are worthless drivel not worth a visit . The Royals seem to be everywhere , it may be to distract us from the endless warmongering . Though at this rate next week it may be Prince Edward becoming a late life transsexual just to grab the headlines?  

Monday 5 February 2024

Jumble 2024

 So lets take a look at the Lincoln Jumble Scene , the season having just got properly started , we have two Cat charities that do a jumble sale monthly in various villages and in the city  Lincoln Cat Care & Lincoln Cat in Crises  both are on Facebook . Then there are various others so it can take up most Saturdays . Advertising can be patchy so its play hunt the jumble on the internet . They all seem to have upped their prices to 50p entrance and 50p and upwards for the weird and wonderful stuff they sell . You get an awful lot of resellers on the clothing front so you need sharp elbows to jump into that melee . And theres a few dealers wading into the bric a brac but theyre a good source of useful household items and theyre cheap if your a shopaholic with a finance problem . I havent done a haul post for a while so heres a pic , plus i got a pile of Spiderman plastic plates because nobody has been blistering them in the microwave have they  GGRRRRR.  I got a WI preserves book because it had got some weird and wonderful variants on the chutney and jam front ,   a Beatrix Potter postcard book because it caught my eye, a magazine with a cover kit i liked ,  a pile of cotton yarn because i need more,,,honest  And to my daughters disgust a pair of vintage crochet covered wooden coat hangers , they tried to sell me a whole box of 70s fabric covered ones for a whole £2 but i just wanted the two pretty ones . I spent a happy hour and got a bag of  homemade sausage rolls and spent a whole £5............small things make me happy!!

Friday 26 January 2024


 Neglecting you all again , im just rather busy with daft stuff . Mumsie and her toilet brush are still on the rampage and the arguments with family get ever more peculiar . latest one is over my lack of enthusiasm for renting out her bungalow , there is no way on this planet that i would ever want to be a landlord . Sell the damn place put the money in her account and use it to pay for her care . But the greedy grasping folks in the family want me to move into it then pay her rent , i have no interest at all in money so long as i can pay my bills and i wouldnt want to move to the other side of the country either . Then there was the 30k bill due for her care , just pay the damned thing she has the money ...AARRRGGHHH

Meanwhile in the real world lets talk wars and prepping , we seem to be on a slippery slope sliding in that direction regardless of whos in charge , and i think its now time to gear up a few things , ive been looking at producing my own sunflower oil its going ever upwards and its pretty easy to do , just grow black sunflower seeds and get a grinder , i started looking at the necessary equipment and an electric machine comes in around £300 plus so thats not happening but you can get a little manual grinder for around £80 so im saving , im not wanting to produce hundreds of gallons  so it should be ideal . 

 Then theres the gulf problems where the crap from China is going round the cape at huge cost and time , shouldnt make huge differences for me but it may well create shortages and huge price hikes . It will hit car parts and electronics plus certain foodstuffs . My first thought was cheap shoes for kids , if youve got kids or grandkids and have the spare money buy a few sizes up , school shoes dont change much so they wont go out of fashion . ive just ordered a kilo of peppercorns im a pepper addict so need my fix . Theres vast amounts of crap from China we can live without, but what do you think will be the stuff to stock up with now??

Tuesday 16 January 2024


 So 2024 is looking to be as much fun as 2023 

Here is my latest dealings with North Kesteven Council!! 3 weeks before xmas we had a visit from the letable homes scheme lady , theyre our landlord and they came to inspect work done by Keir their contractors before Covid , the wet room that was fitted for himself and the major mould issues. Left her rather speechless when i showed her  they had done nothing except fit a shower, tile a corner and tank the floor that was it . No repairs to the walls before they tiled no extra fan fitted no ceiling repairs they didnt even fit skirting board its a black mouldy disgusting mess i use gallons of mould remover , nothing does any good. Between that and the thick rust coming out of the hot water supply , which is nothing to do with them they say . I just give up , the kitchen ceiling now has a big bulge so somethings leaking but they say not , sons bedroom ceiling has started to grow mould as well but they think thats the guttering so they arranged for someone to do that the next day who never turned up and still hasnt .  i had signed a huge list with the council lady of all the repairs they needed to do to bring it up to the letable homes scheme . The following day a surveyor from the builders turned up with a 2 item list of stuff they were going to do , i told him to go back and get the full list i had signed that took till a couple off days before xmas he then came back with another surveyor who was here looking at stuff in the roof and announced it was unsafe for the builders to work on the property!!!!   over xmas they sent a letter from a different building firm saying they would need access on the 7th Jan on the 4th 2 builders turned up then another surveyor , they said they couldnt do the work either they would ring us . We have had 3 different companies send 4 surveyors who all say its too dangerous to work on the property ...i have to live in it . Theres no point of contact at the Council the women from letable homes walked out of her job and nobody else wants to talk about it . AAARRGGHHHHH

Wednesday 10 January 2024


 So i get another call from the home the doctor had been to see mother and said she needed to go into hospital immediately due to what he thought was a chest infection with the possibility of sepsis . He could only do so much because she wouldnt cooperate. The ambulance as duly summoned and she refuses to go in fact she was somewhat vocal on the subject and attacked a paramedic . they retreated the best they got was listening to her heart which isnt exactly beating well , shes been off medication for over 3 weeks now.  So i ended up having a long conversation with the floor manager at the home , mother dearest has been very vocal on the fact that she doesnt want to die in hospital , they do cater for end of life care, they have a proper full nursing team so thats the plan she stays where she is regardless of her condition , the home says she is very breathless but i pointed out shes still scrapping with folks and relentlessly abusive . Then i had to have a long talk with the GP for the home , he pointed out she may go suddenly and i pointed out that if he keeps annoying her he could be proved right . He didnt realise she had a DNR in place and has done for over a year . Despite her dementia when shes in there she has made it clear she wishes to die and supporting her in this decision is grim,  other family members have now chipped in and its turning into a huge family argument , her 90 year old brother supports her in this . Her quality of life is dreadful , she has a heart like a decaying Tesco carrier bag , shes blind , she hates the human race and has had enough.....

PS. shes feeling a bit better today , shes still refusing her medication      

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Errrr Happy New Year

 So New Year New Start,  everythings going to be fluffy bunny and great , well it is if your drug dealer has delivered meanwhile the rest of us keep waddling on in much the same fashion . Got a phone call New Years Day Mother Dearest had had a fall , shes refusing all medication and not eating because they are poisoning her , she was found in a heap on her bathroom floor but wouldnt let them near her to see if she had hurt herself , in fact she was fighting them off with a toilet brush. Her room is camera covered  so the person on the desk spotted her go down and her help was straight on the job .  Daughter went yesterday and shes refusing to let anyone look at her, but shes sprightly and abusive so we dont think shes done herself much harm . The doctors seeing her Friday he may have to hit her with a tranquilizer gun then they will give her heavy narcotics for a few days . I wouldnt have a job in that home for all the money in the world , but all the staff seem to like her , they always say shes easy to care for compared to some they have in there.

So thats it a Happy New Year to you all  

Saturday 23 December 2023

Xmas Time

 So thats it im off to struggle thrugh Xmas in my terrible introverted awkward fashion . May you all have the Xmas You Love and may Cherie find just the right jumper , See you soon enjoy yourself in whatever way you choose 

Thursday 14 December 2023

Xmas Rant 2

 Well its the season of endless xmas adverts , the perfume ones are getting my goat, how many gallons of this ghastly slop do they actually sell?  there seems to be endless different ones this year , i did recognise a Hemsworth trying to look hard on one but thats about it , just endless weird looking folk we are supposed to aspire to be ?  maybe its just for the younger generation ? As someone whos guaranteed to get an instant headache standing next to people dribbled in the stuff maybe its a good job i dont venture out this time of the

The moment of glory is the M&S advert who the hell are these aspirational idiots prancing round a party?  i hated this one so much i looked it up , Tan France is his name and i would have drowned him in  if hed thrown the bored game i was forced to play because it was xmas , into a fishtank , not a clue who he is but hes my hate figure at the moment 

Today we had a local councillor election , i was the only one interested and it was an excuse to toddle down to the village hall on my own two feet , himself would have insisted on going in the car , we have had tons of leaflets from the Lib Dem candidate , but what gets me is why are they always boring blokes of a certain age want to be councillors ? wheres the younger generation or even an ethnic candidate? outside the polling station we had a bloke begging for votes for one of the candidates . You guessed it white middle class man of a certain age . But then it got very surreal , i thought i was hallucinating there appeared from the lane beside the polling station a hoard of Santa hat wearing , north face owners , all with their hiking sticks and they proceeded to surround the vote beggar and hound him about the anerobic digester they are building up the road ...ho hum i must say we and the other poor locals are the only people supporting this on the grounds that it may bring jobs for folks who dont have a degree to the area . 

Come on do tell whats getting your goat for xmas ? 

Thursday 7 December 2023

Progress with Mumsie

 So heres a moan about mumsies carry on ,  well the boiler is knackered and they want 3k to replace it , somehow this is odd that 10 days after the warranty would have run out it is dead , now i know mummy dearest had problems since the day it was fitted , good old Worcester Bosch were out two or three times every winter and she has paid out hundreds of pounds for parts because whatever was wrong with it was never covered by the warranty , daughter gave them a bollocking and let them know shes part of the legal profession and that the fault is caused by a part that they knew was faulty and have  supposed to have retrofitted 3 years agom they charged for it and we have all the receipts !!!! Not much help though when we need it running to stop the mould and damp !!! the complaint has however been passed up the food chain and we will see. 

Anyway daughter decided once again to chase up the Court of Protection having got an actual  phone number for this secretive branch . They were sort of helpful , if somewhat surprised that their phone actually rang . It was seem that the order was granted back on November 7th !! BUT they have a 3 month backlog on letting people know cant make this up!! long as we can provide the relevant paperwork we finally may have got somewhere . Our next daft question is what is the required paperwork ?  we got a list , most of which we have but we dont have her Deprivation of Liberty document which the council had . They have lost it!!!  The home do have a copy but its whether the Court will accept it or if we have to go through paying yet another Consultant to obtain another ...AAARRRGGGHHHH 

Saturday 2 December 2023

Tad Chilly

 Well this is lovely the freezing fog started yesterday with just a smattering of snow we had no plans except looking out the window at it . Then we get a phone call   They were finally coming to tow away the car dumped here on the first day of the Covid Lockdown by useful son , so they had to drag a battery out and much to my amazement and the bloke from the transport company it started first time and crawled its way out of the bushes under its own steam and up on to the loader . I did think my threat to grow tomatoes in it might work eventually . We then had to trek out in the wonderful weather to go and pick up the keys for the garage hed found for it . 

I did manage to con my way into a trip to the community larder but it was bleedin freezing pottering round Sleaford , i got a round of applause they had been waiting for the first person to take one of their amazing display of huge cabbages , ive got cabbages in the garden but this monster couldnt be left behind it will keep me going till xmas. I also got a big bag of tiny pears , They get a lot of surplus from the fruit and veg packhouses , the cabbages would have been too large for the supermarkets the pears would be too small who cares its cheap food. and the dehydrator will be churning out more pear chips . I pop in when i get a chance and always make a donation , its not like a foodbank it helps reduce commercial waste you pay  membership annually then £6 a visit you can find the strangest things and the money paid in supports the foodbank , they had bags of cleaning wipes that were misprinted free yesterday . Last time it was to small bunches of celery by the bag load and fast food prepared bags of ready chopped lettuce and tomato it all dehydrates so i go when i can , himself and his fuel rationing doesnt allow trips out for no reason unless its for him 

Saturday 25 November 2023

Xmas Rant 1

 Im starting early this year  Im being plagued morning noon and night by phone calls from loan companies, now i rarely give out my number and the only people i can think of is i gave the number to is the Local Council a couple of weeks ago , so i imagine they have sold it on hence the rash of calls one even said to me that i was ruining xmas for my family by being broke !!! before i got a chance to hang up . As council tenants they assume youre broke so buying the phone numbers must make them tons . Its all over the TV as well hundreds of companies with stunning APRs just lending you a few quid for xmas , just fine till youre late getting paid and end up with default payments .AAARRGGHHHHH all these ads should be banned till post xmas .

My other pet peeve is the Studley old bloke flogging over 50s plans to eyelash batting widows , he lurks in garden centers and pops round to prune their bushes , you just know its not just a bit of commission hes after. 

Now is the season to consider making a food bank donation , please think canny on this one , they see enough selection boxes , chocolate oranges and mince pies . being needy isnt just for xmas day ! UHT milk is the one our foodbank is always screaming for ,  coffee, tea , pot noodles, cup a soup ,anything you just need a kettle for.  Pull top tinned fruit etc for when the leccy has run out is always needed . Dont forget CASH dont judge people it mostly goes to topping up electric and gas cards most foodbanks have an account to do this online . I went into our community food initiative the other day and someone had donated loads of bags of logs and sticks, there was lady stood guarding them and asking folks if they needed them she would deliver them on her way home .  So its not always the obvious stuff and you cant heat your home with a chocolate orange !!   

Sunday 19 November 2023

Bang Your Head

Its that time of the year again , ive lost the will to breathe , every year im the same it gets to the dark months and the will to live disappears no amount of vitamins , weird herbal remedy's or SAD lighting does a lot of good im just  a morbid minny once it gets dark. I feel the temperature changes in every bone and tendon this year its allover the place weather wise which isnt helping . For the first time in a decade we have tons of food and tons of heating oil , himselfs pretty stable health wise , he hasnt been in an ambulance for months so why do i get like this , i think this year its particularly bad due to all the hassle over Mummy Dearest . Just last week i had a phone call from a social worker asking if we were satisfied with her care and did we have any complaints ? all a bit strange . I did say why dont you go visit her and see , but apparently they arent allowed unless theres a complaint logged ???  We are just glad when shes not attacked anyone or done herself an injury.  We then get a call from a neighbour to say the boiler has packed up ...AARRGGHHHH  so my daughter had to do the trip out there , she only got the boiler a few years ago and it had an extended warranty . So the company came out  only to tell us that the warranty is void because the property is empty and it hasnt been serviced this year AAARRGGGHHHH , they charged us £400 for the callout and to order the part we await with interest the final bill , we still cant get any money from Grannys estate , so daughter has an interest free credit card  its all we could think off . It will get sorted eventually but how long is a bit of string? 

Thursday 9 November 2023

Be Prepared


So in the world of the fens im still dehydrating merrily , today its grated broccoli stems half a dried up onion from the fridge and the outer sticks of a bunch of celery , its great added to soups and stews i just mix them in a huge storage jar , im using one and filling another , i may even make a couple as xmas presents , that should baffle the recipient 

Ive just ordered a load of my usual sewing machine thread and i spotted £1 a reel varied colours of the same make in Grafters of Coningsby , weird shop , sells food, cleaning supplies shoes craft supplies in fact its a weird mix but very reasonable prices , hidden on a small industrial estate.

Himself is busy ordering end of season fishing stuff , at least its cheaper than his rusty crap but ive a good tale to tell about him...Yesterday he got a call from the DWP  , so he had to take the call which set him muttering he hates them with a vengeance, they refused to speak to me, he usually passes it across because i know he will start shouting and swearing hes so paranoid about them . Inevitably he throws a fit a couple of minutes in and slams the phone down . Hes then off on one about scammers asking for bank details , he promptly has an angina attack and i was wondering whether to ring the ambulance but he did eventually calm down . Now i had been expecting a call, the DWP lost at the Court of Appeal the other day , i watch all their court cases with interest and they were trying to get out of paying their arrears backlog on the grounds of Covid , they lost and it stated they would phone those affected and inform them of their payment details , for some people its a very large sum of money that the DWP has spent millions on trying to avoid paying , its ruined many disabled peoples lives and a lot of people have died waiting for this to be resolved. It has stopped people accessing other help that was available to them and have you seen this mentioned in the headlines anywhere ? Once again the disabled arent news worthy or does the DWP just silence all criticism ?

Thursday 2 November 2023


 In the real world i popped into town yesterday with himself of course , so it was a pain , he wanted a meat pizza from Morrisons but they no longer do made pizzas and Morrisons was it usual nightmare, they have shrunk the actual food portions of the shop yet again and everything he insisted he wanted from their they didnt have , which of course was my fault , did get a cheap chicken on yellow sticker . Then the discount crisp lady , where he proceeded to park in the deepest part of the flooded carpark , they had little actual food just endless booze not even much of a crisp selection for him oh and by then im wet to the knees . Lidl was as usual a little hit and miss but they have got actual shin beef at the moment its not cheap but what is . i got 2 packs and despite the moaning i will split them down to get 3 vats of stew . jusy got half a small trolley full ,a case of milk  and his diet peach tea . Then Asda for the stuff Lidl didnt have it had been ransacked there was little on the shelves but its month end and then i remembered the government have given a grant so their were lots of folks laden up . I did manage to get some expensive pre mixed screen wash , in case you havent noticed its pretty much all been watered down to the point of uselessness its all good to only -2 so you might as well use water , so do check before you buy it . Im struggling with self service tills as my hands are playing me up , so i joined the endless queue at the normal tills there was only a couple and i got the choice wrong, in front of me were a couple of a certain age with 2 heaving trolleys the man was checking it all off with a calculator and kept telling the cashier that the prices were wrong and gripping and moaning  eventually it gets to the paying bit and he wants to pay with his phone £250 quids worth .....well the phone said no , so his wife says wheres your card and he looks at her and says guess , so she scuttles off to get it . Now you would think that meant in the car so we all watched her galloping across the car park , leap in the car and drive off!!!  By then the queue is down the store as we all stand looking at each other in amazement , then the manager turns up the cashier explains and he says can you all reload your trolleys and use the self service . Things got a little interesting as he was told to GTF by one bloke and nobody moved , so hes on his radio summoning back up and more senior management turn up with security telling us all to go to self service as he was closing the till , nobody moved ...then the very pink faced lady reappeared with a sheaf of plastic and paid .  I was ages so i got a right rollicking when i got back to the car , but what got me was the bloke just stood their leaning on his trolleys smirking . 

Thursday 26 October 2023

its Raining Again

 Well it would seem being 12 ft above sea level is very fortuitous on the edge of the fen , the hard bit is getting from A to B . We have umpteen million pound new flood defenses that didnt work on the day , horncastle Tesco is under water , a boat got stuck in a sluice gate while it was open on the estuary so the tide just ripped in , theres houses schools and roads flooded for miles its a wee bit of a mess in fact we are just waiting for more breaches . but im fine here and its still raining , i have a load of towels out on the rinse cycle and they will be lovely and soft in the distant future when they dry . 

It promises icy weather after the floods so that should be when the mould team come to strip everything out we will doubtless freeze to death , You see we had a surveyor for the council turn up last week to inspect the mould , it seems they are now going to do something about it,  he was horrified and he said they would be there next day , i explained i have to use two bottles of mould spray a week just to try and keep on top of it , the usual nonsense about not opening the windows enough and drying washing on the radiators which i never do , I pointed out that they had had independent surveyors do a full inspection and they said pulling the place down was the only solution , its in the plaster the insulation the water system . So weve waited a week and someone further up the food chain is coming tomorrow . I really will struggle to be polite if they start the same old shit about it being our fault 

Tuesday 17 October 2023


 So heres a wee rant....bleedin phones have they become the biggest cause of mental health problems in the world?  Teenagers with hate at the end of their arms ?  Its become to easy to drop down the rabbit hole , teenagers who never sleep because theres always some other muppet sharing dumb ass tic toc at 3am . What has occasioned this rant im watching peoples  life being destroyed by the mobile phone , all the endless shots of where youve been,  what a good time they are all having , the perfect lives of people who are so far from perfect in the real world . Do they have a partner who expects an answer every 20 seconds to his puerile where are you? what you doing? its like collective brainwashing . I had a whole conversation with grandson on how his lovelife isnt going well , because the girl hes besotted with runs every sentence past her friends ..WTF  so i made a really wild suggestion ..why dont you both turn off your phones when your together ? The look of horror said it all , i pointed out they could actually talk to each other and get to know each other . Then i heard him chatting to his mate about using their mobiles in class!!  the technology to block phone signals is inexpensive why arent schools using it ? give the teachers a walkie talkie each to call for back up if they need it ..thats another problem solved . 

My daughters struggling due to the pressure of being perfect , shes always been a high achiever and expects far to much of herself , she has a high responsibility job , she thinks she must have the perfect home the perfect life . Turn the damned phone off when youre finished for the day , live with your washing yurt , the cat prints on the floor the fact you go to bed to sleep because youre both to knackered to put on a huge sexual performance that your phone tells you every body else is doing . 

Step away from the phone it is ruining your lives !!! 

Saturday 14 October 2023

Winter is Coming

 Well the geese are better than any weather forecast for the last couple of nights theyve been coming over in the early hours , old cat has come in for the season she decided she was joining me in bed last night and wanted to fight me for possession of the hot water bottle , little cat was not best pleased so they were having a scrap on the landing at 4am , this morning old cat has been out to do her business and has discovered that the dehydrator is a source of warmth so shes cuddling it . ho hum .. got to remember to fetch in the last of the houseplants before dusk , ive ordered a cheap burn your house down growlight from China for my ginger plants popped into the fake fireplace there may be room for a few salad plants we shall see.

We are still having fun with our GPs  , other half is supposed to have his transfusions or infusions every 6 months , he has six monthly blood tests to schedule his hospital visit , he had the blood test and they insist his results are perfectly normal so he doesnt need a transfusion the problem is this cant be true he has no ability to absorb iron from diet ,so his problems are getting worse hes itching all the time his tinnitus is ridiculous hes shouting all the time and hes just exhausted .  We have a telephone consult with a new haematologist in a couple of weeks maybe they can kick our GP up the arse and teach them how to read test results , i know what he has is rare but delegating reading his results to some office minion isnt on . Meanwhile im sick of being told that i can expect these things at my age and not seeing anyone . 2 years since i last saw any doctor at our surgery !!!  there is never anyone there other than support staff , woe betide you have a medical problem thats not super normal or available on google .AAARRRGGGGHHHH

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Catch Up

Ive finally caught up on life, ive been out doing a bit of fruit tree pruning this afternoon in his absence, i havent the time or patience to tackle big jobs when hes home . He will insist i have to get out the proper ladders the correct safety gear etc etc and dont forget the training session on the job ive done a thousand times before from a bloke whos never had any interest in gardening  So ive been standing on the wheelie bin with my chainsaw and my second best glasses on and thats job done . 

In the real world we still await any news from the Court of Protection regarding mothers care home fees , at £1500 a week they are mounting up rapidly and they never stop hounding us. We can do nothing only wait . My daughter says shes owed over £1000 just for the gardener, plus despite the bungalow being empty the council wont accept that it is , so full council tax is due until we get the legal guardianship passed . Mother meanwhile is still psychotic , knows no one and terrorises the staff and other patients. I wonder if everybody else is rich they deal with ? I will just continue crocheting endless tedious xmas decorations , subtle hint daughter turned up with a load more wool and to collect batch one. gives me something to do of an evening while we all watch the world implode and burn , none of them are right its just endless poor people being used in the power games of the rich .