Tuesday, 20 April 2021


 Ive been up since sunrise , needed a cuppa im afraid so literally up with the birds , its given me a couple of hours to catch up on a weeks blog reading . Barely been online its officially heavy gardening season ,  so nursy duties and household chores of a morning , then out in the garden once himself has been fed and settled for his siesta or crap custom car TV  , we are building bonfire number 3.  Son has for a change being helpful and the munchkin has grafted his way through the school holidays . I do think that himself has threatened them that if i injure myself he will hold them responsible , dont know what he means , my problems are mainly that im short and cant reach stuff  and my shingles damaged arm is taking its time settling down , once you have them as many times as me you know that one day its like a switch has been flipped and the pain goes just like that , the trouble is that it can take months , 18 months is the record ...lol.  So  the garden is now a barren wasteland that will recover once we get some rain , taken out 2 huge rambling roses that i couldnt keep under control  , just need something to replace them . Took the brambles at the bottom down to the ground they will recover in no time and they are needed to keep the cattle in the meadow behind us , working on cutting a section of hedging out so the four huge wheelie bins can be near the gate and be accessed by the path , just to make my life easier and save me having to cross the grass to get to them .  Relocating the strawberry bed to somewhere where its easier to net it . Everything just leads to another job...lol  Found a huge block of foam in the old wendy house along with loads of pots and planters i had forgotton about , may try to salvage the foam for a knackered sofa cushion i need ,depends if i can fit it in the washer ...lol   Other half is getting very annoyed with me , im going to repair his workshop that he hasnt been in for 3 years , he wants a new one but we dont have the money , hes claiming he cant find the keys but it doesnt matter as im planning to replace the door so  i will just saw off the padlocks. 

   Oh and on a plus note we are going to be reassessed for his disability payments despite them saying it would be next year and nobody being available within the help industry because this isnt happening due to Covid ...ho hum here we go again yet more DWP Wars for the sin of living with a disibility for more than 3 years , two months since i finished paying off the debts from the last fiasco with them . 

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The Great Escape

 So we are free!!!! well free to go for a pint and do a bit of none essential shopping ..lol  ..we celebrated by fetching a pint of maggots for other half to go fishing with his brother today , cant see that a visit to a pub or shopping will be on my calendar, the road to the coast had a good mile long tailback so had to come home via the scenic route .  managed to get the only parking spot in the little tourist town we live near when a huge camper van pulled out , so a trip to the butchers , he was saying the same as me , here we go again .  Dozens of visitors from the depths of the UK descending , lots from the local plague spot Mansfield , the latest jolly wheeze seems to be Lateral Flow testing for all and sundry three times a week , known for not being particularly reliable ive been supervising grandson doing his all week , his school has had a couple of year groups shut down with false positives a couple of weeks ago , had to chuckle that they come with a packing slip printed in Chinese . 

Good old Prince Phillip has popped off , hed had quite a rich and varied life . Just think of the thousands of times hes sat through endless displays of national dancing , walked three steps behind , personally think he was desperate to leave before his 100th birthday, he wouldnt have liked the fuss .  Its to be hoped the Queen stays around for a bit but with devoted elderly couples one often follows the other .  Most seem more bothered that Eastenders was cancelled , very sad for his family .  Even sadder that all the klingons and hangers on are coming out of the woodwork turning him into a saint 

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Over Egged

Well thats the Easter excitement over , one day of warmth and sunshine then a sprinkling of snow and arctic winds .  I notice the press didnt publish much about everybody heading to tourist destinations but the volumes of traffic say otherwise and the tourist town we live near was heaving . Havent been anywhere im munchkin sitting , hes moved in for the holidays his mum is not to well and she needs a break , plus he has Covid tests twice a week even during the school holidays . Hes suitably impressed that he has just as many as grandad . I suppose i should stop calling him the munchkin now he can look me straight in the eye, as my gran would say hes growing into a right lanky streak of piss.  My garden assistant is having a great time chopping stuff down , so im well ahead on the garden front , the fence treatment has arrived and im planning on showing him how to fix the large shed it needs half a dozen new boards around the bottom where they have rotted . Mr Bah Humbug went off on a whole i need a new workshop rant , bear in mind he hasnt set foot in the shed for 3 years and is unlikely to have a sudden recovery . It is however packed with thousands of pounds worth of tools and equipment that need to be secure and the repairs dont need me to be able to get into the shed so its happening with or without his cooperation..  Another problem ive spotted is he has squirreled dozens of tyres in various spots around the garden , you now have to pay for these to be disposed of , so in the event thats another huge expense , its fair to say that if i didnt stand up to him some of the time he would turn this place into an episode of hoarders in a matter of months .  his delivery's turn up nearly every day , fortunately its mainly fishing related now that the season has begun . Brother in Law is only working part time now, so hes available most of the time to take other half this year .  So its monthly shopping day today , at least ive someone to carry for me for a change ...... 

Friday, 2 April 2021

Plague of Pussies

 Of late i have pussy problems , we have a Tom cat haunting us small fluffy and a lovely grey and white specimen, well fed and looked after but someone has forgot to take off his balls . He sings all night and gets a good threshing from our female pair and third cat from next door they have all being sterilised , but my little tortoishell is very nervous so shes pulling out her fur and generally a pissy basket case . Its been a bit of a baffler till the other day i noticed a small cat in next doors bedroom window .  So i figured that must be the female whose drawing the Tom cat , now next door keeps themselves to themselves we speak in passing etc theyve been here years . but animal welfare isnt a strong point she has two dogs something of a Staffie type that she has never walked all the time shes had them , when she had cats before they were always moth eaten and flea covered , i managed to trap one and mange bath it , it had a full coat of fur for months and promptly spent the whole of one winter asleep on our boiler ...The story gets better yesterday i spotted three little cats in the bedroom window watching me garden , im hoping shes just cat sitting but ive a feeling shes planning on breeding them for a bit of extra cash . So it looks as if we will never be rid of Tom Cat , guess its off to order some calming plug ins , has anybody had any success with them ? 

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Plague 107 Spring

 So Spring is officially sprung ,glorious sunshine  and a wind thats colder than a witches tit as my Gran would say , plus horizontal April showers . Theres something about an English Spring its all flowers and whatever clothes you put on you get the wrong ones . Ive 4 Tomato seedlings sprung to life that i have to manage to get enough light to which without windowsills is always fun , plus the cat loves bowling plant pots Arrrrrggghhh.     Mr BH is still snoring in the distance which is unusual for him , i would imagine the clock changing has scuppered his usual morning shouting for me, so while im sat here tapping my foot I thought id do the Daily Mail online because i have to speak to my mother later and its useful to see what tripe shes going to throw at me .                                                                                                                      It would seem Boris is looking forward to a pint and a haircut , we could wish. Bless hes one of the lads isnt he ? theres an article about his affair  with Jennifer Arcuri and what a stud he is . Dear god in heaven what would any women see in that blustering blob , apparently they had so much in common mentally?  worrying statement of the year so far ?                                                                                                      Theres more Muslim hatred over the Batley teacher showing a Mohammed cartoon to the kids , I would just like to point out that those protesting are neither immigrants or illegals as my mother will doubtless go off on her send them all back rant . Most of those involved are 2nd or third generation English and may be more conservative in their views than most .  There are Christian minorities that have equally extreme views in this country and pretending that their arent doesnt help the issue .                                                     A whole section of Meghan hate , how they manage to spew out so much bile about her beggers belief . Piers Morgan getting his usual hate filled pennyworth in . Never has a man scorned been so sour                Im sure my mother will be ranting about not being able to go on a proper holiday despite never having been abroad because its full of foreigners or going anywhere because it was a waste of money . Her idea of a proper holiday was a week in a Torquay hotel that resembled Faulty Towers back in the 70s , that and a couple of trips to Butlitz Filey and Prestatyn were the big events of my childhood and im still scarred by them . The voice in the distance is calling ..............................byeee

Friday, 26 March 2021

Plague God Knows How Many

 Well its been over a year since they locked us up and nothing much has changed other than the fact himself wants me to order more garden chairs ready for all his visitors ...mmm, next door is busy scrubbing the patio for the first pissed up parties of the season .  Me? i just need the grandson for the heavier garden jobs , managed to cripple myself doing the first lawn mow of the year and that was just the one lawn , spring having officially sprung im a tad busy . We start another cycle of tests and hospital next week for himself .

So out in the real world a broken down tanker looks to have buggered up the whole world , dont think anyone could have thought this one up . Anyway if your waiting for a wish parcel it may be a while . Old Boris is looking a bit rough even by his standards these days . Maybe Carrie is making her wedding plans ?  Bridezilla at her best . Not sure whos funding it . Israel ? Russia? Saudi ?  woe betide the scroungers at Number 10 pay for anything themselves.  It was pointed out that one of the effects of Long Covid is needing the little blue pills for men . So that might explain the woeful condition of Boris ? You do begin to wonder which of the many scandals surrounding the Tory Party will bring Boris and friends down , theyre currently at the nothing to see here stage , denial of everything , media model . I suspect the great betrayal may come from within , the Tories are well known backstabbers and if i had to make a guess Madam Patel would be the main suspect  she wants the top job so badly .  With no opposition ,watching the Tory Reich implode and rebirth  on a regular basis  may be thre only political fun we get 

Friday, 19 March 2021

Plague 106

 So im back....just so busy with other half and trying to kick the GPs into some form of activity , he now has referrals for 3 different departments , they have finally admitted he doesnt need a camera shoving any ware for a while , that he isnt an alcoholic  and that being fat doesnt cause anemia  . Its like wading through treacle and we have finally managed to speak to the actual doctor , the one who actually knows who he is and is able to read his notes . His iron levels are now so low that hes awaiting some sort of transfusion , so hes sleeping a lot , which isnt such a bad thing . There off to do the little procedure on his nose to stop the nosebleeds that arent helping matters . They have even said that in normal times he would have been admitted last year . They cant give a timescale on any of this . The GPs also admit we were missed from the vulnerable register , hence everybodys sudden interest now they have realised that bugger all has been done for him for over a year , best concession he can now can get his Covid tests sent out to him , we have trailed out 13 times in the last two months  The same thing has happened to my mother , who if it wasnt for a neighbour adopting her would have had no help at all . Her GPs assumed she was dead !!! till she rang them and dripped them with sarcasm about her jab.

Still waiting for a bit of warm weather gardening season is tapping its foot and waiting patiently ..lol  

Friday, 12 March 2021

Plague 105

Im very lax on the blog front at the moment , just not enough hours in the day im afraid , plus its freezing in here now the heatings on its one hour a day ration again , the luxury of nearly a month of 2 hours a day was almost to hot to handle at least it was for my other half,  im blue and shaking and hes there with his shirt off moaning hes sweating to death , he just says you need to move more and moan less . He really has got a deathwish...lol   But the simple fact is that mouldy towers is just not a warm house , its a 50s prefab wooden with 3 inch thick walls its much better than it used to be, now we have double glazing and the new boiler , but warm it isnt . Its frequently warmer outside so ive got on with the first of the garden jobs , mainly all the chopping back of bushes etc .

On the Covid front im being harassed by the vile receptionist from our GPs , had yet another spat with her the other day , she rang me to inform me that i should attend for my jab on Mothering Sunday as if this ws my treat for the day , i told her no thankyou and she went off on a whole rant about being inconsiderate to other people , when i could get a word in edgeways i informed her i was waiting for my other half to his second jab because i am his full time carer and who looks after him if it makes him even worse than the first did . I also told her i would like to speak to the GP not her as i have immune problems and other complicated medical reasons why it may be a very bad idea . Then she started to lose it . I got the whole people are dying because of selfish conspiracy theorists like me , she was on speaker phone and my other half was holding a cushion over his face to stiffle the laughing .  So i just pointed out that being as she wasnt a medical professional it must be very hard for her to understand my medical records , she hung up . Other half says hes not sure how i always stay so calm . Im not going to be bullied by the Witch in the Window its as simple as that , if she wants to be twatish with me shes picked the wrong person i will eat her for breakfast 

Friday, 5 March 2021

Plague 104

 Contrary to popular opinion ive not wandered off into the Covid riddled hinterlands , still here folks !!Just been a tad busy . Mr Bah Humbug had his first jab and it made him rather sorry for himself . We were surprised when he got offered an appointment at one of the other satellite surgerys , so it was a trip out and stand freezing in the cold for him , the standing is what has caused him problems his wheels wont fit the path to the back door of the little surgery. To his amazements our actual doctor was doing the jabs in his hazmat suit . Its such a tiny surgery you had to sit in the car park for 15 minutes after the shot . So hes been in agony with his back and gained a stinking cough and cold for his effort , trouble is coughing isnt good with broken ribs and heart problems , hes scarily breathless and they do say the second jab is worse?  i was offered the jab and have declined for the present i cant look after him and be ill myself , ive been awaiting a reply from ask GP for well over a week as i needed to ask some questions about having it and the auto immune problems i already have, but with a long history of severe allergic reactions of the ow shit variety . I may give it a miss for a few months .

We had two days of Spring weather so the annual gardening mayhem has begun , now im tapping my foot to get outside , so much to get on with at least i dont have to tackle the conifers this year . only thinking of using half the veg garden this year its just to much work on my own without grandsons help .   

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Plague 103


trolls thrive on attention , therefore ignore the bleeding thing , its opinions are of no interest , I couldnt give a stuff whos who , nice Flis is more than welcome just ignore the other . THE END

So heres a Royal rant . Prince Phillip died on Saturday at least according to Twitter ,  then it was pointed out he was sat up in bed watching footie at the time .  His death may have been misreported  because he actually said "id sooner be dead than have Charles visit "  Or he may actually be dead and in a chiller awaiting a State funeral during Harry and Meghans interview on Oprah , hed think that was a grand idea , taking one for the Firm 

Someone did point out that Meghan might be the most media savvy person ever to steal Harry away . hes been bred specifically to be the ideal consort for a future politician when she runs for public office once the kids are big enough to be presentable on a podium . Harry is trained to stand with his hands behind his back and mumble and look interested practically from birth in practically any situation . Their will be no scandals , no running off with the office staff , lots of adoring looks for the missus . He is the perfect Labrador husband , just let him watch rugby on his giant telly and he will be contented . 

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Plague 102

 Here we are again the snows cleared off so we now have Lincolnshires prime export endless mud , still pottering around but had one of those vaguely surreal conversations with our GP the other day or should i say we had a trail of emails as it would appear they dont even talk to us anymore . Having rung the doctors earlier to ask about the results of other halfs tests ???  We are instructed to go onto Ask GP  all results are there...

But its empty 

Then you havent had any tests 

 They were done over a fortnight ago , both ends and biopsies 

The request was sent in January , you cant have had the tests yet .

Could we speak to the doctor please 

You will have to speak to ask doctor .

Couple of hours later email from doctor we have found your test results , you were given them at the time 

He was knocked out and i wasnt allowed in , so how did they give him the results ?

He will have been told and given paperwork 

The paperwork is a sheet telling him to contact his GP in 10 days for the results 

Well we cant tell him anything other than he is no longer on the cancer pathway , he will have to wait for a clinic appointment .

So what is happening about his other small problem , that you insisted is so important that you asked if hes considered palliative care? 

He has no other problems 


Oh the referral from November , well thats up to you to chase up we just send in a request .

Who do we contact , we have no idea who or where he has been referred to 

This is the phone number 

So endeth the contact with Ask GP , i then spent a happy hour on the phone chasing up his referral , he should have a telephone appointment sometime before April ...ho hum 

Friday, 12 February 2021

Plague 101

 Ho Hum , nothings changed much apart from the addition of piles of white stuff , watching our youngest cat get over her absolute horror of snow has been fun we usually only get token white muddy mush so at 3 years old shes discovered the fun of chasing snowballs she can never catch and trying to catch big snowflakes while diving and attacking ancient cat who isnt very impressed at all .

Ventured out yesterday under protest , other half was climbing the walls and it did give a snow free day . But i dont feel the need to go anywhere at the moment , just a Lidl and M&S trip , . M&S was a queue down the road job all the pensioners having been housebound due to the weather they had decided to go out and get a trolley full of wine ready for the next snow all i wanted was an indian in a box and a few odds and ends . Then i realised they were all piling round the Valentines Day stuff  something i wouldnt have even thought of if i hadnt gone in .  Ended up venturing into Iceland Warehouse on the grounds that its always empty in a week , bought the worlds biggest bag of chicken nuggets which should keep other half happy till spring and some other weird chicken product hed seen advertised .  Then it was the usual argument because i didnt want fish and chips , im more than happy for him to have them and to take some home for son , all the years hes been with me and he just forgets that greasy food makes me ill , unless its the right day which happens maybe twice a year .  It developed into a wee bit of an argument , with him screaming at me and i just wont bite back . Hes been in a lot of pain the last couple of weeks since the hospital visits and hes takin it out on me as usual at the moment . Hes got really bad word salad and endlessly repeating himself , he just needs to sleep . But the problem got bad yesterday when the woman in the next car tapped on the window to see if i was alright . I just nodded yes and then got his chips and drove home in thundering silence , at least he has finally given in and settled into his heavy duty painkillers , keep having to wake him for medication and cups of tea..lol 

Friday, 5 February 2021

Plague 100

 Sorry no prizes , flags etc  just more boredom from the fens ..lol  Sue we made it to 100!!  Im just glad we are all still here bimbling on . nothing exciting  happening , still going nowhere , dying to go out and start spring garden chores but the garden is totally waterlogged . Only a wee bit of chain sawing to tackle, that and the annual bramble cull at the very bottom .  Seed wise i start nothing very early , i need a new weed burner as the flint has died on mine , all seeds and compost are ready to go . 

On the bane of my existence my mother, we had a bit of a run in the other day .  Now i wasnt joking when i said she had got some kind of cat taser from the back pages of the Daily Mail . The other day i was stalking her on her local facebook pages and it seems somebody in the next street has had a cat injured by someone firing paint ball bullets at it , then a whole thread started it seems that in the few roads around her there has been at least 6 cats coming home covered in paint . Does anyone still get a daily paper and flick through the sale booklets ? can she possibly have got her hands on a small paint ball gun ?  She hates cats always has , she doesnt do the internet so it would be hard copy she got it from . She really is a horrible human being and would think nothing about hurting animals , hurting children never bothered her back in the day . Anyway she went off on a whole shes had her injection now everybody else can die rant  and eventually i lost it and told her to shut the F up , prompted by her slagging the neighbours who have been doing all her shopping and fetching and carrying for her . It just turned into one of those days when i wish i was adopted so i hung up. Back to not speaking again i think for a while , daughter can deal with granny for a week or two ..lol

Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Plague 99

 I was wondering where Anonymous was this week , so this week its throw in a bit of plague denial in to the mix.  Sadly thats not something we sponsor its real and its out there . Our useless lying government however just arent helping, how many weeks is it taking to shut our borders properly  10 months and theyre dithering , so what if some second rate celebs and influencers get there botox trapped abroad.  Between that and all the folks popping off to Turkey and Thailand for surgery and dental care , priorities do seem very odd at the moment ,apparently your allowed to travel for medical reasons .

 I did like the idea of a Celebrity Premier Inn near Heathrow where they quarantine all the influencers and second rate celebs , chuck them a few ready meals and film them all . they could be quarantined for months due to there inability to stop rutting with one another . We could watch their extensions rot off while their lips melt, a couple might starve due to lack of a vegan option , as they waste to skeletons their implants would at least survive , in years to come it could become a tourist attraction rather like a Heathrow Pompeii..

Next laugh spotted , the sales of books by the yard have gone through the roof  either rented or bought . There are companies that supply books for film sets etc that are making a mint because people want to look intelligent during their zoom calls . The hours of fun that could be had just planting that one perfect book in the background shot. Why am i thinking of Matt Hancock at this moment ?  The presenter who had a dildo on the shelf behind her , must have teenage kids , in fact this may have sparked off a whole new lockdown pastime instead of elf on the shelf .

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Plague 98

 Well lets all celebrate 100,000 deaths with Boris doing the best he can , we seem to be going for around the 1000 deaths a day normality here in plague island . Im no bloody Boris fan , but come on folks this is the result of him doing his best , imagine if he was doing his worst .  The papers are just Wonder Boris im finding it stranger and stranger that hes so wonderful . Theres the EU supposedly imploding over vaccines , but if you read between the lines of that one , it would seem Boris & Co have bought millions of  covid vaccines from anybody flogging them,  far more than we could ever use , just to profit from selling them back to the EU , wtf  this is a global pandemic !! and the Tories are trying to turn a shekel ? 

Meanwhile good old Priti Patel is busy ,  lets just lock up all the refugees in a 20 years disused army base , condemned  and awaiting demolition for being uninhabitable due to asbestos , then they start to come down with Covid and they wont separate the well from the infected , you couldnt make this up , has this come from the Winston Churchill book of concentration camps ?  So the refugees decided to stage a riot and Priti is all over the news saying they should be grateful for the quality accommodation she supplied .

Meanwhile we sit here just hoping the vaccines work , because if they dont we are screwed . The Tories are probably quietly buying shares in crematoriums as we speak 

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Plague 97

 Well this looks like a lovely day , the rain is gushing over the gutters already and the moat is rising , i have to pop to the doctors today and the post office to deposit a cheque ive had for months , ive been awaiting paying in slips for 3 months they turned up the other day . Our post has been hit and miss for a while but they are very short staffed due to Covid , the next council to us has had to cease bin collections due to all the binmen either having Covid  or being told to isolate . Theres been a whole local thread moaning that the dog poo bins are overflowing , dont think thats a hard work round is it ?  Take your turds home with you folks .  Due to the bad weather our little lane is currently dog walking central its the only lane in the village that actually has a proper path away from the road so your not drenched by passing vehicles , theres gangs of folks out there from dawn till dusk all having a social event and a chat , not a single bit of social distancing going on they travel in packs ..lol 

On a good news front Mr BH does not have cancer this year , in fact he has suggested they fit a webcam up his orifices to save them wandering round inside him every year . They have however found something else but they have taken him off the cancer pathway and he goes back onto the normal consultant visits that have months of waiting time at the moment , hes got a whole sheet of glossy colour snaps of his insides that hes very impressed with . I have visions of him having them mounted as key fobs and fridge magnets for the kids and me .  Personally i think a tshirt with his entrails on for his birthday sounds good 

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Plague 96

 Morning lovely people what a beautiful frosty morning this is . Later today we will venture out for Covid test no 3 as another week of fun packed tests begin , everything so far has been negative , though his actual life threatening problem seems to have been kicked to the back burner in the hope that they can find another good reason to put him on the palliative care list first .  Think we have upset Mr BH , he caught us planning his funeral the other day and deciding what we could actually sell to pay for it . Im a ghastly practical kind of person , we are not married so everything goes to his children even his insurance , he has always flatly refused to write a will . But the simple fact is that theres one in particular of his kids who would turn up with a list of demands in the event of him passing shortly followed by Young Baldrick looking for stuff to sell for drugs.  Mr Bah Humbug also thinks its creepy to wake up with me listening to see if hes still breathing..lol

Mr BH was having a good old moan about being stuck in lockdown the other day and i pointed out to him that this is just the same as last winter , we have been nowhere and seen no one . Hes not good on his feet so ice and mud mean we just dont go out , he cant shop at all so its online with its hit and miss deliveries . Topped up with a fortnightly pop to a shop for the stuff that hasnt turned up on the delivery. Nobody visits because we really are out in the sticks .  

Next question , reading up on all the vaccination stuff i noticed one odd anomaly. Some of the blurb states that you may be able to catch the virus from someone who has had the first vaccine shot ?  Any thoughts on that one kids?

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Plague 95

 Woken up by the storm at 4am , its blowing stuff all over and rattling all the windows and doors , old cat thinks its her lucky day an early breakfast , though shes not doing her usual morning howling to go out just sat at the window watching stuff blow about . The rivers and land drains are full and the environment agency are belting about all over , we are waterlogged and the water is lapping the doorstep yet again , usually it just comes under the front door and into the hall a pain in the arse but not a lot we can do about it , sandbags make it worse and they stink, better to let it run in and run out .

Nothing interesting at all happening here , i managed to get a trip to the eye test van in among all MR BHs hospital business , we are back there for more Covid tests Sunday then he has to isolate till his next batch of tests , doubtless our neighbours head will explode by that stage shes still stood at her window with her notepad every time we go out . Daft nuisance of the week , we cant renew his disabled parking permit , its computer says no, because they have extended his disability award due to Covid he doesnt have a new award notice, need to chase it up somehow as hes unable to walk from the normal car park to the buildings at the moment and im struggling to push him, being his secretary can take as much time as looking after him sometimes.

Monday, 18 January 2021

Plague 94

 Well here we are Monday morning in splendid isolation , not an awful lot happening in the world today cant go out till Friday and honestly dont think i will need to go out then . Mr BH is driving me mad hes on active toddler mode , the house is packed with food but he only wants what we dont have . The Morrisons order was its usual strange delivery , this week they had substituted everything that was missing with packs of own brand biscuits , i now have a wash basket full...lol..  they will last us for months at least the snow had cleared so we got a delivery. Its cheese with everything fortnight as well id not noticed that id pressed a multibuy for large blocks of cheese .

Hospital stuff went well , but we were at Grantham and its always well organised there , its very spooky wandering round a huge deserted hospital it has the lighting that is motion detected.all very Doctor Who . Just wish the wheelchairs wernt like Asda trolleys . I only ran him into one door post but im never going to hear the last of it .

They are finally looking at organising vaccine clinics within 15 20 miles of us , so not to bad but with a lack of rural transport i can see this being a problem for many, mainly the elderly without family or support .

So thats it another Groundhog week staring out the window , though ive finally got enough feeling in my hands to be able to read a book , so im plowing through my to be read pile at a rate of knots , just need to be able to get on with my crafty stuff and im pretty much cured . Bloody shingles it drags on for ages , should be used to it after all these years  

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Plague 93

 Now looking at the current plague situation its so blindingly obvious what the main factor causing the huge rise in people ignoring its existence is and carrying on as near normal as possible . The money has run out for most people , millions have been rejected for any government support and the government support that has been provided isnt enough to pay your rent and eat , many have come to realise that a cushy life on benefits hasnt existed for years except when Rupert Murdoch and friends decide its a money maker for them on the front pages of the press . Then theres the folks working 3 jobs and grafting, festering with resentment because they are getting nowhere . Undervalued nursing and care staff , the poor bloody cleaners at the hospitals who if they work more hours receive just 63p of it after the government takes it off their Universal Credit . Folks doing a shift driving an Asda truck after a day at work because after the mortgage holiday is up they know they have to pay double to catch up what they have been allowed to miss . Once your plastic is maxed out and you still have rent to pay and kids to feed your not going to be going for a Covid test for the benefit of the world at large . In Lincoln they have set up two of the rapid test centers in the terraced areas where most of the cases have been , this is packed with multiple occupancy houses and theyre moaning that nobody is going for tests , they want everyone to go even those without symptoms . It just wont happen if you get a positive test thats your job and livelihood gone , most people are on agency contracts and with the level of unemployment they just get rid of you straight away . It doesnt matter what the government says , that is what happens . Shitty Tory Britain at its best !!! 

Then theres the kids meals scandal , what can anyone say ? I did read the list that the government sent to the suppliers and it doesnt sound unreasonable for a small child lunch 5 days a week but then you see what was actually supplied and its horrific , fruit that is one step from the recycling bin , cheap cheese slices , frubes an abomination of a food product, what the suppliers have done is supplied the cheapest lowest grade and most profitable for them food parcel . Because poor kids are worth it ? . Why are we even surprised? 

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