Friday, 22 February 2019

Check List

So im running round prepping and scaring the family into doing the mothers response? ive being getting an extra crate of wine every week since xmas , bless Brexit on the piss .
Actually im just kidding im not prepping for Brexit , im prepping for Universal Workhouse , I would normally be stocking up now as i dont have to pay the water rates till April but i expect this devious sly government will try a huge Universal Credit push , hoping that nobody will notice the extra deaths it incurs and use Brexit as the excuse .
I did ask my daughter about her views on a second referendum , she is a staunch Remainer but she said that in the event of a second referendum she would vote leave on the grounds of democracy , we voted the powers that be should accept that . Didnt expect that one, but it shows she was well brought
Meanwhile im quite enjoying spreading wit and wisdom on the 48% Preppers group on Facebook , come and join in , theres so many panicked people on there who need talking down to common sense and between you lot theres about a 1000 years of common sense and hard times that at a time like this its good to share around.  Havent quite got my head around the dopey ones who are buying there third freezer , have 100 Frey Bentos in the cupboard  and own 10 cases of chick peas , a thing theyve never used before . But the attitude seems to be we must buy as much as we possibly can , because if nothing happens we can always afford to give it to the Food Bank ..go figure . Theres also those on a limited income who are crapping themselves because they dont have the money to stock up , there anxiety levels are scary . 
The more i look at the current situation , the more i realise that it wont be food that will be the problem , we may have lack of variety and the cities may well struggle with civil unrest . The big problems i think will be lack of consumer goods , daft shortages of things that are sitting on a dockside because theyre not a priority , the stuff you just order off amazon because its broke or you want an upgrade . Cant see this being a problem for me, but for huge swathes of the population who are used to having what they want when they want it this isnt going to go down well . The rude awakening that the £1 in your pocket cant buy what you want here and now ....

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Prepare for the Apocalypse

Just kidding ...No i admit ive been neglecting you all , due to apocalypse duties. You know desperately scouring the  country for Fray Bentos Pies and tins of beans takes your energy away .
I did like one of the press horror stories , that we will have to eat mountains of kale and leeks because they will be the only fresh veg around , shock horror , we may have to eat seasonal veg for a while ? That and tons of mushrooms because we grow most of the EUs supply and they cant be delayed by customs.
So what are you all stocking up on ? ive bought extra cat food because its not quite rabbit season yet , then the furry scroungers can pretty much feed themselves , except for Miss Penny of course , who finds the art of killing rather blase and for the plebs .
Garden wise ive not started anything yet , ive a feeling that winter hasnt done with us yet .  Need to get a new propagator lid ordered , nobody smashed it !! Seeds ordered this morning , heavy on the beans and peas this year they can always be dried easily as well , ordered Ransome seeds ,the plan is to toss them round at the very bottom of the garden and let them do their own thing , they can stink the place out in peace there, broad beans ordered thanks to the mice , plus a few more odd herbs for the collection.
First major job , move the strawberry bed,so i need to pot loads of runners on , more nut bushes to plant on to replace the hedge chopped down by Charlie Chainsaw next door , he has now fortunately split up with his missus , who informs me its because he wants to be a playboy , she doesnt appear to be missing him much
Jumble Sale wise i spent a whole £1 this week on some Star Wars pyjamas for the munchkin to grow into and new to me plastic plates that keep on vanishing into bedrooms!!
Theres a bowls club Jumble this Saturday at Washingborough not certain of the time some say 1 , some say half 1 , so i will camp out for that one , theres not a whole lot on my jumble list this year , next size up for the munchkin a few bits and bobs for me , garden tools being the main one , munchkin needs

Friday, 15 February 2019


Its the start of the Jumble Sale season properly this week , Washingborough Community Center 12.00 in aid of pussies , not sure if im going because theres an auction that isnt online at Market Rasen, it says its antique but this one is notorious for lumping box lots together for next to nothing and theres often a lot of household stuff among it , daughter is taking the afternoon off so we can go take a look at the viewing this afternoon ,  I might leave a couple of cheapie commission bids , you never know , then i could go to the jumble .
The sunshine has made me go outside and try to decide what to do in the garden this year , still lots of general heavy stuff needs doing , but i need some slave help for that , veg wise i need to have a think , we need the veg and the munchkin likes helping so there wil be some but not sure how big an area this year , who knows .
So im off o go and get on now , dont forget the pussies

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


At the moment things are a tad hectic for no apparent reason , the days seem to be flying past . I think its because im sleeping so much it really isnt like me , i could snore 20 hours a day of late
But im starting to want to get out and do stuff again , not that i have the funds to do much , did get a laugh at some of the suggestions of cheap things for the middle aged to do articles in the press .
Join a walking group ...i live in the middle of a gorgeous country leisure resort area , i walk because im skint and have no fuel , plus im really antisocial
Book Club Anyone ?  I have never understood the urge to sit together and discuss a book , I read everywhere even in traffic jams , im rarely more than a foot from a book , plus the stuff bookclubs read isnt what i would want to read .
Craft Clubs , I tried , I really tried , but it always went wrong , theres always some bloody know all , who wants to tell you how what your doing is wrong and they know how to make it better , then i switch to sarcasm mode and mince them , or its noisy and i cant function in a room where theres lots of chatter .
I hasten to add , none of this means that i have a mental issue or social phobia , years of kids on the autistic spectrum means im well aware I have a sound processing issues and struggle in a room full of people , parties and nightclubs as a teen were to be avoided where possible and you cant imagine the trouble i used to get in where all i could do was nod during a conversation .. My hearing is perfect , its been tested unpteen times , thats why the internets great for me , i never have the sound on the puter , i love silence .  People always assume im deaf if im ignoring them , but i just cant pick up individual conversations from most background noise and i do have to lipread a fair bit .  My friend has a son of 9 with a similar problems and he spends most of his time with huge sound deadening headphones on , back in my childhood they just tried to beat your weird out of you , but my gran just gave me wax earplugs , she had the same problem .

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Well  i got up this morning feeling positively human so its tedious chores day ..ive just sat down to play hunt the cooker realising that it really has had its day and we need to find a new to us one , this is always good fun , being poor and looking for second hand appliances is a feature of life, trying to find a small cooker to fit the supposed 600m gap that isnt, so you have to have a 500m with a few centimetres gap down the side for everything to drop down makes it hard , it  has to be electric, has to be cheap, so great fun .
Just cleaned out the veg box , decided to call it a day on the last three beetroot from back in October ive planted them in the edge of the compost bin outside,  theyre already sprouting so should give us a few salad leaves in a few weeks. Potatoes have pretty much died a death , the ones in the shops are tiny and once peeled and the scabby bits removed theres not a lot to show for your money . So much to the disgust of the troops ive bought a catering pack of instant mash and loads of cheap tinned potatoes, my excuse they are hideously cheap and you dont want to pay towards the food budget?
Washing mountain to tackle , does it never end ?
Still building my Brexit stockpile , nope its my regular build a stockpile because i dont have to pay the water rates time of year , so extra catfood and yet more instant mash this week , next week teabag mountain ..right its back to chores time , a womans work is never done

Friday, 1 February 2019

Happy Preppers

Well this is getting fun , ive been so busy prepping for the day that ive barely had time to blog , well something like that , more like the wretched shingles left me with Neuralgia  but somewhat interestingly the 5 days of antivirals seems to have given me some relief from the pain and swelling in my hands . I hope this lasts a while because i may be able to get on with sewing tasks ive got  backed up once the blurred vision from the Neuralgia gives over , its getting there.
So this morning it giving loads of overnight snow, Mr BH decided we should go to the tin factory  no snow just the odd flake and binding sunshine ,lol
I had managed to explain that we needed to start a large box of food for Young Baldrick and his missus the birth of the baby having catapulted them on to Universal Workhouse , they have no income and theyre amassing yet more rent arrears . It will be  minimum of 5 weeks till its sorted probably a great deal more because they are classed as a complex case and as always Young Baldrick has managed to scare his case worker away just when they need one. We dont have much spare cash and i would never trust him with money , so we will invest in food for them to come back to . They have been kidnapped for a fortnight by his mother because they have no money for heating or  food . By the time a fortnight passes this large box of food should be full , plus im aware hes lying about no heating as they have just received a grant for the electricity from their energy company his partner dropped that one into the conversation a couple of weeks ago .
So the box has gained a huge catering pack of mash , a tray of tinned potatoes and a giant box of Angel Delight  , £5 worth , I will add a few other items tomorrow and next week on my travels . Think I will get some powdered mik , tea bags etc .
Mr BH still thinks they will be fine , im more of the view that he needs to be watched like a hawk , if he can get away with bullying his partner into trying to push everyone away  we will intervene . If we think that the kids and baby are in any trouble we will intervene . Family loyalty is one thing and im sure it will upset Mr BH if I go behind his back , but i dont have a single ilusion about Young Baldrick and his behavior and something in the way hes acting is just niggling at the back of my mind

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Be Prepared

Quite where to begin with this one . A few days ago I joined a facebook group for UK preppers , seemed a nice enough helpful bunch, ive belonged to a good few US groups of a similar vain , once again helpful useful contacts and ive learned a lot from them about shelf lives and what you can and cant store long term , Now I do bulk shop quite a lot mainly because we live in a food dessert here and were very rural , plenty of acerage of veg around us but nothing but the occasional Coop or Spar type shop available  for everything else or online shop  . Ive noticed for the last few weeks that theres not much stock of basic items in the few local stores , didnt really put two and two together till i joined this UK prepper group and realised that the panic buying for Brexit has begun .
There were people posting there £500 tin shops , moaning about finding places to store stuff , yesterday the first time ive ventured out into Lincoln itself I noticed a woman in the Poundshop just sweep an entire shelf of Fray Bentos pies into her basket  , it took 5 shops to manage to buy Ibuprofen yesterday , its the weird gaps in the shelves you notice .
Read the UK site yesterday and someone said the government wont provide pet food and will tell you to destroy your pets , this did actually happen during the First World War  so today i would imagine that will all go missing from the shelves .
The most disturbing posts ive seen are the people wholesale buying food to sell it a profit if Brexit goes tits up . Yes we know its all a bit Millennium Bug and people will believe any pap they read on the internet.  But in the back of your mind theres a realisation that our Government are a total shower of shit who can organise nothing , so what do you do ?
Well i may plant extra beans this year and ive stuffed a few garlic bublets in a plant pot , I remembered the big food shortage of WWII was onions of all things , they still mainly come from Spain  , so ive got a couple of bags of dried ones in ...ho hum we live in the countryside and are surrounded by cabbages and leeks we will get by , but what happens in the cities when the energy drinks run out?

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Still Here

Well ive come to the end of my 5 day ration of painkillers and im now lucid , feeling the pain rather a lot and a couple of paracetamol isnt touching it , but being as im no longer a weeping scabby mess im cured according to this lot.  Weird mysteries ive discovered, does nobody thing the poor cats bowls need washing? or a cat litter changing ?  At least theyve being fed , well they would have eaten the kids if they didnt feed them . I gather the weird aches and pains can last a while along with spasms and other weird side effects caused by the antivirals and its now a waiting game to see if it comes back .
 Best comment this morning !!  Are you walking to school?  Not this week sunshine not happening .
Second best comment , Theres no big towels left , that didnt deserve an answer .
Another weird mystery how long would they let a line of washing hang out for , I may be back on duty but im just knackered not doing a lot , i may tackle hoovering today just because the sensation of walking on crunchy floors isnt good . Then again i might not ...ho hum

Thursday, 17 January 2019

The Bleedin Obvious

So its official , im actually ill.

Finally got to see a real GP our retired sometimes locum whos actually been a GP a very long time . It has proved hard to get to see him , because ive had endless calls to the receptionist for the last month to be told its just a bug, take paracetamol, stay in bed and give at least 4 weeks for the cough to clear , think i got an appointment on a slack day as the place was deserted . It would seem that my amazing skin problems caused by me not managing my diet well and all the Christmas food ive guzzled as the nurse practioner stated, are actually Shingles on a grand scale !!  They gave me antivirals but its 2 weeks to late really, but he said give it a try , probably caused by my bad reaction to the flu jab and being more run over than run down , 3-5 weeks minimum to heal up , struggling to walk sit and move because its mainly my sciatic nerve thats affected ,still coughing but then he thinks ive had pleurisy but its getting there, so not worth treating with antibiotics. 

He did ask if anyone had actually examined me , then raised his famously sarcastic eyebrow when i said of course not everything had happened over the phone .

My minions are trying, very trying . im struggling to stand on my already motorbike, long ago damaged leg for more than seconds  and still feel rather as if ive been hit by a bus, very wheezy and I have badly swollen legs by the end of the day . Ive scared Mr BH to death , hes turned into Mrs Doyle and keeps asking if i want a tea every 10 minutes , we may need all new carpets  because his tremors mean he gets it everywhere . Though when he offered to "cook" me a pot noodle , I think he got the hint
 The washing pile resembles an episode of hoarders , im sure someone will eventually give in and take responsibility or be crushed as they walk past it.

 Im mainly granny napping due to the lovely painkillers and dont care a 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Old Biddy Party 2019

So its Monday im bored lets have a natter about the omni shambles that is Brexit .
WTF is going on ? if i had to get my crystal ball out I wouldnt put good money on any of the projected outcomes .  The only certainties I can see is the French making a fortune out of selling rubber dinghies and inflatable arm bands to people who dont grasp just how dangerous and busy the English Channel is. Post Brexit will we have a version of the Homeguard putting up barbed wire and mines on the beaches , im sure theres loads who would volunteer my mother could coordinate 

Then theres the tits in the Hi Vis , where has this bunch sprung from ? pale imitations of the French rioters ?  Explain please

What the hell is a Gammon , I always assumed it was something served with egg and chips in a chain pub ? Explain Please.

Lets face it, get the no deal Brexit over with walk away and get on with building a future , a very strange future with the walled city that will be London  still whinging about how the North sold them out forever from the wonders of a federated Europe and the North just going about its poverty stricken business as usual ...ho hum ...discuss please

Thursday, 10 January 2019


For those of us who are in the Lincoln area heres this years first list of Cat charity Jumble Sales , I would hasten to add this is Lincoln UK not Lincoln Nebraska . This prompt is caused by the fact that my daft other half once booked us in at a Steakhouse for a meal , at a place i'd never heard of , he then said its got a weird postcode , mmmm very weird , it had a Zip code !!  The internet is a dangerous place for cripples taking interesting drugs .....he has never lived this one down and it was a few years ago .
  • 12 January Jumble Sale @ Royal Naval Club,Coulson Road 12 til 2
  • 16 February Jumble Sale @ Washingborough Community Centre,Fen Lane,Washingborough 12 til 2
  • 16 March Spring Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30
  • 13 April Jumble Sale @ St John the Baptist Church Hall,Ravendale Drive,Ermine East 12 til 2
  • 18 May Jumble Sale @ St Giles Parish Church Hall,Lamb Gardens 12 til 2
  • 15 June Summer Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut, Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30
  • 20 July Jumble Sale @ Washingborough Community Centre,Fen Lane 12 til 2
  • 17 August Jumble Sale @ St John the Baptist Church Hall,Ravendale Drive,Ermine East 12 til 2
  • 14 September Autumn Fayre @ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30
  • 12 October TBA
  • 16 November Jumble Sale @ Washingborough Community Centre,Fen Lane 12 til 2
  • 14 December Christmas Fayre & Grand Draw@ Birchwood Scout Hut,Woodfield Avenue 11 til 1.30

Monday, 7 January 2019

Do I Have A Problem?

I was debating the other day on whether to put some pretty binding on a couple of towels that had frayed at the edges when my son pointed out they were there old PE towels from when they went up to big school at 11 , hes just had his 25th birthday . AARRGGHH
Then my daughter has discovered one of those facebook things that tells you stuff for free on Amazon the deliveries are rolling up daily and i just find this appaling. WHY? just because its free it doesnt mean you need it does it? I have a theory that its how companies are getting round environmental disposal rules. I read the other day that Sweden has an electric generating plant that incinerated bales of clothes as fuel . So why are we producing more?
Locals moaning on facebook that all the waste in the xmas collections is going in the same lorry , bless do they not understand the people on the sorting belts actually have xmas holidays ? so its quicker and more cost effective to just incinerate everything they would usually sort for a couple of weeks a year , i would imagine its all infected with glitter and sparkle anyway.
Then theres Vegangate and the great sausage roll scandal, great bit of advertising for Greggs , my favourite sausage rolls are Linda McCartneys , dont care that there vegetarian im not, just love the wretched things, I could happily live meat free but Vegan is one step to far with a dodgy digestive system and no turning into a wholefood holier than thou doesnt cure umpteen dodgy surgeries and scar tissue in weird places .  There are some lovely classed as vegan foodstuffs out there that i happily eat , but theres also some really dodgy labelled vegan foodstuffs with lots of seeds and nuts that could kill me , plus whats with the miniscule labelling of the contents of foodstuffs these days?  they highlight known allergens? but what about those of us with real obscure intolerances , look at those whove died from sesame seeds in stuff you would never expect . The youngsters who are Vegan seem to rely on heavily processed meat substitutes , where a good Vegan cookbook might be a better idea .
Mardy old bird rant over for today

Friday, 4 January 2019

Tis the Season

Ive just spotted the first Jumble Sale of the Year , Dunholme Village Hall 1pm 5th January , not sure if im going we may have a few problems getting anywhere at weekends till after April the main road into Lincoln is going to be shut due to the bypass construction , this will doubtless give Mr BH yet another reason not to go anywhere , he doesnt need much of a reason !! so the extra mileage will doubtless be good enough .
The guests have now departed and the munchkin goes back to school next week so not long till i can get back to some sort of normality . New Year was interesting , I wasnt cooking due to still more of the lurgy that keeps on giving ,  i cooked the instant out of a box buffet from hell , just chuck in oven then, chuck on my endless collection of pretty plates and vintage pyrex , they still stuffed there faces just the same and proved my point that good food is wasted on the boys  ..though even the birds wouldnt take a second Macaroni
Trainee daughter in law has developed the exhausted rabbit in the headlights look that only a breastfeeding mum of a two hourly feed baby can get ,which was a good think as the boys all got a good maul of the baby while she snored on the sofa . Managed to show Young Baldrick that hes not crying for food hes crying because hes got wind and just needs a gentle tummy rub to get it moving without using food to force the pain away ...yep i had a small colicky baby many moons ago .
Best laugh of the day Young Baldrick the child care expert . He was ranting to his dad and the boys on how he will manage to sort out his partners eldest daughter 13 , he knew how to discipline her into behaving etc etc , as he left sarcastic son pointed out he as going to die trying , nobody wins with an angry jealous 13 year old girl . Personally i think hes being looking up  on his phone , how to be a step parent, the joys of Aspergers , she is going to have him for

Saturday, 29 December 2018


Glad to see the back of that event , one of those xmas days  when if it could go wrong it did go wrong . The damned oven picked that day to die , it took 5 hours to cook a tiny turkey , that was dried up and unappetising , the top oven gave up the ghost altogether so we didnt get dinner till 5 it was scheduled for 1 . I was drowning in snot dying by inches and nobody wanted to help with anything. One son got hammered cos his dinner was late !!! middle son announced dinner is at his next year , i did point out that could be in a cardboard box with his cat on a string . Mr BH was trying to be chirpy not sure which of his medications hed saved up to achieve that .
But i did get a very nice Dremmel type set that i have lots of use for from Mr BH , I bought him a set of wheeltrims so we were both happy , the munchkin got tons from his mother most of which he promptly broke, declared he didnt want and was thoroughly ungrateful and vile about , very glad to see the back of him as he and his mum went to my exes for Dinner .
So yes xmas lived up to my expectations , im still snot riddled and have a death rattle cant taste or smell anything but snot , breathless and wheezy. Im cooking xmas pud today with yesterdays turkey stew heated up . Somehow ive got to magic a buffet up for New Years Day for the rest of the tribe , including allergy riddled trainee daughter in law  , clean up this shitpit , including the wet room that looks as if theyve been making cement in it and not kill any of this selfish what does a hoover look like bunch.....wish me luck

Monday, 24 December 2018


So its turkey wrestling day tomorrow , 6am trip to Tescos for fresh stuff , home for coffee before anyone was stirring , im not to popular because one of the muppets had come in late last night and blocked the car in so i went round them all looking for car keys as you do , just four of us this year , 2 of the lads are here , everyone else is going elsewhere due to me and Mr BH not being xmas inclined.
So I wish all of you a merry xmas , be glad none of you can catch my wonderful xmas lurgy , Turkey and snot tomorrow im afraid . Sadly cant have the new grandchild anywhere near me.

But here is the little scrap, fine set of lungs on him and yes in the footsteps of Mr Bah Humbug hes got the words shortest

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Be prepared

No ive not turned into a Scout , but i think my food habits are turning the kitchen into an episode of hoarders .
Somewhat spectacularly Mr Bah Humbug coughed up the money for a xmas grocery shop and not wanting to let him get away with his usual Scrooge like antics I made the most of it . Only last week he was going off his head because i used my cat food money to get a huge half priced ham from Morrisons. I did point out that the cats are very fond of ham and they might let him share it !!
Now ive been squirreling away stuff for xmas for weeks one bit at a time , so I have everything apart from fresh stuff and of all things tin foil left to get . His grandiose gesture was occasioned by middle son stopping for a few days , he will be stopping again for xmas and hes used to a grandad type xmas , different relative every day , xmas heads on people.
Now being crafty I suggested a trip to Grimsby , my favourite butcher being the main reason . Mr BH didnt even notice the boys had craftily taken out his buggy from the car boot , so apart from a potter on his crutches into Freeman street market , which has tons of benches to park him on . we got to steal his wallet and toddle on , the butcher had a big smile for me , we havent been for 4 months and he did me a good deal , tons of beef and lamb burgers from his freezer to mine, a carrier bag of pigs fry because its illegal to sell it , end joints of beef and pork , barbecue mixed grill packs in fact ive enough meat to last the winter with a bit of creativeness , the lid of the freezer is currently weighed down with car batteries its that full , he did say did i want any big turkey carcasses , they supply them ready cooked to hotels who only want the breast meat , but ive got no space otherwise I would have them . he did say hes now got a little Polish bloke taking all the pigs heads and trotters to make brawn , if only i lived nearer i would willingly buy brawn , I used to love it as a kid . Large pork pies from the market  and yet more  peculiar frozen food from the ever useful Heron, they get all the deformed stuff from Youngs that they sell under the excel label , but a trick ive found is that each branch of  Heron sells different boxes of Excel and they have 2 in grimsby , so ive now got a carrier bag of malformed scampi , umpteen fajita sausage rolls and somewhat surprisingly tons of deformed lamb chops this time , next week it may be malformed Pizzas and huge fish fillets you never can tell ,  xmas eve last year it was huge bags of mince pies .
So now the weather can do its worse , we are warm and the DWP cant spoil this xmas , ive bags of food ready to go to other family and friends who have got the miserable xmas we had last year .
Best skint foodie tip for next week , mince is in every reduced bin , nobody buys anything but xmas the week before xmas .

Monday, 10 December 2018


Now as many of you realise i' m very grinch like in my view of Xmas, I loathe the whole commercialised season , ive just no interest in it at all , but this year Mr Bah Humbug is excelling himself in being a mardy joy sapper . Not just to me but the whole family , he doesnt want to go out at all and hes turning into my jailer. We havent even been to see the new grandchild because its a "waste of fuel" . Theres "no point in going out " because "I" have no money , meaning me of course .
Now I know hes depressed , hes supposedly getting treatment , they increase his antidepressents every so often , theres nobody for him to go and see because Lincolnshires mental health care has basically collapsed, but hes driving me steadily mad at the moment .
Hes just come in and started going off on one because somebody has moved the red sauce!!! Hes turned into a self obsessed monster the last few weeks , he belittles everything anyone does for him . Im told how useless i am at every turn , then 10 minutes later hes all apologetic and grovelling . Constantly picking on the Munchkin and causing endless rows , this latest phase is proving very hard work . Ive no clue what is going on with him , hes hit a physically quite good phase , hes only needing his crutches when he goes out. his other physical problems problems dont appear to be any worse, the latest pain clinic visit does seem to have improved things a little.
I think ive narrowed it down to his change in pain medication or hes fretting over me not being well , nothing to fret about just the minor niggles of getting older from a female perspective but men can be funny that way . So im stumped , but lifes interesting

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Xmas Gift

Well Young Baldrick rang up totally hysterical yesterday . we eventually got it out of him that hes now a dad , never to do things by halves hed just delivered his partners baby !! The ambulance didnt get there in time because its the Lincoln Christmas Market and all the roads are closed up that end of town .  One hell of a shock for someone as far on the autistic spectrum as he is , but i gather it was one of those babies who wasnt hanging around and literally just appeared after a couple of cramps , theyd literally just popped his partner in the ambulance with the baby when he
Baby was due to be delivered by section on Boxing Day , hes a bit small just over 5lbs but he appears to have all his fingers and toes and be healthy , theyre staying in for a few days because mums everyday medical problems make it a good idea , plus a few days may be needed to calm Young Baldrick down he still appears totally shell ..
Dont know what the future holds for this little one, only time will tell , but its the best xmas gift we all could have.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Texas Chainsaw

Well ive been up for hours , Mr BH is snoring so bad hes drowning out next door , usually they sort of even out to a steady rhythm but even with ear plugs hes like a chainsaw tonight and as i cant move or wake him due to his industrial drug regime , me and the cat are up doing email and having a cuppa.
So what have I been up to , not much im afraid the season of mud has arrived , so nothing outside . Pottering about doing the usual carer chores dodging the mutant piles of washing , had to do a laundrette trip last week with all the bedding and towels Mr generates , washed at home, then chucked into 3 dryers at the laundrette , ho hum more expense. But still much cheaper than if we had a dryer at home . Todays weird fact did you realise that East of England has the dearest electric price , regardless of supplier , you can go on the comparison websites   it says everybody is cheaper but when you talk to said cheaper suppliers they cant offer you a cheaper deal because of your postcode . Ive tried economies of scale dont apply when your rural and cant be a dual fuel customer.
The cat jumble sale was a resounding success tons of weird stuff not just the usual mountains of clothes , it would seem they had a rather large donation from a demolition firm , theyre knocking down some 80s store units in town to build yet more student accomodation and Lidl had a clearance shop for a few months , only thing is when they moved out they just locked the unit up and left the  the builders have frantically donated this to whatever charity would take it  , hence the jumble was a tad comedic , buy one get a bagful free , so there were little old ladies getting a bag of grout knives and tile spacers with there xmas tat , though one little old dear looked totally baffled when she bought a ghastly resin ornament for £1 and was handed a bag of 10 .
I was remarkably restrained , all i came away with was 5 files of ghastly knitting patterns with a couple of dozen salvaged for my collection , a huge pile of posh garden and cooking books to flick through and , put out the flags here folks unopened pack of stair carpet tiles, you know the ones that just go on the treads of the stairs , ive had stair carpet on my thrift list for at least 3 years since the first hole appeared, so for a whole £2 im very happy , now ive just got to persuade the boys to lay them , wish me luck with that one.
Im avoiding xmas wherever i can and once again ignoring everything but preparing turkey dinner , the only presents ive bought have been a tool box and some Poundland tools for the munchkin , were hoping this stops him pinching grandads serious snap on stuff . Well we can hope , for 10 years old hes quite a handy little bloke and will try to fix anything, somehow i think hes not going to be a go to university kind of child , more an oily greasy apprenticeship sort  .... though he did make me laugh when he was questioning his maes dad about working for the water board , Guess thats a good idea ,there will always be poo!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Over & Over

Its look out the window at the beautiful sunshine day again , just done the school run and that icy wind is back again . So a day of domestic servitude eventually after looking through a whole weeks blogs , doing the months end competitions and an appointment with the only book ive read this month, something of a first but im having problems with concentration due to the interesting lab rat drugs my dear doctor thinks are a good idea  .  Munchkin has requested his favourite tea mince and cheesy beans in wraps so no prep needed . Im doing my usual totally ignore xmas routine , quietly preparing my dont shop January list , plus just incase Brexit extras.
Finally they have managed to fit  two water meters its only taken 3 years , this time it was a subcontract plumber sent by Anglian Water  who got round the problem of  the no stop tap issue that the council havent resolved in the last 10 years .  He wandered round and knocked on every door in the street then turned of the main tap at the hydrant in the road .  We now have proper stop taps at both places where we have a supply entering and a seperate drain point for the whole heating system plus 2 water meters he got round the lead piping issues by fitting the stop taps six inches into the property on the copper internal piping . He said he was contracted for half a day , so he might as well do what needed doing , sod the council. This now means that finally i can apply for the disability grant available from Anglian water, it wont save us much but its something . Plus it will annoy next door and the kids no end they all use our outside tap because its at the back of the house  to wash their cars and water their gardens now the tap is turned off internally and you need a key to get into that shed which i have misplaced
I had to laugh I had a letter from one of the debt companies yesterday saying they could give me a 70% discount for xmas if i paid my debt in full before xmas its not a huge amount and they get £10 a month into infinity or death which ever comes first , so if i have a lottery win they can have their money , of course id have to have the money to buy a lottery ticket . My huge income of £64 a week carers has to stretch a long way , ive 3 cats to support only one of which is mine , £12 a week to the water rates . £30 a month to my debts , then im expected to buy all the fresh stuff milk fruit and veg and bread. Cloth myself fund a bad jumble sale habit , and keep my vehicle on the road and pay for my fuel . But were so much better off than last year that it seems like an awful lot of money .
Cat jumble sale 10am Birchwood Scout Hut tomorrow!!!