Monday, 30 January 2023

A Big Plus

 So for once a little positivity , after 2 years more phone calls than a telephone canvasser , arguments , 600 pages of verification information , hours of my life on hold etc etc , the renewal for his disability benefits has finally come through .  He got the letter on Saturday and he just went white and i said i guess we are going to court yet again , hands me the letter and i find he really is a bit dumb , he has actually got another 5 years till his next review and a small increase in his mobility allowance . I havent told him that  this is backdated for the 2 years its taken to process it . 

This small increase will at least allow us to keep the vehicles on the road , we have been running just the one for the winter and barely running it at that .  Next fun thing will be getting his back payment out of the bank as soon as it lands before he gets to spend everything on rusty crap on the internet . Getting cash these days is hard work , we have no local branches and you can only take 100 pounds a day out at the not so local coop . ive got to take as much off him as i can because we have the change to Universal Credit this year and i dont want to take their loans which sentence you to a lifetime of debt while they take months to process the claim .

Id like to point out that being a benefit scrounger is a major stress , you spend endless hours on the phone you get endless threatening letters, nothing you do is ever right because they constantly move the goalposts , you have to keep up with all their latest tricks to defraud you .  In fact when dealing with them its better to view them as liars and tricksters at every turn , they are not there to help in any way . Consult every online forum you can find before filling in anything , keep copies of everything .  In fact its a shame they dont apply the same scrutiny to those in positions of power that are the true benefits scroungers 

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Fed Up

 Today i made the effort and toddled into Lincoln to do our first proper shop since before xmas , the horrors of tackling Lidl without the munchkin have left me crippled , just for fun i ended up with the worse British cashier in Lidl , she was a pearler , smug sniggering to her mate sat next to her as she expected me to struggle with cases of items that she insisted must go on the belt , normally you just give them one item from each case . As i was walking away she says to her mate , Serves her right for having a cafe and coming in here !! in my defense i did snigger when the very posh eldeley gentleman who was behind me called her a cunt for slinging his box of eggs down the length of the till .  Oh i havent opened a cafe i just live in the bog end of nowhere and shop every 6 to 8 weeks .

 On the mumsie front despite leaving over 12 messages with different people at The hospital and council in a week we havent had a single reply , we have spoken to social services again . Mumsie has now taken to her bed because she says she has pneumonia , the home informs me there is nothing wrong with her .

On a plus side im spending more time crafting , just for the hell of it because its warm in the bedroom and 2 degrees in the kitchen with the heating on .  Himself is horrified because i told him im giving up on computers once my aged one dies , i wont have any income soon and im sure he wont fund anything for me  

Monday, 16 January 2023

2023 Mummy Update

 The one permanent fixture at the moment is mothers care situation . having being evicted from her bed blocking job into the poshest dementia care facility in the area , she has been reasonably happy and settled ,one or two interesting episodes i gather . they moved her there christmas Eve and they just left me  a phone message , Being ill and all the other events going on there was little chance to find out what was going on , but others have visited and said how nice it was and she seemed to like it . It was very secure they couldnt leave their rooms alone at night and everything was key carded to stop the residents going anywhere they shouldnt .

However what they didnt tell us is that she was only there for 6 weeks we found this out yesterday when my cousin visited !!! So we have spent all day trying to find out what is going on . It seems that the government threw some money at the hospitals to evict the bed blockers but they only paid for 6 weeks!!! so where do they go after that ? We cant seem to get an answer on that one . It would seem the plan is to send her home yet again with a couple of carer visits because shes physically in really good condition for her age apart from her heart being a tad wobbly . The fact that her brain is like a plate of half scrambled eggs counts for nothing it would seem / Shes so well at the moment because she has spent 3 months in care and her meals and meds are monitored there!!! plus they dont let her at the booze .  This ended up with us contacting social services today because no one would speak to us . They have no record of her anywhere which is pretty weird as i have spoken to them in the past , they think she may have transferred her across to the local council and her files may have gone there  . Anyway the result of all this chaos is that we are waiting for someone to contact us from half a dozen directions ...i await with interest  

Wednesday, 4 January 2023


 so its over , the worst year ever , xmas was dreadful , i was ill through the whole of xmas and left to his own devices Mr BH has excelled himself and i think the whole family have realized just what i have to put up with , mother is now in her elder care prison .and raising merry hell . Im still struggling to think and breathe . Our grandson was stillborn on Xmas Eve and ive been no use or help to anyone . So not up to the whole blogging and internet stuff at the moment . I will be back once i feel a little more human 

Sunday, 18 December 2022

This is the End

The Last Post as i sign off for xmas 

Someone Robin Hooded Iceland overnight yesterday and im sure there will be more of these incidents this week, society seems to be going downhill at a rapid rate . Ive seen folks shoplifting much more this year  . We have heat and light still , but im still ignoring the whole event where possible , plenty of food in the cupboards the only extra is a cheese pack . Though im storing daughter and sons turkeys things . Sons freezer packed up and daughters is rammed full . Sons baby is due to be started off the day after Boxing Day , the hospital is only booking slots for the days they have enough midwifes for so you have them when they tell you these days .

In the world of Grinch ive had 2 xmas cards this year , one i have no idea who its from . A friend bought me a cheese advent calendar much appreciated but now i feel guilty because i cant afford to buy her a gift . every spare penny is having to be saved for fuel to get son to his girlfriends for the baby , theres no public transport available and they are more than skint despite working . im hoping to get them electric for xmas .

Mother Dearest is fading slowly shes over the flu but has yet another infection , you still take a week to get any news but things have been relaxed so that you dont have to book appointments to visit and they are allowed to ring you if they are well enough . Somebody put in an official complaint it would seem , nothing to do with me but i think my daughter may have had something to do with it .

So enjoy your xmas whatever you may have planned , i will be warm and well fed at daughters subject to grandson giving us his raging cold  

Monday, 12 December 2022

Jingle Bells

 well its very xmasy outside heaps of ice and freezing fog so im debating making plum loaf in the microwave , ive got some ancient eggs and last years dried fruit , nothing that a bit of tea and a splash wont rehydrate , always a good experiment . its surprising but im still drying washing outside when the fog lifts , just have to remember to turn it , mainly because it doesnt dry in a house with a mould problem . couldnt afford to own a tumble drier anyway . On that subject its a kindness if your neighbours have kids and you can afford it to offer to dry school uniform in your tumble if you see it hanging in the fog .

As far as we are aware mother is still alive in Jurassic Park , nobody answers the phone which i can understand as they all have flu, mother included , so theres no visitors allowed . My cousin says they are training attendants for the ward in the event of strike action , if mothers feeling perky im sure she will love administering bed baths to everyone in memory of her nursing days 

im my usual xmas Grinch im afraid ive done dozens of the thousands of xmas competitions on offer , mainly gardening and craft stuff , theres never clothes of a decent size and im afraid beauty products long passed me by . i did find one for DMS so you never know ? So far ive won a Guinness Christmas jumper , i usually win 3 things so im waiting patiently . 

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Tis The Season

 Well it feels like the season of misery and depression , Mr BH had his on the phone PIP reassessment the other day the girl was nice enough but he was sobbing he really doesnt like to even think about his prognosis let alone chat about it , i was allowed to sit with him and to explain that because we had to fill the forms in during the Covid Lockdown we were unable to get consultant letters they required and he is now awaiting being assigned to new consultants because everyone dealing with him has gone home to their own countries . Why is he not seeing his GP each month ? because nobody has seen any of our GPs for months , they give him an appointment then cancel it the next day because the surgery has no GPs ...AARRRGGGGHHH. Why had i sent a copy of his medical records in ? because i couldnt get the letters . Why has he not been by the consultant about his heart problem diagnosed 18 months ago ? we are still waiting . Has he seen any consultants ? nope he just gets telephone consultants about his iron problem with a bloke based in Mumbai whos very good . Is he still having blood transfusions regularly ? No because there is no blood so hes having infusions till they get some blood not helped by him having a rare blood group .  An hour on the phone now we await the verdict which can take weeks ,hes so depressed he suggested we end it all if it has to go to another tribunal .

 Hes down in the depths and instead of weetabix wars we have crumpet wars , i got a small batch of yellow label Asda stuff to try because daughter shops there so she could pick things up for me . The crumpets are foul and hes not eating them he says they are a bit stodgy but excellent value for money so i will eat them . There grotty frozen sausage rolls were good but i dont think they have any meat content , a bottle of Cola was so bad ive used it to clean the toilet , we will keep wading through the offerings , but im getting comments about why am i not shopping for xmas ? because theres no money due to the electric being so expensive aaarrrggghhh

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Mummy Update

 Mummy Update time its sort of eating everyones life at the moment , shes now in a ward she cant escape from . I had a call from a very junior daughter last week who with much errr and ahhing asked if we were ok with my mother going on to DNR which with things as they are and at 88 doesnt seem unreasonable. A consultant had lunch with her and she now has a diagnosis of dementia worsened by asymptomatic Covid , this at least means they run care decisions past us . The endless urine nfections are taking their toll and her heart is failing but shes still running round the ward creating havoc .  So daughter and other half decided to go visit at the weekend and visit the bungalow to clear up some stuff .  Piles of post etc to be processed , fridge to be emptied , set the heating low all the chores for a long term empty property . A couple of neighbours collared them and said theres been a lot of burglaries locally so they have fetched home all her jewellery for safe keeping and all important paperwork etc . At least in a little street of pensioners bungalows they are all keeping an eye on the place .  The huge freezer is packed full so a neighbour is going to ask round and see if a charity will take it . Daughter has suggested Olio. 

 On visiting her they had problems , it seems you must book an appointment to visit the ward she is on now , daughter told them tough shed driven 3 hours she would be seeing her , nobody has mentioned it and it says nothing on the website . Plus nobody ever answers the phone . she said the ward is grim its full of confused elderly bed blockers with just two nurses , it has no windows they can see out of  , which for mother being functionally blind isnt to bad but she says all the lights are on 24/7 , shes her usual vile chirpy self  most of the time , but then she drifts a bit , once again shes taken against another patient so i can see this being fun . They also noticed that the meals are just dumped then collected with the staffing level this isnt surprising, but it does seem cruel if people just need a little help and encouragement . So it seems that they now accept it isnt a good idea to send her home with carers and she will likely be going into residential care subject to the six month minimum waiting list . who knows its all a bit wait and see at the moment , im sure they may ring us eventually 

Monday, 21 November 2022

Onwards and Upwards

Well as we head towards xmas tied to vain hope that all will be well , im still here , not here much because im busy with various projects of a crafty nature , plus everything is so depressing online . I missed 3 days to read a good book and somehow accumulated 300 emails all about Black Friday and i cant say i was tempted to open a single one, i get so much email just because i do a lot of competitions , i sit and freeze in here while tea cooks im waiting for my dumplings to swell is the only reason i would be in here its 5 degrees which with a wooly hat and thermals is pretty tolerable . Then its the time of year that mould wars get serious, never ending moping of condensation if we gave up breathing there wouldnt be so much says the surveyor but it forms on every surface you dont wipe down . sons bedroom is the worst he gets a three inch strip along the outside wall his bedroom stinks of bleach and vinegar . All you can do is keep on moping and store everything in airtight tubs and containers i sometimes think it looks a bit like a warehouse with all the plastic crates . 

On the mummy front i have waited a week for them to contact me about this huge meeting over mommy dearest, not a thing have i heard and nobodies answering the phone or messages . My cousin toddled to the hospital , struggled to find her bacause she had moved yet again , which if someone is confused why would you move her to another ward every few days? I gather she had to apologise to the staff on the last ward , not sure how they managed that , ive never had an apology in 50 years . I think they are assuming she has angry dementia not that she is bleedin horrible and talks to everyone like that . Unless your one of her chosen ones

Saturday, 12 November 2022

Wibble Wibble

 im really living in the land of the batty at the moment , himself is sat on the sofa talking and snoring  , hes had to heavily medicate having done something interesting while disabled fishing . I would imagine hes fallen as he wouldnt even get in the shower last night or this morning ...ho hum its going to be a long weekend . Planned to go to the jumble today but unless i can get a sitter i would think it will be another whole week staring at the walls .

Got a phonecall from a rehabilitation nurse about Mommy Dearest , and once again had to explain that she cant come home to me as i have other commitments , why can nobody read her bleedin notes ?  She did in fact attack the woman in the next bed and has been moved to another ward . They cant get her to interact she just tells them all to fuck off they have a meeting about her next week to decide whether she needs to be in secure accommodation rather than rehabilitation and they want us to apply for power of attorney so that she cant make her own care decisions again . Ive been trying to look up the cost , her neighbor sent me a picture of the mountains of bills that she has accumulated in 7 weeks , the neighbor is also owed money for her shopping her gardener and window cleaner etc , im just hoping i can get some of the cost of living payment off himself before he goes on another spending spree . i just dont have a penny to my name at the moment £69 doesnt go far ...AAARRRGGGHJHHH

Wednesday, 9 November 2022


 It took 5 days to track mother down to the right hospital and ward and the verdict is that shes been sent dolally by a water infection. Cousin managed to break in to the hospital yesterday and see her . He was there with my 90 year old uncle who had fallen out of bed split his head open and sat 3 days with a tea towel on his head and not said a word , his carers hadnt noticed and i presume thought the teatowel was a fashion statement ? Anyway mother is hallucinating but they say its the drugs , she has also taken against one of the women on her ward and told my cousin that she plans to kill her . I did ask my cousin if he had informed the staff but he thought she was joking , im not so sure, But the plan apparently is that shes going to the rehabilitation hospital once theres a place , because theres nothing medically wrong with her . Dear old Uncle Roy chimed in with ...thats where they send you to die if your a nuisance.

 Im sure im living in some weird dystopian nightmare between mommy dearest and other half and his weirdness he generously gave me a $5 note for the groceries and told me to treat myself with the change. Oh and the staff nurse who asked me if i was having psychiatric treatment ..AAARRRGGHH   

Thursday, 3 November 2022

Doom nd Gloom

Well thats it mother managed half a day at home then refused to let her carers in and at that point it went nuclear on her, shes in a hospital somewhere , still trying to find out whats going on . Neighbour says shes to confused to deal with anything and she should never have been sent home in that state . 

Meanwhile in the real world what the hell is going on , i managed to get him to let me go into Sleaford  yesterday , to pop into the food pantry because i had the cash to pay my £6 for a bag full , hes currently refusing to pay anything because hes saving up for bits for his latest scooter project and i only got to go in because he was dropping bits off for shot blasting .AARRRGGGHHHH  the food pantry is a bit weird at times you get an odd selection still lots of fruit and veg , theres lots of cereals and pasta but i have a good selection stockpiled so i leave those for who needs them more, then theres mountains of weird stuff yesterday they had a lard mountain , tons of end of day posh bread buns that just screamed pizza bread to me so i got a big bag because everybody was looking at them and putting them back , so sourdough pizza bread is todays project some to eat and a bag to pop in the freezer . there was a girl with a baby looking baffled so i explained that a tube of tomato puree will do dozens and you can use any mangy cheese you have even plastic slices and the kids wont care its just pizza bread to them. I do feel for those who dont know how to get by and who have never had to live poor before . I think i got adopted as i then had to explain that you can run stuff like the little jars of fish paste through pasta and it just tastes of tomato and once again kids love it . 

I ventured into Iceland because theres been some good stuff in the sale freezer lately but they have done away with it for the festive season , but stuff got weird there was a Chinese lady who runs one of the takeways buying 2 trolleys of eggs , all the eggs in the shop in fact , i suppose she plans to freeze them so they dont run out ? who knows but the little lad on the till was struggling with the concept and trying to ask if she really needed so many and she started shouting in Chinese and it turned into a circus , in fact it was my entertainment for the day . She got all her eggs though 

Friday, 28 October 2022


 So heres me veered away from mummy tales , she has informed the rest of the family she no longer has a daughter bless her . She has also offered to give the neighbor who kept her alive during covid her bungalow if she will care for her full time . To the best of my knowledge shes still locked up in the hospital refusing to pay for carers 

Meanwhile lets talk about real world problems , the cost of living etc etc etc . Has anyone else noted the shocking drop in quality of what you normally buy?  the shrinkage , the lack of variety and the half a supermarket full of xmas stock and bugger all else? Grandson is here for the week and even he noted there was not a lot in Tesco unless you were xmas shopping and the prices for toys etc were shocking, bits of plastic for £30 in a pretty box pretty much sums it up . Im fortunate that i dont need to buy for small children , our family is dwindling to a standstill though we expect a new grandchild in the new year , im trying to save up to get a load of supermarket vouchers for that arrival so they can decide what they actually need they have loads of baby stuff and a small mountain of nappies etc . Im very reassured that when you go shopping even the posh folk are exclaiming ..sod that....when they pick stuff up , £3.80 for a small pack of almonds , i think not , Bakewells off the menu now along with a lot of other stuff , himself  never noticed id filled out a huge cake with grated apple and pear the other day not a single complaint thats unlike him , hes a real food whiner most of the time . hes got one on him today because i bought Clover spread because it was a Clubcard offer . Ask me and i will buy some decent stuff he says , just accept that i cant feed us on F++k all these days and stop buying emdless scooter crap of the internet , everyday theres parcels and not cheap parcels at that arriving .

BUUUT on a plus note  we have a full oil tank, they fitted a new one just before covid and we saved to buy 500 litres they came to deliver and managed to get only 300litres in, the sensor is faulty it would seem .  Ive tried to get him to order padlocks for the twin layer lids because oil theft out here is about the only crime we get , ive had to nag and nag and when they turned up they didnt fit AAARRGGGHHHH now all i hear is can we have the heating on im cold  as he sits with no shirt and shorts on . So nothings changed now my mother has orphaned me , himself is still as thoughtless and confused as ever , we bimble along and im sure we shall be fine . Jumble sale tomorrow just to cheer me up , ive got a new search list at the moment , mainly stuff ive broken

Thursday, 20 October 2022

Mummy 5

 well where to begin , after all the fuss mummy dearest has been declared fit to come home , the problem is that she is refusing all the carers she has been offered , shes still being rude to all and sundry , sent the social worker home with a flea in his ear and her problem?  She refuses to pay for them despite getting attendance allowance and having more money than a Tory PPI contract holder . Theres nothing i can do she refuses to speak to me at all . The hospital is desperate to get rid of the abusive old biddy and its her stubbornness keeping her there .  Himself has been not to well so im run off my feet , his urgent blood transfusion were cancelled because hes a rare blood group and there is no blood, they then decided to give him some other  infusion  that they normally give to pregnant women and hes reacted badly stumbled yesterday because hes so drowsy and now can barely move or walk . AAARRRGGGHHH  hes got to go for another next week which should be fun getting him there . So lifes fun , all i have is the enjoyment  of being stuck in and watching the Tory Party implode while polishing Barbies for this years xmas donation.

Monday, 10 October 2022

mummy 4

 now my mother and i have always had a difficult relationship . At the moment im plagued with bad dreams and flashbacks to the point of struggling to function at all . None of this is helped by the fact that the hospital she is in is virtually impossible to contact , they hardly answer the phone and when they do its just to hang up . weve had one phone call all the time shes been in their , today daughter managed to make contact only to be told that they have had to section her because she assaulted a member of staff last night and had been extremely verbally abuse to them she had had to be restrained and tranquilized . They thought she may have had a small stroke or something else so she earned a CT and an MRI they can find nothing wrong with her so are scheduling her for release . Shes Covid clear now so they want rid of her . Not sure what the hell is going to happen , but i know this i cant care for her in any shape or form .

Friday, 7 October 2022

mummy 3

 well finally the hospital has made contact after 6 days . A junior doctor with very poor english rang me last night , sadly things had got somewhat out of hand to the point that my daughter threatened legal action to the patient liason team , suddenly we get a phone call they explained she is now in an isolation room in the Covid ward as she has tested positive , shes not ill just a little vocal i gather . They claim they rang and gave us an update , not sure who they think they rang but it was none of the family. They now admit that she has an infection as well as Covid so they are filling her with antibiotics all discharge plans have been put on hold . The doctor said she could ring us if she chooses too but being blind i can see a problem with that theory , plus the doctor said it says nothing about her being blind in her notes ...aaarrggghhhh so thats todays update of you couldnt make it up . Life other than this saga continues as usual boring depressing and poor 

Sunday, 2 October 2022

mummy 2

 Well its all proceeding on well, social services have come out of the woodwork and are leaping into action ....desperate to get rid of her i think thats code for.  Shes still refusing to speak to any of us , but we expected this . we seem to have stirred up a whole kettle of worms over the other so called care company . The lady who came and recommended them wasnt a social worker all though she did do assessment visits for them , it seems she has been recommending this mother and daughter pair of carers to lots of people shes seen and they are not contracted to social services ,  the fact that they dont appear to do any daily paperwork to give anyone a clue what they are actually doing is a bit of a giveaway . But the social worker says they have done nothing illegal . This is a private matter because mother pays for her care and not them . AARRRGGGHHH  It was up to my blind mother to check the paperwork to see they had insurance etc . So thats another thing i get the blame for . Daughter had put a rocket up their backside about the suggestion that she move in with me so i can care for her and other half  because we are paying bedroom tax so must have a spare room , i think it was the suggestion that we are to far from an off license and we dont get on at all ended that idea. i do think that if id lived in the same area she would have been dumped on our doorstep !!!  I told the social worker that we would be happy for her to go home if they sorted her cataract out while she was stuck in the hospital so that she would have far more vision and a better quality of life and would need less care . not sure if that sunk in , but we all keep saying this to them . the latest daft problem is they have moved her to another ward that doesnt answer the phone at all they just hang up if you manage to get through so we have heard not a thing for 3 days 

Tuesday, 27 September 2022


 So im the lowest of the low at the moment , Mummy dearest decided to not open the curtains Saturday morning and the neighbour who keeps an eye on her , thought this is it , went across with her spare key and found the doors locked with the key on the inside . after hammering and screaming through the letterbox she heard a little im coming and my mother answered the door in her nightie . But the point is she was very confused and out of it so she rang me while mother was getting dressed , it transpires her carers havent been for days though i rang Thursday and she hung up on me because she said her carers had arrived ?  There was no fresh food in the house and being blind she had been eating green mouldy bread buns , the carers do her shopping for her.  when the neighbour checked she hadnt had any pills since Tuesday , i asked the neighbour to ring for an ambulance but she insisted i ring 111 which i did and then had to explain im over 100 miles away , this meant they couldnt access anything because we are living in a different region , so this turned into a right circus . but finally they got a nice little indian lady to ring my mother it was  decided after this conversation to request an ambulance  so the neighbour stayed with her she was still very confused and looked like death so im told theyd got her sat in front of the telly with a pile of blankets because mother had turned off the heating and was freezing , fed her  pills and given her tea laced with sugar as instructed it took 6 hours for the ambulance to get their it got to the top of the road then had to leave again once . but they checked her and she needed to go in because her heartbeat was allover . Then they sort of  kidnapped her , she sat in an ambulance till she got a bed Monday morning and we couldnt find anything out before other than she was in ambulance triage.  Then the fun begins they rang yesterday and because she hadnt had a fall they wanted to send her home !! Not a chance , nobody not even the hospital has been able to get in touch with the care company involved , i cant leave himself and her neighbour cant be there all the time , so no they will have to involve Social Services . I then at 9 oclock last night get an irate staff nurse on the phone trying to shame me into picking her up because they need the bed , shes mobile and wandering round BUT if shes not taking her medication or able to shop and eat unsupervised and wont put the heating on because shes listening to GB news all day telling her shes poor , its not safe for her to be home alone .  They even said that if they put her in a taxi they cant stop her leaving , she hasnt  got any house keys so she cant get in i pointed out, i was getting very annoyed by that stage .  i did point out to the nurse , that maybe she had a loving kind mother but sadly the little old lady sat in that bed is a bleedin manipulative monster , but she could be stuck here for weeks was the reply .  GOOD so now Social Services can sort this bleedin mess out and put a proper care plan in place . This is a conspiracy by myself the neighbour and other family members to make the evil old bag pay for her care and not treat everyone like unpaid servants in her aim to have a gold plated coffin . So im now officially a granny dumper ...The END not that in my wildest imagination it will be  

Friday, 23 September 2022


 Out here in the real world ive been busy thats why ive been up since 4am prepping veg for the freezer , not because im that busy but because i got up to let out a howling aged cat then i thought i will just have a cuppa then i thought id just catch up on blog reading , then i spotted the two on the turn peppers , last night i popped on stew from all the fridge gravel , himself asked what meat it was and i informed him its his favourite mystery meat, actually its a bag of frozen stock from a pork joint that we had back in the spring and my collection of chop bones ive being saving , but what he doesnt know wont hurt him and the bones will come out before serving.  did another food shop at the community pantry im aiming for once a fortnight and this weeks yield was better than the last . tesco reject celery , it was a bit muddy but guess what you can wash it!!! lots of peppers, two cabbages, huge heads of garlic ,various ugly veg that i have no problem with. plus free cooking apples if you needed them .  the lady on the till did ask why i take tinned potatoes instead of fresh , i explained i was still getting them from the garden that the tinned ones are excellent in stew once the fresh veg dries up in winter, if i fill the slow cooker right up it lasts 3 days , dumplings the first night , garlic toast the second and just bread on the third . I did laugh when Useful son said his pregnant girlfriend has no idea how to cook ,bless him he is quite a useful cook so thats another reason they might make a go of it in these hard times . I think its just the fact she comes from a very large family and managed to avoid learning  lol . Also i think ive found another good thing about the community pantry it was worth joining just for the cheeses, this week it was wensleydale with rhubarb others were picking it up and looking in horror , i was licking the packet , half for dinner on salad and half in the freezer , last week it was mozzarellas. freezer cheese is great for cooking.  So the poverty diet plan is in full swing to enable us to afford lights on this winter , its cheap its healthy and theres lots of it  

Wednesday, 14 September 2022


 So the Elizabethan era is over , i may as well admit im not a royalist but what a spectacular life she has lived , from a future of living in a farmhouse as a small child with her sister and lots of dogs and horses . To ending up the heir to the throne by default , due to her Uncles abdication on rather salacious grounds for the times. Then we chucked a war at her and she served her country rather well spanner in hand like so many girls of the times , met a dashing naval officer shed had her eye on since she was a kid and lived happy ever after , thy spent endless years on tour to the backends of nowhere visiting the rapidly deflating Empire , Philip making her smile all the way , acid wit being his well known specialty . 4 kids later still on tour back in the days when people queued  for hours to see them , they were influencers before they were even invented .  

Lets talk about the kids ..err Charlie our once and future king , not much good at marriage , too used to getting his own way , climate hypocrite , how many trees does he have to plant to carbon offset his jetting round to eco conferences? Andrew cant say nothing good so saying nothing . Edward dragged out of some backwater closet to do the job they had lined up for Harry and Anne absolutely distraught by her mums death being dragged around the country as a public grief martyr.

Its the whole public spectacle of it that i object to , im sure the queen would have been more than happy to be interred with Phillip driven there on the landrover he loved surrounded by her loving family allowing  them to privately grieve.

Please dont get me on the subject of how we have all watched her wither away since Philip went, thats the cruelist part of all . 
Or maybe thats the fact they dragged her of her deathbed filled her up with drugs and got her to shake hands with Liz Truss in the name of duty .