Friday, 19 July 2019

Coming Over All

So im contemplating a birthday and life in general . Did i ever think life would come to this ? Living in the weird limbo land of being a carer ?
Growing up it was expected that a womens purpose in life was to breed and keep house , my mother was the first working mother i knew, it just didnt happen in the early 60s . I think this was because my parents were married 8 years before i accidentally popped up , my mother was a great practicer of counting days to not get pregnant , she had a green diary with every date in her mooncycle ever . I have never been forgiven for the time she had flu and dad got the wrong day , she reminded me of this the other day . 84 and she still bares a grudge
But the thing that gets me is that everyones a working mum these days , we gained so much liberation down the years that a woman now has all the equality she could want, apart from equal pay . But still its the woman who does the majority of household chores , pretty much all the childcare extras , looks after parents , partners, the bleedin cat and uncle Tom Cobley and all .
So did we gain anything from feminism and equality ?  Apart from that is more deaths from heart disease , stress and mental illness . Our lives are run at full pelt , everybody is tired exhausted and in debt .
So answer this one .  What did men lose from our gains ?  Discuss

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Fish 2

Mr Bah Humbug is in mourning , the fishing pit hes used since he was a kid is closing except for residents , the owners have had a lot of trouble with strangers turning up without a fishing license then starting arguments over the matter , it had great disabled access and toilet facilities . So now hes having to trial other sites , which is proving fun .  Many advertise disabled facilities , but really havent put much thought into there provisions .  He does need to be able to get his vehicle right up to the fishing point .  Solid ground at the point he sits is a must and toilet facilities that dont have stairs or a blue bucket bog are also requirements .  Minor niggles like the pegs being knee deep in goose crap, dont help if your not that steady on your feet . His weirdest problem is that the fish musnt be to big or he cant land them and he says im
I do think hes probably at the worst end of the disabled spectrum that can be expected to go to these places , but we actually fished one yesterday that wasnt to bad , apart from the toilets being non accessible for him .
On the wildlife front Big Doris has let her breakfast escape in the hallway , the three furry virgins are all sat around the huge chest of drawers at the bottom of the stairs awaiting the demise of the tiny vole that escaped her ,you have to be a cat person to put up with this bunch you really do

Friday, 12 July 2019

Is It Me?

Forgive me for i have sinned , i bought my first item of clothing new this year . apart from underwear this rarely happens , i was in B&N stood at the tills paying for my peppered spam ration , a rare and wonderous  They had several trollys of kids clothing knocked down to a quid at the tills , when a girl pulled up with a trolley full of packs of leggings , she chirped up to the girl on the tills .
Nobodys gonna want these , theyre all for fat fucks . much sniggering ensued you could here the rattle of their tiny braincells . So i picked them up and looked £3 for two pairs excellent .
They seemed rather quiet when i left . But then i did comment.......Fat fuck leggings just what i needed !!
Then in my surreal world I was pottering round doing the hoovering in the passage when out of the corner of my eye something moved halfway down the hall . Weaving towards the hoover was a full size grass snake , not sure who was more suprised me or it . I shrieked and it shot behind the cat litter tray , Mr hobbled through to see what the fuss was , so i moved the tray and showed him . He then proceeded to go full snakes on a plane trying to get to it to beat it to death with his crutch ..bleedin men .  I pointed out it was harmless and scooped it up with the dustpan and brush , they dont have venom but a big one can bite so its a long sleeves and trousers job . Popped him on the grass pile in the garden while Mr wanted to play at photographing it , it played dead for a minute then shot off . I was busy wrangling a furry bundle of fury that wanted to play with it , bleedin cats are great . 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Prep On

Todays blog is on the behalf of the Monster Raving Preppers Society . Shortly after the cat was crushed by a stack of Frey Bentos Pies Mr Bah Humbug made me stop buying extras each week so now i have to hide what i buy
The cupboards are bulging and i have my eye on the brick shed that the boys have used for gaming once the munchkin and daughter leave in August.
I think ive been very sensible i have amassed a mountain of cat food , now im concentrating on a few extra household products and once the shed is free , it may become bog roll storage .. i managed quite well for 6 months during the Great DWP famine of 2017 , im currently not far from that level of food storage .  Im not a Brexit panic person , we can panic once Boris is trying to organise his version of Brexit on behalf of the Tory Reich .
I do not think we will be without food , just without foodstuffs that would be our first choice and once the panic buyers and those who would like a big telly to curb their hunger pangs finish rioting things will settle down . There will be a lot of unemployment yet again , but dont worry the rich will get richer if nothing else.
Im second cropping the garden this year if the good weather holds till November all well and good , some will need a bit of cover , if we get a cold snap it can go in the compost heap its just the ends of packets for the sake of using them .
Trying to not take the freezer for granted , we do get a lot of power cuts being very rural , but theyre not for long . But it strikes me that its the parts we order to maintain infrastructure that may be a bit thin on the ground for a while. 
Just remember the Reich will only provide for their own and London , they really dont give a toss about anyone else .
I knew there was something i forgot....camping stove gas . ...Off to mumble in a corner and plan what else i need to smuggle in ....ha ha ha (weird cackle from the corner )

Saturday, 6 July 2019


This is gorgeous , hes gone fishing with his brother and ive watched the sun rise and been for a walk with the cats mine and one of the neighbours as well  , just debating whether to pop to the fishing pit , slap on a load of washing or sneak out to the car boot before anyone gets up
Nothing much of any excitement happening here , plod along everyday chores , the horror of an early morning trip to Burgh Le Marsh car boot and then Ingoldmells market , the car boot was all market stall tat then we went to the market to look at more tat , came back with three melons a cauliflower and a case of ..glad he doesnt want to go to either again .
Then he won  something he really doesnt need on ebay yet again , that turned into an all day safari because he couldnt drive with his legs playing up and his brother wasnt well either . So they had to rope me in as im the only one with a towing license and you guessed it hes bought a trailer ,  now his reasoning that he can get his bigger improved chariot into it doesnt ring true im sure theres some other purpose and hes acting very guilty .  Plus he actually asked what i want to do on my birthday , something he usually remembers about when the kids prompt him the night before , think he was miffed i said id got a Jumble Sale planned , but he can take me for a posh ice cream after .
So the washers finished , the car boot is calling and  theres loads today.  But  I will  just toddle to the local one , then come home i think and start layering cat litter and knitting patterns , then pot on a couple more tomato plants into the porch , must look for a cucumber plant today .
So thats my boring life at the moment , i quite like it this way .

Sunday, 30 June 2019


Hardly been online this week i seem to be very busy doing not a lot at the moment , endless garden chores each day its starting to look a bit more respectable , its just a case of taming the stuff that has gone mental with all the rain and pruning stuff back that has finished flowering , big surprise that after 10 years my Orange Blossom has finally gone quite mental , it has never had any scent before but it is flowering its heart out and the scent in an evening is gorgeous . The big climbing roses have also flowered themselves to death one has finished so thats the next really big pruning chore ...arrrgggghhhh.
We have had useful son here for the weekend , so Mr BH has had someone to talk endless rusty crap to , as they make plans for the classic Volvo stuck on our drive for the last 9 months , surprisingly it always starts first time and he even moved it for me to cut the grass . Though worryingly he did say some old bloke in the village is on about giving him his 70s Volvo estate when he gives up driving , one car on the drive only sunshine , that was the rule for your dad and his projects .
Plus point of son being here,someone to get  the bigger heavier chariot in and out of the boot ,we went to Stickney on Saturday we were there for 6.30 and home by 10 , apart from vast quantities of veg , i spent a whole £2 on a tube of bath sealer and a little cross stitch it was a marathon walk round and im still a tad gimpy .
 Didnt stop me getting up early to wander round the far more interesting Metheringham car boot , I seem to find far more useful stuff there,  the lady with the knitting patterns was waiting for me so ive another huge box of patterns these are much more recent and its mainly booklets and magazines .
 Sine there are a few Aran from the 60s 70s but not the one you are after , ive looked through the files of doom and although i know the one you mean i dont have it , the childrens one isnt one ive seen anywhere .
On the ebay question, sadly one of the conditions of my Housing Benefit is that im not allowed to sell on ebay or anywhere else , its one of the conditions i had to sign for . helping oneself is much frowned upon these days ...there are ways however .
So its school run then in the garden  with the machete ...i may be back

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Knitting By the Guillotine

If I hear "Audio Audio , one two three " much more i will kill him , Mr BH has a new toy to play with and hes driving me steadily mad either that or the current monsoon has me housebound
So what have i been up to ? endless pacing myself  gardening , i think if i could wield a machete the progress would be quicker , lush greeness can get a tad too lush . Their may be the remains of a delivery bloke in their somewhere nearer to the gate, but im getting there .
Once the leg of doom gives out for the day, I can still walk miles it just suddenly decides its had enough, Mr BH has helpfully suggested I may have Fibro , hes an expert on Dr Google , so I sent him to look up PHN this seems to have shut him up somewhat as its just one of those things, its just a no treatment annoyance you have to wait to pass , Shingles the gift that keeps on giving !! Still getting odd patches of blisters 6 months on .
  Im progressing on with a few craft jobs and reading lots of bad murders , I think ive read most of the good authors even the vintage ones , so now im trialing new authors, I had a pile of proof copies and Kindle freebies from Twitter competitions ,  theres a big bag waiting to go on Tescos charity book shelf that have been abandoned half read . I always wait for the 10p sales for book buying and of course the Jumble sales , theyve just about finished its all Summer Fairs now .
I actually managed to sneak out to the little car boot sale on Sunday , Mr had gone fishing with his brother , Munchkin wouldnt get out of his pjs . Did i buy a lot ?  Two Tupperware cereal boxes,  the only truly mouse proof storage for fishing bait and a couple of Nutella glasses being as the munchkin has broken all but one.
But then i lapsed in my promise to stop buying stuff i dont need ....big time
started flicking through a few knitting patterns then realised it was 90% toys , had a handful and the lady said 20p , my leg was fast giving out having to get down to look through them so i offered her £5 for them all and she snapped my hand off , she was telling me her sister died suddenly and this was just the first car boot load , i have purchased a full recycling box of knitting patterns dating from the War to  the present day  , there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them , that im sat sorting through , mostly from magazines , but also lots of the ones i collect . So if theres a particular pattern anyones after just ask ...But it does make you think...if you snuffed it what would they do with your craft stuff ....scary

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Blow Job

Well that should up the visitor figures shouldnt
Though it seemed appropriate talking about Boris doesnt it ? In the bizarre political theater served up for our amusement of late , Boris is the lead horror character in the Conservative Party leadership battle , dear Christ , what have we become . Another polished turd from that academy of dreams Eton . Scarily uncouth and craftily intelligent hes rubbing his hands together in glee at the thought of a country at his mercy till the next General Election , just think of the money he and his mates will rob in that time period , it will be like the vikings on a pillage.  If Blair could sail away loaded and without ending his days in a cell just think of what damage this creature can do .
But is it all a front? is he just the wingman for the real horror candidate Rory the ex MI6 , honestly i wasnt a spook candidate , if he worked for that lot theres a fair bet hes got something on all of them and may well be playing the long game . Is this scary weasel the actual puppet master?
Meanwhile theres Saint Teresa lurking in the wings with her axe , not sure shes going to go quietly at all, you get the feeling theres one last blast left in the old lass .
We live in interesting times , its enough to give you galloping paranoia

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Ive not had my weird dreams for a while i am  kind of missing them , they were the psychedelic bonus of the menopause , best ive managed was Kate Bush in a mates tent at a scooter rally of late . Does this mean im officially an old hag , apart from the odd night flush it seems to have come and gone rather uneventfully more like endless petty annoyances than a major event .
So its now officially monsoon season , the strawberries are huge and tasteless this year , my beans are looking lush and green and ive given up on the weed situation , sod it the greenery can fight it out among themselves , cant even get to the bottom of the garden because a bush has taken over the path
 raspberries ,well the birds are enjoying them im sure i will get a load off the autumn ones for the freezer, so i dont mind sharing these ones . I dont need to save as much this year if its just us . Not many plums or apples on the trees but the pear is its usual mental self , in fact the little triple apple tree doesnt have an apple in sight , wont do it any harm to take the year off  and i can manage with just eaters this year .
Ive been looking into voluntary work of some type but there doesnt seem to be anything locally all would involve traveling, which i cant afford , plus i need a babysitter for Mr Bah Humbug . decisions decisions. 
If nothing else i may start to make a mountain of useful stuff for the charity shop , ive so much fabric and thread kicking about , seeking inspiration, anything but bags , i do think that bags have been done to death of late in environmental zeal . Though ive some ghastly 80s curtains that could go into foodbank shopping bags i suppose .
So lets face it im plodding through life at the moment , more like hobbling through life as my already motorbike damaged leg appears to have suffered permanent damage from the 3 months of shingles , the joys of aging you fall apart bit by bit

Sunday, 9 June 2019


So yesterday in his sudden urge to go out loads i was dragged to Newark Showground yet again, this time for Retro Fest  , a tired naughty munchkin in tow and Useful son . Im so glad when he comes anywhere with us as the new buggy is far heavier than the old one and it will be the death of me , still no nearer to his lordship getting the lift fitted that has sat at home for over a year .ho hum
After the monsoon on Saturday the weather was glorious , tons of stalls for me and the munchkin to potter round and we did manage to lose the others for a while as MrBH was on his Grumpy in pain mode . Munchkin was amazed that the stalls were selling the tat ive collected for pennies down the years. It seems i am accidently trendy these days in the world of homewares . There were tons of clothing stalls and lots of folks in as the munchkin calls it, Fancy Dress. Mainly on an americana theme but also lots of Wartime people . I did quite like this one its more varied than other events , tons of vehicles for Mr and Son to drool and lust over , lots of bad live music .
They all looked rather worried when i decided to roam round the vintage caravan encampments , they are growing on me, Mr BH says theyre no use to him with his level of disability .
Thats right, but we have a towbar and i could have a little one just for me , so now hes got that horrified look on his face yet

Friday, 7 June 2019


Oh to have the time for blogging , i think ive slept more this week than i have in months every time ive sat down ive been snoring ,  in bed for 10 every night but up at silly oclock when the birds start singing, not so much singing its a pair of Magpies having a rave outside the bedroom window . The joys of the countryside im afraid , i can even hear them with my earplugs in
Thought id bring you up to date on the latest Young Baldrick fiasco , hes cut us off altogether im afraid , we havent seen the baby or them since March , now im not sure who is the guilty party in this latest spat between MR Bah Humbug and him over something or nothing . Im not getting involved , im not interested.  I have my suspicions what is going on as Mr BHs ex wife is back in town having split from her partner and she moved in with them for a while. But I thought we had got past all this years ago . . But i like Young Baldricks partner , her kids were even as odd as mine were growing up, plus Little Charlie is gorgeous.  Families who'd have them , stubborn males at their best .
Its fish spawning season so at least were getting a break from the fishing for a couple of weeks , but now Mr BH has a new chariot hes trying to get out more , we went to Newark Auto Jumble last weekend , memo to oneself do not walk on crappy lumpy limestone tracks for miles , your ankles will throb for days , didnt buy a think apart from a rubber doormat . Somehow i found a gorgeous Singer sewing machine from the 1870s but i needed to buy bulk cat food the next day , so i left it for somebody else . Mr Bah Humbug even took me for Sunday dinner out , a major miracle , it was pretty crap to be truthful , the meat was lovely the veg was soggy and the roast potatoes were a deep fried abomination , but he paid for a meal out ,a minor miracle,  usually its a whole rant about wasting money. Hes been very gratingly pleasant to me at the moment , im sure i will figure it

Friday, 31 May 2019


Heres an odd tale for you . we sold Mr BHs old chariot on ebay , hes had to have an upgrade due to his weight ..ho hum
It sold in minutes and they came to pick it up yesterday , lovely couple in much the same boat as us , shes physically not to good and her husband is a very sprightly older gentleman. She was impressed at the number of chairs round the garden to help MR BH get around , she also can get about but only short distances . I was chatting to her other half as the boys were showing her how to get round on the chariot and he was telling me her horror story . His wife ended up in care 15 years ago after a fall ,  on the grounds of having dementia and poor mobility , he and his sons had tried to get her home for years but resigned themselves to  her remaining  in her very nice care home, it shut early this year and his wife quite literally arrived on his doorstep in an ambulance. Social services stated that her care needs could be better met at home.  She had to have a full reassessment so that they could allocate her a new care place ,  It turns out she didnt have dementia at all it was the side effects of her drug regime !!  As he said she was always a bit dippy and sarcastic and he and her sons kept asking why she wasnt getting any worse but nobody was answering the questions at the care home . Social Services and her Doctors just kept saying it was the best place for her etc etc .
When he went to the loo she was telling me its all a bit strange , theyre courting again as she put it . He visited her 3 times a week and got on with his life .  He panics and she wants to be out and about all the ..after all whats the worst that can happen ?

So thats my scary tale , makes you wonder how many people end up in care for no reason due to drug side effects and an odd sense of humour .....Bloody Scary 

Thursday, 30 May 2019


So im all of a bother about how to move forward . Daughter has bought a house so the plan is to be moved by the school summer holidays , this means i have to figure someway to move forward on paying an extra £25 a week rent , i figure maybe £10 to £15 a week may be saved in electric and food but that still leaves me to find £10 to £15 each week . Other half wont contribute this is my problem he has terminal ostrich syndrome when it comes to money , he spends every penny he can on his hobbies if it doesnt benefit him he will contribute nothing . He cant help this so no amount of squealing and shouting will change this fact , his utter selfishness is caused by his illness this will get no better . In fact once we go over to Universal Credit im well and truly screwed , everything will be payed in his name , I will receive nothing payed in my name . Ive just got to somehow get them to pay the rent direct to the landlord AARRGGHHHH  if the money lands in his bank account he will just spend it  He currently pays for everything on direct debit the day he gets payed if hes left any money , the parcels are arriving every day.
So change is going to be a bit of a pickle, the stress is starting to get to me big time im afraid , no matter how i do the sums i cant make the figures add up , everytime I think were getting ahead something trivial kicks us in the teeth .
He presents well when he has visitors and guests , but its all front, he panics when you try to get thought out of him , hes a nightmare when his physical problems worsen in any way even if its temporary.  He has to live with the thought of is it today I cant move at all , what joint will give way next or which nerve will be dead when i wake up in the morning , his bones are crumbling away and doing more and more physical damage but its the mental aspects that are hardest .

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Jumble On

Just spotted this morning a rummage sale a couple of villages away it hadnt popped up in my search due to it being a rummage rather than a jumble .
It was a jolly good sale as well, im just back , i could have spent a fortune lol not really think the dearest item was a £1 , run by a hoard of venerable ladies if only i was allowed to ebay , i would have needed the van . I left behind gorgeous Rose Denby , Porthmeirion lots of seriously gorgeous Victorian china , even a 1911 Coronation tea pot all 25p an item . So what did i actually buy ?
4 items of clothing a whole £1 , 3 fit and are already in the wash , A huge bag of wool loads of big balls and a couple of brand new decorative tins for craft storage ..Ho hum if nothing else i may get to a car boot tomorrow if im lucky

Monday, 20 May 2019


So thats a house move for Useful son achieved over the weekend . I have my house back finally , he just has one shedful and his car still here neither are in my way , but the house just looks a right scruffy tip now  plus we havent found the bolts for his bed yet that he informs me are in a western Union bag here somewhere .
The vague plan was to get on with a bit of decorating but thats now on hold because daughter has informed us that she finally has a mortgage with her partner and theyre house hunting and hoping to be gone by summer . That will leave sarcastic son and me and Mr Bah Humbug here so at that point we have to find £25 a week for the bedroom tax. Ho hum hopefully this will be covered by them moving out , not quite sure what problems this will cause with the council , I will cross those problems when we get to them , we have a disabled adapted property so cant exchange or move unless something happens to Mr BH .
But ive realised that i might soon have a fair bit of extra time on my hands once im freed from childcare duties , not a clue what i want to do with that time , im always busy , theres still Mr BHs needs that vary so hugely from day to day , so its a wee bit more complicated than it should be .
Best comment from sarcastic son .....does this mean we can have a tumble dryer when shes

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Political Old Biddy

Well its another beautiful fishing day on the fens , in theory at least , depends on Mr BH getting up half way human and me motivating myself to do the picnic ..cramp at 4am hasnt improved my mood any.
We had a Labour Party leaflet through the door with Saint Jeremys grinning mug on the front , it would seem we have to vote in the EU election , you know that organisation we left in March? quite why ive no idea . So ive glued a nice halo on the leaflet and placed it next to the Virgin Mary and a selection of Lego men on the mantelpiece. Still have no idea who the actual candidates in this area are , we could be voting for the remaining Chuckle brother for all i know .
The party political broadcasts have been hilarious for all parties , if they dumbed them down much further CBeebies could produce them .All ive grasped so far is that Anne Widdecombe has crawled out of her Shackletons High Seat chair , Another Rees Mogg has appeared from the family crypt and Boris Johnsons sister has the longest arms on the planet .
Theres so many different factions im baffled , but frankly i dont care a toss . best Laugh is the fact that Nigel Farage's bunch have a nice new black logo on the ballot paper pointing an arrow to the box you must tick , how obvious that they expect to be voted for by those who can barely see.
My mother practically drools over Farage, 84 and she has the hots for him , somewhat worrying , but at least with her cataracts she can see where to put her cross now .
So who do you vote for? I always vote it was drummed into me from a young age that people died for that right , but theres nobody leaping out its all very mediocre talentless self serving parasites .
On the Daily Mail subject , I was reading it in the Doctors the other day , it was the only newspaper there and copies of glossy house mags and Golf monthly didnt have any appeal . Horrified the paper copy is ten times worse than the online version it was more like Viz for pensioners ,  racial hatred in a newspaper , every article was a dig at benefit scroungers , foreigners it just went on and on . Once again the only folks who get a daily paper tend to be pensioners , my mother is a case in point.
But maybe we are still better off than the USA, it seems to be having a Gilead moment over abortion, I am  pro choice but im of an age where its an irrelevant choice to me,  I can see that logically the age limit for abortion should be lower , medical advances making more viable babies at an earlier stage possible,  but the endless procreation of the human race is madness and birth control is fallible. 

Monday, 13 May 2019


This is a bit better isnt it glorious sunshine all weekend , probably wont last....Days fishing yesterday , I even took of my coat , so its officially summer now , got lots of sewing done , he didnt catch loads but hes in a right state today.  So now i have a mardy grumpy old toss pot to put up with ..ho hum
Lots of garden chores to be getting on with but i will pace myself and do a little bit come in and do housechores in between , already pulled out tons of cleavers from  the raspberries . Come in scrubbed the loo , you know the kind of day .
Went out to the wilderness of Bassingham for a jumble sale Saturday , nice calm little Jumble , came out with a book a jug and a couple of bits of clothing for the fabric ..i never change .  But i have noticed theres more and more stuff at Jumble Sales that is brand new and tagged , very strange .
Popped into Metheringham car boot early yesterday on the way to fishing , bought a plant , and a couple of books that i finished reading at fishing .
Useful son has to move back on to the sofa this week if his flat isnt ready , it needed repairs it seems , but at least it gives him a chance to sort through all the stuff thats stored here . We have found out why the flat was cheap the staircase is so narrow he will struggle to get stuff up there ..hes not to bothered he has a laundrette within a hundred yards , and he uses a microwave more than a cooker , just has to measure any furniture before he buys any bits .
Lifes boring and relatively quiet at the morning it makes a change , just a tax demand to cheer me up today ...thats life

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Theres something about Bank Holiday Weekends brings out the best in this house , munchkin sitting duties since thursday .  Saturday night Mr Bah Humbug managed to fall out of bed somehow , then couldnt wake me up , he woke the rest of the house up but i didnt hear a thing , so now hes lecturing everyone within earshot about what a shit carer i am , he was telling his mate yesterday who said , did he ever consider that im knackered from looking after him . The blank expression said it all .
Hes black and blue but he'll live and hes sleeping well due to the industrial painkillers.
Just to make matters even more fun the munchkin got a stomach bug that he passed on to me, so now im even more shattered,  up since 5 trying to catch the washing mountain up, drinking tons of cuppas just so i can tackle the deep clean of the wetroom I just threw a load of towels and bedding in there at 2am , cant do with MR BH catching this . I was supposed to be at the doctors today so i will ring them and cancel .
so this weekend ive not been far , missed the Jumble and popped into Woodhall first thing to get some bread and milk and it was the Bowls Club Car Boot at 8am it was very quiet so i toddled round and spent a whole £1 on a cross stitch kit , its all very middle class pensioners , really good quality stuff at rock bottom prices , by half past 8 it was heaving and i was heading home .
So the munchkins now stuck at home with granny for a couple of days , they have to be off school for so many days if theyre sick , so if were both a bit more alive tomorrow i have a garden

Friday, 3 May 2019

Busy Bee

So the blog is dying of neglect at the moment , housing fun for useful son , hes found a flat , where he wanted to be , then they want a years rent up front  and somehow hes borrowed this , then its endless checks , it would seem that they wernt keen because hes a single male , trying to explain that hes a single male whos main interests are cars and steam engine rallys , not sex drugs and rock and roll  has been fun , nope hes not your average 24 year old male hes just quiet and nice , but we are getting there . I think its this business with the law changing on June the 1st where they will be unable to charge upfront fees , its causing panic among letting agents and landlords so theres very little property on the market at the moment . One bedroom flats are at a premium  due to the bedroom tax , its not a tiny flat its above Victorian shops in the center of town which means its going to be fun moving his stuff in , everythings ready to roll, the usual family and friends whip round , he doesnt need much,theres all his stuff here,another friend has donated a washer  as he says he can manage with a a mattress and a microwave for now . So im just tapping my foot waiting for him to get the keys then i can have my house back

Then you spot a local free ad on Facebook ,  none working sewing machine , so within an hour your picking it up . Turns out to be a 1970s heavy duty singer in a table and it works but then it started running on its own and pothering clouds of smoke out of of the  that woke Mr Bah Humbug up  he does get in a panic but its a familiar problem and the little part is on order for not a lot of expense .  Not a clue what im doing with her yet , ive not got the space , ive got a few machines for various purposes already , you cant denote them to charity because theyre electric  and it would be a shame to break it for parts .  Munchkin keeps batting his eyelashes at it , he killed his posh beginner machine earlier this year , hes still fascinated with all things crafty so once i have the space i may run her in for him .

This week theres a village Jumble Sale Billinghay 2pm church hall Victoria Street for those of us who need our Jumble Fix

Friday, 26 April 2019


Well im away with the fairies at the moment so dizzy walking about is fun after 3 weeks i was offered a nurse appointment by the GPs , saw the little boy nurse practitioner because we still have no GP cover . So it seems my latest blood tests have showed up something strange , but being as my blood tests my whole life have been strange its not a worry to me .
So it would seem that my liver function and kidney function are perfect but my blood sugar is sky high , the three dont happen so hes baffled , but hes decided to double my diabetes medication which if they do this leaves me in a right state , so im currently spaced out and dizzy , plus attached to the toilet on a scary basis , got to go back on Monday for more blood tests. I did suggest he read back in my notes , which theyve found some more of after 18 months . So hes scrolling through the back story theyve found , he goes oh shit and says you need to see the GP and a hospital referral...Thankyou  ive been trying to get a referral for over a year ....might take an awful long while to get that GP appointment
In the interim im binge watching Torchwood and getting on with a mountain of mending and a bit of puter but not much because it seems to make me more nauseous ...ho hum
But my part of the garden planting has been achieved the rest can be left to the munchkin , hes a remarkably capable veg gardener for 10