Thursday 26 October 2023

its Raining Again

 Well it would seem being 12 ft above sea level is very fortuitous on the edge of the fen , the hard bit is getting from A to B . We have umpteen million pound new flood defenses that didnt work on the day , horncastle Tesco is under water , a boat got stuck in a sluice gate while it was open on the estuary so the tide just ripped in , theres houses schools and roads flooded for miles its a wee bit of a mess in fact we are just waiting for more breaches . but im fine here and its still raining , i have a load of towels out on the rinse cycle and they will be lovely and soft in the distant future when they dry . 

It promises icy weather after the floods so that should be when the mould team come to strip everything out we will doubtless freeze to death , You see we had a surveyor for the council turn up last week to inspect the mould , it seems they are now going to do something about it,  he was horrified and he said they would be there next day , i explained i have to use two bottles of mould spray a week just to try and keep on top of it , the usual nonsense about not opening the windows enough and drying washing on the radiators which i never do , I pointed out that they had had independent surveyors do a full inspection and they said pulling the place down was the only solution , its in the plaster the insulation the water system . So weve waited a week and someone further up the food chain is coming tomorrow . I really will struggle to be polite if they start the same old shit about it being our fault 

Tuesday 17 October 2023


 So heres a wee rant....bleedin phones have they become the biggest cause of mental health problems in the world?  Teenagers with hate at the end of their arms ?  Its become to easy to drop down the rabbit hole , teenagers who never sleep because theres always some other muppet sharing dumb ass tic toc at 3am . What has occasioned this rant im watching peoples  life being destroyed by the mobile phone , all the endless shots of where youve been,  what a good time they are all having , the perfect lives of people who are so far from perfect in the real world . Do they have a partner who expects an answer every 20 seconds to his puerile where are you? what you doing? its like collective brainwashing . I had a whole conversation with grandson on how his lovelife isnt going well , because the girl hes besotted with runs every sentence past her friends ..WTF  so i made a really wild suggestion ..why dont you both turn off your phones when your together ? The look of horror said it all , i pointed out they could actually talk to each other and get to know each other . Then i heard him chatting to his mate about using their mobiles in class!!  the technology to block phone signals is inexpensive why arent schools using it ? give the teachers a walkie talkie each to call for back up if they need it ..thats another problem solved . 

My daughters struggling due to the pressure of being perfect , shes always been a high achiever and expects far to much of herself , she has a high responsibility job , she thinks she must have the perfect home the perfect life . Turn the damned phone off when youre finished for the day , live with your washing yurt , the cat prints on the floor the fact you go to bed to sleep because youre both to knackered to put on a huge sexual performance that your phone tells you every body else is doing . 

Step away from the phone it is ruining your lives !!! 

Saturday 14 October 2023

Winter is Coming

 Well the geese are better than any weather forecast for the last couple of nights theyve been coming over in the early hours , old cat has come in for the season she decided she was joining me in bed last night and wanted to fight me for possession of the hot water bottle , little cat was not best pleased so they were having a scrap on the landing at 4am , this morning old cat has been out to do her business and has discovered that the dehydrator is a source of warmth so shes cuddling it . ho hum .. got to remember to fetch in the last of the houseplants before dusk , ive ordered a cheap burn your house down growlight from China for my ginger plants popped into the fake fireplace there may be room for a few salad plants we shall see.

We are still having fun with our GPs  , other half is supposed to have his transfusions or infusions every 6 months , he has six monthly blood tests to schedule his hospital visit , he had the blood test and they insist his results are perfectly normal so he doesnt need a transfusion the problem is this cant be true he has no ability to absorb iron from diet ,so his problems are getting worse hes itching all the time his tinnitus is ridiculous hes shouting all the time and hes just exhausted .  We have a telephone consult with a new haematologist in a couple of weeks maybe they can kick our GP up the arse and teach them how to read test results , i know what he has is rare but delegating reading his results to some office minion isnt on . Meanwhile im sick of being told that i can expect these things at my age and not seeing anyone . 2 years since i last saw any doctor at our surgery !!!  there is never anyone there other than support staff , woe betide you have a medical problem thats not super normal or available on google .AAARRRGGGGHHHH

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Catch Up

Ive finally caught up on life, ive been out doing a bit of fruit tree pruning this afternoon in his absence, i havent the time or patience to tackle big jobs when hes home . He will insist i have to get out the proper ladders the correct safety gear etc etc and dont forget the training session on the job ive done a thousand times before from a bloke whos never had any interest in gardening  So ive been standing on the wheelie bin with my chainsaw and my second best glasses on and thats job done . 

In the real world we still await any news from the Court of Protection regarding mothers care home fees , at £1500 a week they are mounting up rapidly and they never stop hounding us. We can do nothing only wait . My daughter says shes owed over £1000 just for the gardener, plus despite the bungalow being empty the council wont accept that it is , so full council tax is due until we get the legal guardianship passed . Mother meanwhile is still psychotic , knows no one and terrorises the staff and other patients. I wonder if everybody else is rich they deal with ? I will just continue crocheting endless tedious xmas decorations , subtle hint daughter turned up with a load more wool and to collect batch one. gives me something to do of an evening while we all watch the world implode and burn , none of them are right its just endless poor people being used in the power games of the rich .      

Wednesday 4 October 2023


Sorry im neglecting you all at the moment , ive been a tad under the weather and im getting there slowly . pottered down the garden yesterday for the first time in nearly two weeks only to find my 20 year old wellies have developed a hole and the veg has snuck up on me . ive squash hiding everywhere , the green beans are monumental and something has eaten off my spring cabbages despite them being in a cage ?? At least we had a windy day yesterday and ive caught up on the washing . The usual high level of help from the other members of the household  means ive a lot of catching up to do . Though himself has enjoyed eating loads of tinned crap nuked in the microwave by son . Getting the mould and stench out of the fridge is a challenge as they just left everything fresh to go rotten ..ho hum . Himself pointed out that i need to stock up on tins , he has no idea that i have many more hiding places than just the tin cupboard , being a sly prepper is a way of life