Thursday 26 October 2023

its Raining Again

 Well it would seem being 12 ft above sea level is very fortuitous on the edge of the fen , the hard bit is getting from A to B . We have umpteen million pound new flood defenses that didnt work on the day , horncastle Tesco is under water , a boat got stuck in a sluice gate while it was open on the estuary so the tide just ripped in , theres houses schools and roads flooded for miles its a wee bit of a mess in fact we are just waiting for more breaches . but im fine here and its still raining , i have a load of towels out on the rinse cycle and they will be lovely and soft in the distant future when they dry . 

It promises icy weather after the floods so that should be when the mould team come to strip everything out we will doubtless freeze to death , You see we had a surveyor for the council turn up last week to inspect the mould , it seems they are now going to do something about it,  he was horrified and he said they would be there next day , i explained i have to use two bottles of mould spray a week just to try and keep on top of it , the usual nonsense about not opening the windows enough and drying washing on the radiators which i never do , I pointed out that they had had independent surveyors do a full inspection and they said pulling the place down was the only solution , its in the plaster the insulation the water system . So weve waited a week and someone further up the food chain is coming tomorrow . I really will struggle to be polite if they start the same old shit about it being our fault 

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  1. Wow! So much water in some parts of the world and none here...We are at a Stage 5 drought (the worst stage). We live at the conflux of two rivers and I have never seen them so low. Water restrictions have been in place for ages. Luckily we can still turn on the taps, but who knows. I remember hearing that water will be the next thing the world with fight over. We don't need more oil pipelines...maybe a few water lines. Good luck with your mold issue.