Friday 26 January 2024


 Neglecting you all again , im just rather busy with daft stuff . Mumsie and her toilet brush are still on the rampage and the arguments with family get ever more peculiar . latest one is over my lack of enthusiasm for renting out her bungalow , there is no way on this planet that i would ever want to be a landlord . Sell the damn place put the money in her account and use it to pay for her care . But the greedy grasping folks in the family want me to move into it then pay her rent , i have no interest at all in money so long as i can pay my bills and i wouldnt want to move to the other side of the country either . Then there was the 30k bill due for her care , just pay the damned thing she has the money ...AARRRGGHHH

Meanwhile in the real world lets talk wars and prepping , we seem to be on a slippery slope sliding in that direction regardless of whos in charge , and i think its now time to gear up a few things , ive been looking at producing my own sunflower oil its going ever upwards and its pretty easy to do , just grow black sunflower seeds and get a grinder , i started looking at the necessary equipment and an electric machine comes in around £300 plus so thats not happening but you can get a little manual grinder for around £80 so im saving , im not wanting to produce hundreds of gallons  so it should be ideal . 

 Then theres the gulf problems where the crap from China is going round the cape at huge cost and time , shouldnt make huge differences for me but it may well create shortages and huge price hikes . It will hit car parts and electronics plus certain foodstuffs . My first thought was cheap shoes for kids , if youve got kids or grandkids and have the spare money buy a few sizes up , school shoes dont change much so they wont go out of fashion . ive just ordered a kilo of peppercorns im a pepper addict so need my fix . Theres vast amounts of crap from China we can live without, but what do you think will be the stuff to stock up with now??

Tuesday 16 January 2024


 So 2024 is looking to be as much fun as 2023 

Here is my latest dealings with North Kesteven Council!! 3 weeks before xmas we had a visit from the letable homes scheme lady , theyre our landlord and they came to inspect work done by Keir their contractors before Covid , the wet room that was fitted for himself and the major mould issues. Left her rather speechless when i showed her  they had done nothing except fit a shower, tile a corner and tank the floor that was it . No repairs to the walls before they tiled no extra fan fitted no ceiling repairs they didnt even fit skirting board its a black mouldy disgusting mess i use gallons of mould remover , nothing does any good. Between that and the thick rust coming out of the hot water supply , which is nothing to do with them they say . I just give up , the kitchen ceiling now has a big bulge so somethings leaking but they say not , sons bedroom ceiling has started to grow mould as well but they think thats the guttering so they arranged for someone to do that the next day who never turned up and still hasnt .  i had signed a huge list with the council lady of all the repairs they needed to do to bring it up to the letable homes scheme . The following day a surveyor from the builders turned up with a 2 item list of stuff they were going to do , i told him to go back and get the full list i had signed that took till a couple off days before xmas he then came back with another surveyor who was here looking at stuff in the roof and announced it was unsafe for the builders to work on the property!!!!   over xmas they sent a letter from a different building firm saying they would need access on the 7th Jan on the 4th 2 builders turned up then another surveyor , they said they couldnt do the work either they would ring us . We have had 3 different companies send 4 surveyors who all say its too dangerous to work on the property ...i have to live in it . Theres no point of contact at the Council the women from letable homes walked out of her job and nobody else wants to talk about it . AAARRGGHHHHH

Wednesday 10 January 2024


 So i get another call from the home the doctor had been to see mother and said she needed to go into hospital immediately due to what he thought was a chest infection with the possibility of sepsis . He could only do so much because she wouldnt cooperate. The ambulance as duly summoned and she refuses to go in fact she was somewhat vocal on the subject and attacked a paramedic . they retreated the best they got was listening to her heart which isnt exactly beating well , shes been off medication for over 3 weeks now.  So i ended up having a long conversation with the floor manager at the home , mother dearest has been very vocal on the fact that she doesnt want to die in hospital , they do cater for end of life care, they have a proper full nursing team so thats the plan she stays where she is regardless of her condition , the home says she is very breathless but i pointed out shes still scrapping with folks and relentlessly abusive . Then i had to have a long talk with the GP for the home , he pointed out she may go suddenly and i pointed out that if he keeps annoying her he could be proved right . He didnt realise she had a DNR in place and has done for over a year . Despite her dementia when shes in there she has made it clear she wishes to die and supporting her in this decision is grim,  other family members have now chipped in and its turning into a huge family argument , her 90 year old brother supports her in this . Her quality of life is dreadful , she has a heart like a decaying Tesco carrier bag , shes blind , she hates the human race and has had enough.....

PS. shes feeling a bit better today , shes still refusing her medication      

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Errrr Happy New Year

 So New Year New Start,  everythings going to be fluffy bunny and great , well it is if your drug dealer has delivered meanwhile the rest of us keep waddling on in much the same fashion . Got a phone call New Years Day Mother Dearest had had a fall , shes refusing all medication and not eating because they are poisoning her , she was found in a heap on her bathroom floor but wouldnt let them near her to see if she had hurt herself , in fact she was fighting them off with a toilet brush. Her room is camera covered  so the person on the desk spotted her go down and her help was straight on the job .  Daughter went yesterday and shes refusing to let anyone look at her, but shes sprightly and abusive so we dont think shes done herself much harm . The doctors seeing her Friday he may have to hit her with a tranquilizer gun then they will give her heavy narcotics for a few days . I wouldnt have a job in that home for all the money in the world , but all the staff seem to like her , they always say shes easy to care for compared to some they have in there.

So thats it a Happy New Year to you all