Friday 26 January 2024


 Neglecting you all again , im just rather busy with daft stuff . Mumsie and her toilet brush are still on the rampage and the arguments with family get ever more peculiar . latest one is over my lack of enthusiasm for renting out her bungalow , there is no way on this planet that i would ever want to be a landlord . Sell the damn place put the money in her account and use it to pay for her care . But the greedy grasping folks in the family want me to move into it then pay her rent , i have no interest at all in money so long as i can pay my bills and i wouldnt want to move to the other side of the country either . Then there was the 30k bill due for her care , just pay the damned thing she has the money ...AARRRGGHHH

Meanwhile in the real world lets talk wars and prepping , we seem to be on a slippery slope sliding in that direction regardless of whos in charge , and i think its now time to gear up a few things , ive been looking at producing my own sunflower oil its going ever upwards and its pretty easy to do , just grow black sunflower seeds and get a grinder , i started looking at the necessary equipment and an electric machine comes in around £300 plus so thats not happening but you can get a little manual grinder for around £80 so im saving , im not wanting to produce hundreds of gallons  so it should be ideal . 

 Then theres the gulf problems where the crap from China is going round the cape at huge cost and time , shouldnt make huge differences for me but it may well create shortages and huge price hikes . It will hit car parts and electronics plus certain foodstuffs . My first thought was cheap shoes for kids , if youve got kids or grandkids and have the spare money buy a few sizes up , school shoes dont change much so they wont go out of fashion . ive just ordered a kilo of peppercorns im a pepper addict so need my fix . Theres vast amounts of crap from China we can live without, but what do you think will be the stuff to stock up with now??


  1. I would never want to be a landlord either...too many headaches! As for stocking up, last year we ran short of salt and sugar...neither of which comes from out of our country, but there were long strikes. Needless to say, I am now stocked up on those again. Canning jar lids, as we only have the two piece ones here, they would be essential. I really don't know what else , until it is too late....then we make do I guess. Take care, Barb from Canada

  2. To be honest there's nothing that I couldn't live without. My garden feeds us and my friends keep chickens and are happy to share the surplus eggs.

  3. Painkillers for my heads and dog stuff - ( I'll eat anything as long as its vege) x