Thursday 23 May 2024

Promises Promises

 Thought id let you know im still alive , Monday the container arrived finally after many phone calls  , and fortunately I had grandson and son both in the mood to do a bit of humping of heavy stuff . Emptying the dining room has been horrific its mainly my . The family are suitably horrified  , many mentions of having me sectioned and burning me on a pyre of books .

 Foreman for the construction company turned up yesterday and is horrified at the mould, the huge crack across the floor, the state of the back wall crumbling and the collapsing ceiling , he started giggling when i told him they had two weeks according to the council , it was a very nervous giggle  Though i have scored bonus points for the fact i have an actual functioning stop tap , those of you who have been with me for years may remember the two year battle with Anglian Water over wanting a water meter fitting , they were billing me £1000 per year and refused to fit a stop tap to allow the fitting of a meter i finally won that argument and my water bills are around $270 a year now . None of the other houses have stop taps and the whole street has to be turned off if anyone has a 

Now i just have to load all my doomsday prepper food stock , i dont want food in the container because it doesnt do even tinned food good to overheat so most of it will have to go in the bedrooms theyre not starting till the 11th so im not rushing with that

Friday 10 May 2024

la la la

 So a whole week since the start of the council debacle and i have heard zilch nada nothing , no container no commencement of the work from xmas , a little man did ring and say he was comimg to urgently clean the gutterings in june , did he need a ladder? ffs is he the size of a two story house ?

i got a phone call from my cousin , she usually tells me the births marriages and deaths because she still lives in the village i grew up in . she wanted me to have a ride out and see her so my daughter and i popped over yesterday , now shes the one who was widowed last year and we didnt think shed be around for long they were besotted with each other and shes doing her best to decline gracefully at her own pace , shes 75 they never had family she gets about fairly well and with a bit of outside help is managing well . The reason she wanted to see us beggers belief , Good old Adult Social Care the department from hell within many councils had paid her a visit to inform her it was time she went into a care home , they had tried to guilt trip her into going into care because she could sell her bungalow and fund good quality care and she was costing them far to much !!!  Now she may be a little old lady but she has a way with words much like i do and somewhat cussed them out of her property . Then she rang us and wanted to know her legal position with this flock of vultures , they had even told her that they were coming to empty out all her husbands garages and sheds and belongings because it was being morbid keeping things and it has been a year since he died . She is getting repeated phone calls from her GP asking her to admit shes depressed instigated by Adult Social Care who quite obviously want her declared incompetent , dear lord are none of us safe from do gooders convinced we must be immortal at our expense , Her sin apparently is that she talks to Maurices picture as if he was there , ye gods cant we be peacefully morbid ?  She admits her cancer is back and shes refusing treatment , but she wants to remain at home and talk to her husband till the end , daughter has offered to take Power of Attorney over this whole shitty mess , not that we are becoming more than familiar with this whole milk the pensioners scheme instigated at government level .

So onwards , who knew dealing with Mommy Dearests fiasco would come in so useful

Monday 6 May 2024


I am trying to remain positive here , im not around due to peak gardening  now the ultimate curve ball has hit . Our beloved landlords , who never do anything to these properties , remember the xmas fiasco with 4 contractors refusing to do the ceiling works upstairs due to it being to dangerous to work on , then deathly silence . Well a couple of weeks ago we had a structural survey two blokes came and sucked their teeth , went away and nothing then we got a letter saying they were fitting a new kitchen , Thursday the builder and the kitchen designer turned up , actually the builder turned out to be the top honcho from the new company who have been awarded the contract for building upgrades worth millions as this is the first set of houses to be done , i did point out the collapsing ceiling in the kitchen the fact that most of the house has no internal sockets and everything has to be run on extension cords and the fact that the slugs are all under the kitchen units and get between your toes first thing in a morning i even showed him the giant one making its way to the cats dish . the window inside the kitchen cupboard with a bit of hardboard nailed over it etc etc etc ,,,he blanched a bit at this point jumped om his phone  and arranged to meet someone from the council here the following day .

Next day , council lady bigwig turns up with bob the builder and he informs her that they need to rewire, replace the floors all through the back of the house and replace most of the back wall  which alone will take two weeks , the ceilings cant be replaced downstairs till all the bathroom and ceiling work are done upstairs and  the start date is early june , she was not happy and started the whole,  why have we never reported any of these problems routine , i pointed out we have reported it for the last 20 years and they have done nothing and i have documents and proof of this . Things started to get a bit nasty when she said they would move himself out because it was dangerous for someone who is disabled and i pointed out that theres me and my son living here , she said we have no rights to housing so wont be helped . Bob the builder blew a fuse which was good as i was just drawing breath , it was an interesting discussion as the builder told them they wouldnt be taking the contract if she and the council expected them to do half a job . ive been informed they are delivering a container which i must pack the whole of the back of the house into but at least ive got a month to do this , we will be camping in one room for the duration . Her parting salvo was they cant justify the expense so shes going to look at the surveys and go higher up the food chain...

So ho hum i await further contact come after the bank holiday ...its gonna be fun