Thursday 23 May 2024

Promises Promises

 Thought id let you know im still alive , Monday the container arrived finally after many phone calls  , and fortunately I had grandson and son both in the mood to do a bit of humping of heavy stuff . Emptying the dining room has been horrific its mainly my . The family are suitably horrified  , many mentions of having me sectioned and burning me on a pyre of books .

 Foreman for the construction company turned up yesterday and is horrified at the mould, the huge crack across the floor, the state of the back wall crumbling and the collapsing ceiling , he started giggling when i told him they had two weeks according to the council , it was a very nervous giggle  Though i have scored bonus points for the fact i have an actual functioning stop tap , those of you who have been with me for years may remember the two year battle with Anglian Water over wanting a water meter fitting , they were billing me £1000 per year and refused to fit a stop tap to allow the fitting of a meter i finally won that argument and my water bills are around $270 a year now . None of the other houses have stop taps and the whole street has to be turned off if anyone has a 

Now i just have to load all my doomsday prepper food stock , i dont want food in the container because it doesnt do even tinned food good to overheat so most of it will have to go in the bedrooms theyre not starting till the 11th so im not rushing with that


  1. I have been checking to hear your news - thought you would be busy - You need those books and under the circumstances they are vital - It's not like its empty gin bottles x

  2. Glad they have started, books are to be loved and you might find some you had forgotten you had. Chin up and keep smiling. Valx