Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Knitting By the Guillotine

If I hear "Audio Audio , one two three " much more i will kill him , Mr BH has a new toy to play with and hes driving me steadily mad either that or the current monsoon has me housebound today...lol
So what have i been up to ? endless pacing myself  gardening , i think if i could wield a machete the progress would be quicker , lush greeness can get a tad too lush . Their may be the remains of a delivery bloke in their somewhere nearer to the gate, but im getting there .
Once the leg of doom gives out for the day, I can still walk miles it just suddenly decides its had enough, Mr BH has helpfully suggested I may have Fibro , hes an expert on Dr Google , so I sent him to look up PHN this seems to have shut him up somewhat as its just one of those things, its just a no treatment annoyance you have to wait to pass , Shingles the gift that keeps on giving !! Still getting odd patches of blisters 6 months on .
  Im progressing on with a few craft jobs and reading lots of bad murders , I think ive read most of the good authors even the vintage ones , so now im trialing new authors, I had a pile of proof copies and Kindle freebies from Twitter competitions ,  theres a big bag waiting to go on Tescos charity book shelf that have been abandoned half read . I always wait for the 10p sales for book buying and of course the Jumble sales , theyve just about finished its all Summer Fairs now .
I actually managed to sneak out to the little car boot sale on Sunday , Mr had gone fishing with his brother , Munchkin wouldnt get out of his pjs . Did i buy a lot ?  Two Tupperware cereal boxes,  the only truly mouse proof storage for fishing bait and a couple of Nutella glasses being as the munchkin has broken all but one.
But then i lapsed in my promise to stop buying stuff i dont need ....big time
started flicking through a few knitting patterns then realised it was 90% toys , had a handful and the lady said 20p , my leg was fast giving out having to get down to look through them so i offered her £5 for them all and she snapped my hand off , she was telling me her sister died suddenly and this was just the first car boot load , i have purchased a full recycling box of knitting patterns dating from the War to  the present day  , there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them , that im sat sorting through , mostly from magazines , but also lots of the ones i collect . So if theres a particular pattern anyones after just ask ...But it does make you think...if you snuffed it what would they do with your craft stuff ....scary


  1. I wonder that, what on earth would they do with all my craft stuff?
    My daughter wouldn't know what to do with a knitting needle let alone a sewing machine and my son's girls are not crafty. I guess it would all go to a charity shop or on a skip, no matter, most of it came from jumbles or car boots anyway and I've had fun with it. Like you I promise myself i will not buy more but there's a magnet that draws me to the stuff and i come home with more, lol
    Oh well, I'm not doing anyone any harm, lol

  2. I promise myself no more craft stuff and then back peddle as soon as I see it. Not sure what will happen to all my stuff either as non of the family are really into crafting.

  3. I volunteered to help a dear crafter friend's family distribute her craft stuff. It went to charity groups or people who would use it in ways she would have approved of, but it was a lengthy process.

    Afterwards, I sorted out my own mountain of craft 'stuff, donated or shared a lot and am now trying to work it down a bit (ha ha). I have a much younger friend who will be in change of seeing it all goes to good homes. She did think I was a bit odd when I asked her to do it though! Janet

  4. Im glad you asked if anyone is looking for anything! Around about 1979, there was a pttern pullout in Woman or Woman's OWn. There were probably 4 or 5 pix on the cover showing the patterns inside. One was for an 'Arran sampler' short style cardigan / jacket, It was made up of blocks of different stitches. Id love to find it again. I had a folder of patterns from magazines, but my house went on fire and the folder with it. The other one I remember from the folder was a set of baby patterns, mostly in garter stitch and very simple looking, but it was staged with babies of different ethnicities in different coloured suits. Thanks, Sine Robertson

    1. i will have a root , theres a lot of Aran from that time period, you never know. Also Mother Dearest has a big Arran collection from that time period

    2. Thank you, Ive never asked anyone before, because it is such a long shot! The cover of the mag had a face painted like a butterfly, which was more unusual then than it is now!

  5. Hi hun, I love reading your blog posts. Your sense of humour makes me laugh.I think that you are amazing! My hubbie is my carer ( I have mental health problems)and he has had money from Suffolk carers for his hobby (his allotment).
    I wonder if your area has the same thing? He got over £300 towards allotment tools (poly tunnel, rotavator etc). Regarding your patterns I would definately sell them on ebay singularly. They sell for quite a bit. I hope that things improve for you. I am concerned you still have shingle blisters after 6 months. My hubbies went in 2 months. Look after yourself as you are the rock holding everyone else together.*hugs* Goldensunflower x

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