Monday 12 June 2023


 So its gardening season and whilst in Boston we toddled into Wilko and i mooched round while daughter did her annual top up on gallons of shower gel i wandered down to the depths of the shop hoping to find anything garden on sale . Ermmm well the seeds wasnt on sale yet , do tell if anyone sees this on their travels . But what they did have was all the bulbs that are a bit shrivelled but just require a day in a bucket of water , so long as they are nice and solid theyre fine just sad looking . but what they did have were potato sets and they had dozens of bags in a big hopper 5p a bag most had the scraggly long sprouts but underneath were dozens of bags of maincrop that were just nicely sprouting so i made daughter buy some i havent room and her other half is a beginner gardener . There was a mountain of onion sets as well once again they just need a soak overnight and away they go and they thrive on neglect and scorchio weather . So for a grand total of £1.15  i got a garden load for them . and a sprouting ginger root and yet another pack of broad beans because me and the mice love them , gladioli are already poking through . So yes never listen to the instructions on seed packs , if theyre cheap enough just chuck them in , your losing pennies and they just want to grow .

OK so the other day i was sat on my stool rooting around for new potatoes  and in slow motion  i tumbled backwards but there was a problem i was beached flat on my back like a beetle in the potato row it took me half an hour to scabble on my back up the row till i could reach the bench to pull myself up , theres no dignity in getting didnt hurt myself just wandered into the house covered in weeds and all himself said was,   Its 10 past 3 wheres my cuppa !!


  1. Thanks, Kate. I needed a giggle! (Hope you are OK)

  2. Haha, that would by mine too! I keep a big bag of assorted seeds in the freezer...I rarely have a problem sprouting them, even a few years later. I haven't tried soaking the bulbs...great idea.

  3. Your tumble reminds me of what recently happened to a friend. She was in a trench, moving bulbs when she realized she couldn’t stand up ( bad foot) so she said she crawled the length of the trench until the end sorta sloped up and she could scramble out. No witnesses