Monday 5 June 2023


 Its been nearly a week since Mr Bah Humbug had his wee nip and tuck and i got my first proper sleep last night . He has been a nightmare , I know hes been in even more pain than usual but refusing to take more painkillers has been interesting to say the least . I expected that we would be living with a grouch but he has managed to offend everybody even the munchkin , who said please come and live in our spare room    Anyway hes on the mend now its just an arm he cant use , but its his one good limb and i dont think it crossed his mind that he would be unable to use his crutches, or his walker, due to his crappy walking ability , or that if he tumbled he would just face plant . He couldnt even use his computer till the grandson got him a special disabled mouse from somewhere on the internet . So hes just sat festered and expected me to be two feet away and on his beck and call day and night, Getting him up onto his feet and turning him in bed has nearly killed me. So the munchkin and the sons have really helped  this weekend , they decided we should go to the immense windy hellhole that is Stickney carboot Saturday  they are now on about fitting his wheels with a remote control  so they can send him round like an RC car im not sure they were joking , he was trying to use his crap arm and kept running over people .  His constant criticism of my driving and him grabbing at the wheel ended when we had a screaming match in a layby and i threatened to just leave him there.  All i achieved for the four hour marathon round the dusty field  was a ginger mint plant ,a couple of 50p ornaments that made me smile and a huge quantity of veg . Thats todays chore process veg , im trying to think of an economical way of canning i have the jars i just need a new pack of seal tops but sticking stuff on for hours isnt an option i just cant afford the electricity . I will experiment once the garden veg starts to come in , im thinking of doing it over wood in the  Right im off to watch canning videos on You Tube wish me luck 


  1. My husband is frequently (more and more so now) a pain in the arse, but he's an angel compared with yours. I really feel for you, how you don't strangle him I don't know.

  2. On I share your pain, mines gone shopping with a neighbour this morning so I have a couple of hours peace and quiet.

  3. Mine sees the rheumatoid arthritis dr every 6 months - he is waiting a foot operation - I am not allowed to accompany him for his appts - I want to mention his stress ( moods) - but Apparently the Dr is so pleased with his very good lifestyle and how well he is coping - he wants him to be a model patient for their students - I enquired to him - would be be telling the students the whole truth x

  4. My relatives who left the Amish colony in Lancaster Cty., Pennsylvania used to can everything outside on a woodfire. They used big wash tubs to boil the jars in, up to dozens at a time. Back breaking and it works.

    1. found a lady who lives off grid in the USA who cans on a wood fire pit !!